The list consists the deaths occurred in the My Super Psycho Sweet 16 film series.

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Karen Killed Charlie Rotter Off-screen, flashback
Craig Impaled through back of head/out of mouth with broken pool stick Flashback
Party Planner Disemboweled with crooked spear/jaw cut off, hands nailed to pillory
Kevin Donaldson Choked with chains/head bludgeoned 7 times with mace
Chloe Anderson Head beaten 10 times with fire extinguisher
Lily McFadden Rammed against wall with car, throat slit with sword
Olivia Wade Beheaded with battle axe while riding roller skates/body collide into sushi cake
Madison Penrose Throat slit with dagger Found dead

My Super Psycho Sweet 16:Part 2 (2010)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Ted Bell Back impaled 3 times with dagger, strangled with jumper cables in suv, decapitated with knife (off-screen) Charlie Rotter
Molly Abiko Back of head impaled with electric knife/forehead split open
James "Jams" Feldman Hacked up 6 times with meat cleaver
Derek McNamera Neck impaled with nail-board
Courtney Ramirez Face smashed in twice with meat tenderizer
Zoe Chandler Covered in alcohol/lit on fire by kitchen lighter
Carolyn Bell Throat slit with dagger
Charlie Rotter Back impaled with nail-board, beaten, chest impaled with dagger Derek McNamera, Brigg Jenner, and Skye Rotter

My Super Psycho Sweet 16:Part 3 (2012)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Grandfather Bell Unknown Alex Bell or Nathan Stillo Off-screen
Grandmother Bell
Brynn Lamp post driven into head Nathan Stillo
Ami Hit in head with flashlight, chest shot 3 times/impaled to door 6 times with nail gun through forehead
Leo Throat slit with hunting knife Alex Bell
Nico Fell off rooftop, stomach impaled by hunting knife, head bludgeoned 8 times with fireplace poker Himself and Nathan Stillo Accident
Nathan Stillo Disemboweled with scythe Alex Bell


  • In the second film, its revealed that Alex is Charlie's daughter, Carolyn left with when she was pregnant with Alex, making Skye and Alex sisters.
  • In the third film, its stated that Nathan was expelled from school for pulling a knife on a teacher.
  • Nico, who was upstairs in an attempt to escape, jumps out of an opened window with a knife in hand, and when he falls he is wounded by his own knife.
  • In the first film, in 1999, Charlie was the owner and entertainer of the Roller Dome.
    • He is also known as "Lord of the Rink" and dresses in costume attire.
  • In the first film, the news reveals that the Rotter family has a history of mental illnesses.
    • This would also be passed down to Alex as shown in the ending of the second film, along with her role in the third film.
  • The survivors from the previous films died in the later series.
    • Derek McNamera and Charlie Rotter - My Super Psycho Sweet 16 to My Super Psycho Sweet 16:Part 2.

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