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  • My school is making me stressed out due to my magnet, class work, and my school schedule changing!
  1. I liked my schedule the way it was, like going to school at the time of 2nd period and going home early, until I got a lunch period and going to school at time of 1st period.
  2. My appetite flew south for the school year, I mean buying lunch, they charge you every day you buy, and if people don't pay the money will keep increasing, in other words;I rather starve myself instead of eating those disgusting slops they so call food they served in the cafeteria!
  3. I had to go to English even my schedule doesn't have it's room #, do I risk into skipping English, I don't even like English!
  4. Graphics a magnet were kids need to create drawings for class and sketchbooks, even though you want Chemistry or don't have ideas to draw and risk failing, in other words I really hate graphics.
  5. I don't need school OT teacher, I got one at Friday during lunch, then a new one at Tuesday same as lunch, I just want to relax without any interruptions.
  6. When I saw the list of school clubs I feel I like I want to join, but the club that was only suited for me is club 303, when I got into the room my excitement went downhill, it's pointless to waste these stupid and lame products on shooting and sports games, if I was the teacher of the club I would put some video games, video games that makes kids all want to join, I mean who cares about Call of Duty, Black Ops, or useless sports games like basketball these days anyway.
  7. I hate bathrooms, the 2nd and 3rd floor are neat but closed until someone asks a security guard or accessible, and the 1st floor is a complete mess.
  8. Getting distracted by my classmates by their behavior, attitude, personality of stupidity, energetic and annoyance, and making their annoying noises and laughter with their pens, throwing paper, and mouths.
  • My life was perfect for Saunders until some fat bitchy whore assistant principal blabbered to some counselor who blabbers to the police and I got kicked out, but she was part of the reason I'm having a bad life, that goes for "Rico Infirmary", "Emerson Middle School" which renamed "Cross Hill Academy" and every student and teacher that I met in all three of them, including my parents.
  1. Clinton a fucked up African-American who keeps bully and insulting me, he's stupid, gay, and a bastard.
  2. Danyelle a another retarded boy a keeps mimicking everything I say he probably has a brain of a parrot he should grow wings of a parrot and fly off into stupid retarded town.
  3. Jyles a short trouble making boy who scratched my face he won't leave me alone and annoying.
  4. Aaron a another who use to keep bully me he's repulsive and an idiot he stops picking on me but I still didn't forgive him and never.
  5. Lionel another short boy who bullies me one explanation he's a 16 year old boy trapped in a midgets boy.
  6. Thomas he was blackmailing for using my phone to entertain I have to give it to him to avoid being in trouble, he's fat, ugly, and talks slow/one word slow.
  7. Jane a fat girl who has a crush on me, I didn't love her even if I told a in love with someone she still would pick on to go out with her, which I'm not and she keeps tickling me I don't like being tickle.
  8. Hamid another fucked up boy keeps bullying me like Clinton.
  9. Ruth a girl that I don't know much about her but she was laughing with the rest of the students who picking on me, she's fat smelly whore.
  10. Justin he had to play chess with he's a bad player Ms.Clymer agreed with his play but I didn't and I never meant to shake his filthy hand
  11. Raekwan a tall retarded queer who has a bad hair style and part of my bullying.
  12. Jessica a African-American girl who keeps bossing me around to bullying Danyelle and Jyles all because they wouldn't me alone. She's a bossy and strict bitch.
  13. Travis a another boy who use to be my friend in the past and now he's my bullying problem he and Thomas always doing something stupid to irritated me.
  14. Leslie another girl I don't want to see again and part of my life being destroyed, she has bad facial and hair styles.
  15. Enoc a fucking annoying wacky whatchamacallit who bullies and insults me also and has a annoying laugh.
  16. Kimberly a girl who I don't want to see also and part of my life being destroyed of that fat bitch.
  17. Rhianna a muscle head girl, in the 6th grade she had 13th birthday hinting she got held back a grade.
  18. Christian a overweight boy who is a gluttony and a huge asshole.
  19. Christian this time a short, annoying, chatterbox dork.
  20. Michael another African-American who keeps borrowing and owning me money and never pays it back.
  21. William a trouble making bully who got me suspended.
  22. Ms.Merone a fat traitor who calls me that insulting name in front of the entire class room.
  23. Ms.Dizick an old white teacher who sent suspension as my punishment because of my fucked up, backstabbing, manipulative, retarded classmates of mine.
  24. Ms.Clymer an old African-American woman who didn't stand on my side because of Justin's unfair play of chess.
  25. Brendan a boy who keeps accusing of laughing, that fucked up asshole.
  26. Richard, Ian, Gaby, Edwin, & Alex 4 boys and a girl part of my destroyed life.
  27. Ms.Murphy a African-American math & science teacher, one of math assignments Murphy was about to give out a prize but the $50 turned out to be 25₵ each total of 50, I threw it away, I don't like being tricked.
