The list consists the deaths occurred in the Sleepaway Camp film series.

Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
John Baker Hit by speedboat Maryanne Accident
Angela Baker Hit by speedboat, drowned in lake Accident, off-screen, real Angela, survives
Artie Chair pulled underneath, scalded alive by vat of boiling water Peter "Angela" Baker
Kenny Drowned in lake
Billy Beehive dropped on head/stung by bees
Meg Back impaled/sliced open with hunting knife through shower stall
Four Young Campers Hacked apart with hatchet in sleeping bags Found dead
Judy Smothered with pillow, hot hair curler inserted into vagina Off-screen
Mel Costic Shot through throat with arrow
Paul Decapitated with hunting knife Found dead

Sleepaway Camp II:Unhappy Campers (1988)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Phoebe Head bludgeoned with log, tongue cut off with hunting knife Angela Johnson/Peter "Angela" Baker
Jodi Shote Burned alive Off-screen
Brooke Shote
Mare Face impaled with drill in car
Anthony Throat slit with razor glove
Judd Leg/face slashed with chainsaw
Ally Burgess Back impaled twice with hunting knife, drowned in outhouse toilet
Demi Garrotted with guitar string
Lea Chest impaled 4 times with hunting knife
TC Face melted off with battery acid
Sean Whitmore Decapitated with machete
Matt Killed Off-screen
Charlie Throat slit with hunting knife, eyes gouged out Found dead
Uncle John Hand cut off/throat slit with machete
Rob Darrinco Chest impaled with machete, hung from cabin ceiling in rope noose, gagged in throat
Diane Stomach impaled with hunting knife/twisted
Truck Driver Chest impaled with hunting knife in pickup truck

Sleepaway Camp III:Teenage Wasteland (1989)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Maria Nicastro Run over with garbage truck Peter "Angela" Baker Identity stolen
Tawny Richards Tricked into snorting cleaning chemicals in car Maria Nicastro/Peter "Angela" Baker
Herman Miranda Beaten 20 times/impaled through mouth with log
Jan Hernandez Head bludgeoned 3 times with log
Peter Doyle Face blown open by firecracker
Snowboy Head bludgeoned with log, burned alive in tent by road flare
Arab Decapitated with axe
Cindy Hammersmith Lifted/dropped off flagpole/head smashed
Lilly Miranda Decapitated with lawnmower
Bobby Stark Arms pulled off with jeep
Riff Hand pinned to ground with tent spike, back hit 4 times with log, back impaled with tent spike through tent
Officer Barney Whitmore Shot twice in chest/stomach once with handgun
Greg Nakashima Chest hacked by swinging axe Swinging Axe Trap Double kill
Anita Burcham
Maria Nicastro/Peter "Angela" Baker Chest hacked with axe, stomach impaled 3 times with hunting knife Marcia Holland Survived
Paramedic Chest impaled with syringe in ambulance Maria Nicastro/Peter "Angela" Baker
Police Officer Eye impaled with syringe in ambulance

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mickey Head shoved/fried in deep-fryer Sheriff Jerry Roebling/Angela Baker
Weed Gasoline forced down throat/insides set on fire by lit cigarette/incinerated in explosion
Frank Kostic Head bludgeoned with hammer, birdcage placed on head, eaten through eye/out of intestines by rats (off-screen)
Randy Penis pulled off by jeep/blood loss
Linda Barbed wire wrapped around head while driving jeep/blood loss, crashed into tree
T.C. Impaled through eye with spike
Bella Crushed by spiked bed
Michael Skinned alive Off-screen
Sheriff Pete Hernandez Head crushed by car Angela Baker Prior before film


