The list consists the deaths occurred in the remake, Sorority Row.

Sorority Row (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Megan Blaire Impaled through chest with lug wrench Garrett Bradley Accident
Doctor J. Rosenberg Harpoon lug wrench thrown into forehead Andy Richards
Charlene "Chugs" Bradley Wine bottle shoved down throat, throat slit with bladed lug wrench
Joanna Impaled through jaw with spear head lug wrench
Mickey Donaldson Leg broken with wooden board, throat impaled with bladed lug wrench through wall while in dumbwaiter shaft
Claire Wen Shot in mouth with flare gun
Mrs. Crenshaw Pushed against wall with table/impaled through back by harpoon lug wrench
Kyle Tyson Back of head hacked with axe
Jessica Pierson Impaled to wall with spear head lug wrench through mouth
Andy Richards Head bludgeoned 3 times with lamps, chest shot with shotgun, fell through floor into fire Cassidy Tappan and Ellie Morris


  • The massacre started when Megan, Cassidy, Ellie, Jessica, Claire, and Chugs played a prank of Megan's boyfriend, Garrett, for cheating on her but backfired that got Megan killed.
    • Ellie confides to Andy, Cassidy's boyfriend, about Megan's death, and he wanted to get rid of the girls and everyone who knew to have a future with Cassidy.
      • Chugs blabs to her therapist.
      • Joanna overhears Clair and Jessica about the incident in the showers.
      • Claire could've told Mickey but even if she didn't, Andy stated he's really such a dick.
      • Mrs. Crenshaw, unintentionally, finds out because she was talking about the girls trashing her house.
      • Jessica told Kyle.
      • Maggie, Megan's sister, finds out but survives.
  • Andy's death symbolizes the fact Ellie told him which started it, making her responsible for the deaths as well, and fixing the problem by killing him.
  • Andy uses the same lug wrench that Megan was killed with, along with modifying it with new tools.
  • The film is a remake of The House on Sorority Row.

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