The list consists the deaths occurred in the adaption from Stephen King's novel, Pet Sematary.

Pet Sematary (1989)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Victor Pascow Run over/head partially flayed by truck Truck Driver Accident, off-screen
Winston "Church" Churchill Run over by truck Accident, found dead, returned as zombie, cat
Rat Eaten Dead Winston "Church" Churchill Off-screen
Missy Dandridge Hung from ceiling in rope noose Herself Suicide
Zelda Goldman Spinal meningitis/choked Sickness Flashback
Gage William Creed Run over by truck Truck Driver Accident, returned as zombie
Timmy Baterman Killed in World War 2 Unknown Flashback, off-screen, returned as zombie
Bill Baterman Burned alive in house Jud Crandall and his 3 friends Flashback, double kill
Dead Timmy Baterman
Jud Crandall Heel cut/mouth sliced open with scalpel, throat bitten off Dead Gage William Creed
Rachel Goldman-Creed Eye impaled with scalpel (off-screen), hung from attic in rope noose Returned as zombie
Dead Winston "Church" Churchill Leg impaled with syringe/injected with morphine shot, burned alive in house Doctor Louis Creed
Dead Gage William Creed Neck impaled with syringe/injected with morphine shot, burned alive in house
Doctor Louis Creed Impaled with kitchen knife Dead Rachel Goldman-Creed Screen blacks out as Louis screams

Pet Sematary Two (1992)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Renee Hallow-Matthews Power box dropped/electrocuted through fence Unknown Accident, returned as zombie
Zowie Shot with rifle/blood loss Sheriff Gus Gilbert Returned as zombie, dog
Sheriff Gus Gilbert Neck bitten off Dead Zowie Returned as zombie
Three Cats Eaten alive Found dead
Numerous Rabbits Neck snapped, skinned/cut open with knife Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert Off-screen
Clyde Parker Scarf caught in running motor tire/half of head flayed Returned as zombie
Drew Gilbert Car rammed with police car/collide into truck Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert and Truck Driver Double kill, accident
Amanda Gilbert
Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert Shot in chest/through throat/out of back of head with revolver Doctor Chase Matthews
Dead Zowie Shot in abdomen once/3 more times with revolver (off-screen)
Marjorie Hargrove Skin of outer eye flayed with knife Dead Renee Hallow-Matthews Found dead
Dead Clyde Parker Electric cable driven into mouth/electrocuted/head exploded Jeff Matthews
Dead Renee Hallow-Matthews Burned alive in house Herself


  • In the second film, Jeff and Drew go to the pet cemetery on Halloween for a night of horror stories about the Creed murders.
  • The pet cemetery had a Micmac burial ground beyond it. It's an ancient Native American burial ground that has become cursed - causing anything that is buried there to return to life as zombie-like beings that are violent and cruel.
    • This is shown any human or animal can be brought back only to have change in their personalities.
    • Their were several characters that were brought back in the order that happen.
      1. Timmy Baterman
      2. Church
      3. Gage Creed
      4. Rachel Creed
      5. Zowie
      6. Sheriff Gus Gilbert
      7. Clyde Parker
      8. Renee Hallow-Matthews
    • In the second film, its shown that people, who were brought back, can bring other dead people to the burial ground to reanimate them. This was shown when Sheriff Gus brought a dead Clyde to the cemetery and he was brought back to life.
  • There were some deaths that were accidental.
    • Victor Pascow was brought in to the University of Maine were he was run over by a truck.
    • Church was found dead when he was run over by a truck.
    • Gage Creed walked onto a street and was also run over by a truck.
    • Renee was electrocuted during production of her latest movie.
    • When driving on the highway, Drew and Amanda's car were forced into colliding with a truck by Sheriff Gus' police car.
  • In the flashback of the first film, Rachel was traumatized by the early death of her sister, Zelda, from spinal meningitis.

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