  • In the first film, Peter's father and twin sister were killed in a boating accident. He was cared for by his domineering, mentally-unstable aunt. Martha always wanted a daughter and raised Peter as a girl thus taking his twin's name 'Angela'.
    • Being raised as a girl, he was confused about his sexuality which led to him to suffer a complete psychological breakdown.
    • In the fifth film, its revealed Angela Baker survived the boating accident.
  • In each film, Peter used disguises to blend in.
    • Angela Baker - Sleepaway Camp
    • Angela Johnson - Sleepaway Camp II:Unhappy Campers
    • Maria Nicastro - Sleepaway Camp III:Teenage Wasteland
    • Sheriff Jerry Roebling - Return to Sleepaway Camp
  • In the second and third film, Peter went through a gender reassignment surgery and truly becomes a female.
    • The fourth film ignores the second and third films, and follows directly after the first were Peter escaped incarceration.
  • The only time were Angela gets physically wounded was in the third film were she suffered stab wounds from Marcia.
  • In the second film, three characters dressed up as movie monsters.
    • Anthony - Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Judd - Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th
    • Angela Baker - Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Due to his judgmental behavior, Angela had motives for killing people for their bullying, bad-attitude and anti-social behavior, including the innocent in a killing spree, self-defense or needed for a disguise.
    • Artie - nearly molested Angela and threatened Ricky
    • Kenny - made fun of Angela and fought with Ricky
    • Billy - threw water balloons at Angela and fought with Ricky
    • Meg - bullying Angela
    • Four Young Campers - threw sand on Angela and Ricky
    • Judy - being a camp bitch, bullying her, scolding Susie, having sex, treating Ricky like dirt, and kissing Paul
    • Mel Costic - being greedy, beating up her cousin, Ricky and nearly killing him
    • Paul - discovered Angela's secret
    • Phoebe - skipped curfew, told scary stories, not obeying Angela, arguing with her, and having a filthy mouth
    • Brooke Shote and Jodi Shote - sex, drinking, smoking, drugs, and making a version of her song she didn't like
    • Mare - exposing her breasts to the boys and refusing to apologize
    • Anthony and Judd - trying to prank Angela
    • Ally Burgess - being a camp bitch, insulting Angela, having sex, being mean to Molly, having sex
    • Demi - confides to Angela about the whereabouts of the girls she sent home and for talking too much
    • Lea - being a tattle-tale
    • TC - butted heads with Angela
    • Sean Whitmore - being confrontational and being the son of the officer who arrested Angela
    • Matt - sex
    • Charlie and Emilio - being peeping toms and dumping water on Angela
    • Uncle John - fired Angela
    • Rob Darrinco and Diane - murder spree
    • Truck Driver - foul mouth
    • Maria Nicastro - disguise needed
    • Tawny Richards - drug seeker
    • Herman Miranda - greedy, having sex with a underage girl and cheating on his wife
    • Jan Hernandez - sex
    • Peter Doyle and Snowboy - irritated Angela
    • Arab - bad attitude
    • Cindy Hammersmith - bitchy, drugs, racist, sex, smoking
    • Lilly Miranda - lazy and greedy
    • Bobby Stark - came onto Angela
    • Riff - bad attitude, racist, and anti-social behavior
    • Officer Barney Whitmore - self-defense and being the officer who arrested Angela
    • Anita Burcham and Greg Nakashima - thought they were boring
    • Paramedic and Police Officer - self-defense due to their plan to get rid of Angela
    • Sheriff Pete Hernandez - disguise needed
    • Mickey - alteration and picking a fight with Alan
    • Weed - pulling a prank on Alan
    • Frank Kostic - greedy, infective, not helping Alan and being mean and abusive to him
    • Randy - bullying Alan
    • Linda - bitchy to Alan
    • T.C. - being mean to Alan, nicknaming him "Blowjob", and being a part of a prank that had people see him in his underwear
    • Bella - bullying Alan
    • Michael - beaten Alan nearly killing to, skinning frogs, and animal cruelty
  • Alan, from the fourth film, may suffers from bipolar disorder or autism or both.
  • Following the end credits of the fourth film, which takes place three weeks prior to the events of the film, Angela escaped from from the psychiatric clinic were she killed the real sheriff and took his identity.
  • In the second film, Sean revealed that his father was the one who arrested Angela in the first movie.
    • Sean wanted to go to the camp in the first film but his father couldn't afford it.
      • This happened because his mother left them when he was ten years old for a foot doctor he disliked in California.
    • In the third film, Barney tried to avenge his son's death, but ended up getting shot.
  • In each film, the motive have a pattern to Angela's judgmental behavior.
    • People picking on Angela and/or her cousin, Ricky - Sleepaway Camp
    • People for their anti-social behavior, drugs, drinking, and having sex - Sleepaway Camp II:Unhappy Campers and Sleepaway Camp III:Teenage Wasteland
    • People picking on Alan - Return to Sleepaway Camp

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