Jonathan had multiple goals for helping the environment but every time someone mad a joke on how it was impossible doing something Jonathan was about to do he throws it away even if the people are just saying and they don't know he was about to do it.

List of Goals

Goal Status
Creating a formula that makes animals live forever and stops aging to be with their families Formerly
Experimenting and reanimating on animals from the dead to be reunited with their families
Create a veggie product for carnivores that tasted like meat so they can stop hunting animals
Genetic engineering on penguins to make them fly
Genetic engineering veggie products into desserts so kids can enjoy
Making animals what humans do by injected them with serum that gives them Human Intelligence
Killing people that tortured, hunt, and/or mistreat the animals and environment and bring peace between them Current
Planned on making the Anti-Hunters retired and return to their normal lives after the peace between humans and animals
Start a new life all over and forming a relationship with Brianna