The list consists the deaths occurred in the original and remake of My Bloody Valentine.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Woman Impaled through back by pickaxe Axel Palmer
Four Miners Incinerated in methane gas explosion N/A Flashback
Mr. Palmer Chest impaled with pickaxe, heart cut out Harry Warden
Mine Supervisor Mentioned
Mabel Osbome Chest impaled with pickaxe, burned in dryer Axel Palmer Found dead
Happy Impaled through neck/out of eye with pickaxe, neck impaled on hook (off-screen)
Dave Face dunked in pot of boiling water/drowned/scalded
Sylvia Impaled through back of head/out of mouth on broken shower nozzle
Michael Stavinski Impaled through back with drill Found dead, double kill
Harriet Impaled through stomach with drill
Hollis Shot in temple/forehead with nail gun
Howard Landers Neck snapped/beheaded by rope noose
Patty Stomach impaled with pickaxe
Harry Warden Unknown N/A Mentioned

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Five Miners Head bludgeoned with pickaxe Harry Warden Mention
Sixteen Hospital Patients & Employees Mangled/mutilated/butchered Found dead
Jason Impaled through back of head/out of eye with pickaxe
Three Partiers Impaled repeatedly with pickaxe Found dead
Michael Impaled through mouth/out of cheek with pickaxe
Brandy Beheaded at jawline with shovel
Harry Warden Shot repeatedly with handguns Sheriff James "Jim" Burke and Ben Foley
Frank Head impaled with pickaxed Tom J. Hanniger
Selene Impaled to light fixture with pickaxe through jaw/out of head/electrocuted
Irene Donnely Chest impaled with pickaxe through bed frame/ripped open (off-screen), heart torn out (off-screen)
William "Red" Kirkpatrick Impaled through arm/forehead impaled once/chest 9 times with pickaxe
Ben Foley Back impaled with pickaxe/impaled through eye by pickaxe
Megan Chest impaled with pickaxe/ripped open, heart torn out Pregnant, found dead
Rosa Head impaled with pickaxe, burned in dryer Found dead
James "Jim" Burke Impaled through jaw/out of mouth/mandible ripped off with pickaxe
Rescue Worker Eye impaled with pickaxe


  • These are Valentine's Day movie specials.
  • In the original and remake, the role of the characters switch places based upon the movie.
    • In the original, Alex Palmer became Harry Warden when he witnessed him killing his father.
    • In the remake, Tom J. Hanniger was reliving Harry's wrath of terror and has been in a mental hospital for the last 7 years since his rampage.

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