  28. Mr.Bergen a American English and history teacher, keeps speed talking about the notes and one of the English assignments about the person's life, I don't like to talk about my life.
  29. Anwar a fat girl who keeps hitting on me but I didn't love her back, sometimes mimics me everything movement I make during English.
  30. Mr.Webster a old mean teacher who keeps yelling at for some things I keep doing wrong.
  31. Mr.Doyle another teacher some as Mr.Webster this he has hair, mom told he's gay because one of his nipples is bigger.
  32. Rafat a annoying boy who keeps bothering me and keeps reminding about manners for girls, no asshole like him need to tell or remind me I need manners.
  33. Najuwa another fat girl who loves me, and sometimes keeps bullying and insulting me, unknown which is more annoying.
  34. Stefan a somewhat Puerto Rican douchebag who bullies me in in math.
  35. Natalie a bitch and another part of my destroyed life.
  36. Judith:Several reasons that bitch has done.
    1. Sick of her fucking advice on how I look good, need manners, and how I do my life.
    2. Talking me into forgetting my love of dreams, if she has a boyfriend I blame her.
    3. Spending too much time on the computer, talking to her friend of hers.
    4. Yelled at me for having bad table manners and thought my girl of my dreams has a boyfriend.
    5. Telling me I should speak up, I overslept, she forgot, I had a tantrum and trying to talk to her, but leaves me out because she was playing fucking music too fucking loud. She apologize for the music but she should be apologizing for forgetting about the movies she didn't even ask me why I was so upset, that slut.
    6. She can't do anything right, if she's get somebody to fix things she should have done it in weekends and discuss this with me.
    7. Every time I get on the computer after she finishes, all of my accounts are logged off, this is the reason I'm always mad at her for taking so long to get off.
    8. She spends way to much time on the computer, talking to her lame ass hacker friend.
    9. Laughs to loud.
    10. Wants me to respect Manny all because I said he is an "idiot" and he's sensitive. I don't care what he is as long as mom figures about what she's doing.
    11. Given me hair gel, I don't want my hair to look greasy and/or spiky.
    12. Stubborn whore.
    13. She acts like a slut.
    14. Gives bad news to me at the wrong time.
    15. She never thinks.
    16. Doesn't know about my suppress anger, hated, and sadness against her and everyone, I just don't know how to express it, she's at the wrong place and time.
    17. I don't care between the boundaries between reality or fantasy, I can believe what I want or not, if she has powers of Telepathy and/or Empathy, she would know what I'm feeling and/or thinking.
    18. Gets noisy and claps very loud with her listening to music, which she has no taste, does she ever think about who's next door, like myself, do ever try to get more sleep or block the noise which is fucking irritating the shit out of me?!
  37. Paul:Few reason why he is in it.
    1. Too fat and lazy to wake me up when I overslept.
    2. Spends to much time at work and never has time for me.
    3. Curse because of his looks, his body hair, bad facial and fatness. It's all because of him and mom.
  38. Paulie & Xiomara:My brother and sister who I never wanted. How come I wasn't born like them? There lives are perfect there handsome and beautiful, I'm not. I assume they were born lucky, I assume I was lucky to be born or is the fact I was curse because I represent more than one embodiment.
  • They never listen to me. They don't understand me. Because of them I was forced to reveal my secret and got me kicked out of Saunders and into a Bronx School. And what if Briana does have a boyfriend, if only they just leave me alone I would get the chance of telling her my feelings and accepting for who I am. It's all there fault in the first place, even if I did tell them they were to stubborn to listen or accept it at reason. Oh, I hate them! All of them! I hate every single one of them! I hate every human being in the entire world!
  • Ever time I think of celebrating the holidays with Briana, my mom consists of forgetting her, but when I don't I feel more more depressed and miserable, courtesy of my mom always ruining it.
  • My mom told Manuel, a computer hacker to get the stuff I wanted, December 23, 2012, she was supposed to show the list to Manny/Manuel, but she forgot now she showed him December 24, 2012, now I have to get it after Christmas.
  • I always wanted to celebrate the holidays full of happiness and joy, but everyone who ruined it and I never gotten to show Briana my true feelings towards her or seeing her again made me bitter, miserable and full of sadness. AND ITS ALL THEIR FAULT!!!
  • The Bronx High School is even worse because I don't know most of the education. I'm stuck in the 10th grade because of them. Their work is too hard and stressful for me to handful. Every bad and negative thing that has happened to me is their fault! Every person that I encountered in the past I hold responsible for ruining everything!
  • If I don't get to the 11th grade to graduate early and still stuck in the 10th grade, everyone that I encountered should deserve to rot and burn in HELL FOR THEIR SINS FOR ETERNITY!!!
  • I tried to cut myself, but I don't know if its because I'm not strong enough or too sensitive to pain. They cutting themselves tries to ease the pain.