The list consists the deaths occurred in the Urban Legend film series.

Urban Legend (1998)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Michelle Mancini Beheaded with axe while driving car Brenda Bates
Damon Brooks Hung from tree/strangled in rope noose tied to car/dropped on car windshield
Tosh Guaneri Strangled in bedroom, wrists cut (off-screen)
Dean Adams Heel slit with switchblade, run over by car on tire spikes
Hootie Fried in microwave
Parker Riley Head bashed against toilet, funnel shoved down throat/pop rocks/drain cleaner forced down mouth
DJ Producer Back impaled with switchblade
Sasha Thomas Hacked up 3 times with axe
Professor William Wexler Impaled repeatedly with switchblade Found dead
Janitor Pickup truck ran off road with jeep/mangled in crash

Urban Legends:Final Cut (2000)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Lisa Kidney removed (off-screen), skin torn, hands cut by barbed-wire, beheaded with broken glass window Professor Solomon Kidney fed to dog
Sandra Petruzzi Impaled/cut 13 times/throat slit with straight razor Recorded on film
Travis Stark Shot in mouth with handgun Mentioned, made it look like a suicide
Schorm "Simon" Jabuscko Head bludgeoned 8 times with camera lens
Stan Washington Hit in head with pickaxe, electrical cord put on pipe/electrocuted
Dirk Reynolds Hit in 2 fingers with pickaxe, push into fuse box/electrocuted
Vanessa Valdeon Hung from bell in rope noose

Urban Legends:Bloody Mary (2005)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mary Banner Punched, forehead cracked on table, locked in box/suffocated (off-screen) Bill Owens Took place in 1969, returns as Bloody Mary
Roger Dalton Burned alive in tanning bed Mary Banner/Bloody Mary
Heather Thompson Spiders burst out of cheek, head slammed into mirror/forehead impaled by glass shards/peeled off/blood loss
Tom Higgins Genital fried by electric fence, ring finger torn off (off-screen)
Buck's Dog Mutilated, hung in leash noose in closet Found dead
Buck Jacoby Arm broken, beer bottle broken over head, throat slit/impaled 5 times with broken bottle
David Owens Suffocated with plastic bag Bill Owens
Bill Owens Heart attack generated from fright Mary Banner/Bloody Mary Mentioned, responsible for Mary Banner's death in 1969


  • The third film moves further away from the original film and abandons the slasher element of the preceding films in favor of a supernatural element.
  • Each of the killer had a motive for committing the murders in each film.
    • Brenda wanted revenge because the boy Natalie and Michelle ran over was her boyfriend.
    • Solomon wanted to frame Amy for the crimes when he failed to win the Hitchcock award in his student days for which he blames Amy's father, who cast the deciding vote against him.
    • Mary exacts vengeance against the people involved in the kidnappings by killing their children.
  • Brenda Bates, from the first film, made an appearance in the second film as a nurse at a mental institution who's wheeling Professor Solomon out and saying they have a lot in common.
  • In each film, urban legends were mentioned or depicted in the film.
    • A caller to Sasha's radio show states that she replaced her room mate's birth control pills with baby aspirin.
    • A caller to Sasha's radio show thinks about having her stomach pumped after performing oral sex on the school team.
    • A couple suffering from Penis captivus call in to Sasha's radio show.
    • Michelle is killed by the killer in the backseat. This legend is also referenced by various people looking at the back seat or talking about it.
    • Brenda and Natalie try to conjure up Bloody Mary.
    • Professor Wexler mentioned the legend of the babysitter getting phone calls from an upstairs room. This legend is later referred to by Parker moments before his death.
    • Professor Wexler suggests eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda at the same time. The death of Little Mikey from this is mentioned by Brenda. The killer later re-enacts this legend on Parker, substituting soda with bathroom chemicals.
    • Damon is hung from a tree while Natalie is waiting in the car below.
    • Parker suggests placing spider eggs in Bubble Yum and gerbilling as the killer's next move.
    • Gangs driving with their headlights turned off, pursuing the first driver to flash them and running him off the road, is mentioned by Sasha in the library. It is later revealed that Natalie and Michelle did this, killing a young man, subsequently re-enacted by the killer on Natalie and the Janitor and finally revealed as central to the killer's motive.
    • Natalie finds her roommate strangled to death next to her with the note "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?".
    • The urban legend slasher under the car is re-enacted on Dean Adams.
    • A guest at the party claims that the song "Love Rollercoaster" contains a real murder scream.
    • Parker finds the remains of his dog in the microwave, resembling the "Old Lady dries wet dog in microwave" legend.
    • Brenda tries to re-enact the Kidney Heist on Natalie.
    • Lisa is drugged at a bar and wakes up in a bath tub of ice, her kidney being removed.
    • Amy recounts a legend about students screaming at midnight to relieve tension, causing a brutal assault to go unnoticed. This is later re-enacted in Simon's death.
    • Sandra tells of a burrito contaminated with roach eggs, which then hatch inside a girl's nose and of a chicken sandwich containing pus from the chicken's tumor.
    • Vanessa warns Travis that cell phones cause cancer.
    • The first scene of Amy's film has a girl discovering the corpse of her dog, who supposedly licked her hand at night, in the shower, with the message "Humans can lick too."
    • The basis for one of the scenes in Amy's film is a carnival displaying fake corpses in a "Tunnel of Terror". As the carnival moves on, several children are missing and the fake corpses are revealed to be real.
    • Sandra is filmed murdered on camera. Her friends think it is a fake murder because there is no body, but it is actually real and filmed in the same fashion as a "snuff film".
    • Martha introduces the 1969 homecoming kidnappings as an urban legend.
    • Samantha refers to the legend suggesting that eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda explodes your stomach.
    • Martha refers to the tale about a guy getting his arm stuck in a soda machine and then being buried under the machine. This later almost happens to Buck.
    • Samantha, Martha and Mindy conjure up Bloody Mary.
    • Roger is burned on a sunbed.
    • Heather wakes up and discovers a swelling on her cheek. After she pops it, hundreds of spiders emerge from her cheek.
    • Tom is electrocuted when urinating on an electrical fence.
    • Buck's bottle contains the finger cut off from Tom's body.
    • Buck is soothed by his dog licking his fingers but later finds its corpse with the note "People can lick too".
    • Buck is attacked by Mary who is hiding under his bed.
    • David jokingly suggests that somebody removed Buck's kidneys.
    • Samantha is almost buried alive.
    • Grace's car starts flashing it's headlights.

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