Jonathan Young
Background Information
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Character Information
Full Name
Personality Intelligent, short-tempered, calm (sometimes), loyal (animals), nice, mean (sometimes), caring, handsome, silent, firm, serious, violent (sometimes), foul-mouth (angry), moody, honorable, sadistic (sometimes), cold (sometimes), generous
Appearance Mid-tall, slender, black hair, glasses without lenses(pretends to be near-sight)
Species Human
Race Human Mutant
Gender Male
Alias/Nicknames Wolf Shadow Hunter, Jon
Occupation James & Sierra Young's adoptive son, Brianna, Samantha, & Holly Young's adoptive brother, scientist, swordsman
Affiliation Young Family, Anti-Hunters
Social Ranking Scientist, swordsman
Allies/Friends James Young, Sierra Young, Brianna Young, Samantha Young, Holly Young
Minions Brianna Young, Samantha Young
Relationships James Young & Sierra Young (Adoptive Parents), Brianna Young, Samantha Young & Holly Young (Adoptive Sisters)
Likes Animals (secretly) Brianna & Samantha being safe, veggie products, sweets, technology & science, environment & animals being safe, having friends, peace, video games, TV shows, animated, comedy, horror, and action movies, soda, having friends, being right, getting appreciated for his work and ideas, getting respect
Dislikes His secret revealed, strangers going into his room & touching his stuff, his laboratory discovered, no friends, being alone, experimenting on animals, animals being killed, experimented, tortured, & mistreated, environments being mistreated, & destroyed, betrayed, being mistreated, Brianna & Samantha getting hurt, in danger, mistreated, or getting bad influences, violence, war between human and animals, pollution, nobody listening to him, no appreciation, being called that relates to crazy, his fun time ruined, people taking him as a softie
Loyalty Animals & environment
Powers/Abilities Apathy
Human Mutant Abilities
Master Swordsman
Fire, Water, Earth, Electricity, Metal, Wood, Sand & Ice Manipulation
Life-Force Control
Vast Spiritual Power
Weapons 3 swords

Jonathan Young is a human mutant with a life he wants to put behind. He is strongly in love with Brianna but doesn't want to come on too strong and the best friend of Samantha. He is the adoptive son of James & Sierra Young, adoptive brother of Holly Young. He has his own laboratory to do his experiments, studies and research on human and animal mutants.


Jonathan is a very intelligent and quiet boy, but has a short-fuse. He poses as a very calm individual. He can be nice when it comes being with Brianna and Samantha, and cares for both their safety. He's strongly caring and loyal to the animals and the environment, although he gets carried away when it comes to the slightest mistreating of animals. When Jonathan get loses his temper he turns violent and starts cursing a lot. Despite his attitude, behavior, and temper he hates violence, likes it only in movies, TV, and video games. Jonathan had multiple goals that he wants do for the environment even though he has to experiment on the animals, even he hates animal experimentation that includes him doing it. Even if the animals come to him and ask for his help he still refuses. When the animals are infected by cosmic radiation blast he created he feels depressed, sadness and guilt.

During his life, Jon suffered from Asperger Syndrome, makes him socially awkward around others, making it difficult social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. He also suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, which makes it difficult to pay attention, although, he has no problem with his impulse but his excessive activity makes it difficult to stand still, sit down, or restrain his body movements if he remains inactive for a few hours, he does manage to restrain himself though. After the mutation, he was able to focus completely and control his muscle movements, however, his autistic behavior may come on and off at the wrong place at the wrong time or as a self-defense mechanism.

During his childhood to his teenage years, Jon received poor treatment, he did get positive outcomes in his life, but mostly, he was beaten, neglect, and abused by his parents, students, teachers, and anyone he did not know. This put him into a very traumatized spot in life, being judgemental about everyone despite having polar opposite personalities being contrast to what he went through. This also stems from activities, having bad opinions about them, this tends to carry out to others, such as his family and friends, even though some would still prefer it. Jon does admit he doesn't want others to go through what he went through, such as others abusing their authority, feeling left out, or having bad interactions with the wrong people, his father's constant work and his mother being overprotective of him, including his abuse he got during school, Jon felt doubt about his life, they really took his childhood away from him.

This sort of abuse made him apathetic towards life, which extends to a moral level towards humanity, seeing animals the only group he considers since they were treated unfair just like he was. Jonathan has a history of holding grudges, making him a hard person to socialize with or making up for bad impressions.

Jonathan is known to be moody sometimes, like a playing virtual game and he turns into a foul-mouth, wild air pilot. And he is know to "battle" other sides of himself. Not only it makes him hard to predict what he's feeling but also makes others stay away from given his hot-tempered attitude, others seem to enjoy his reaction due to his expressions and language.

Jonathan doesn't take into religious matters, he was baptized as a baby because his father is Catholic but his mom wants him to be Christian. This makes other people, who are overly religious, to see him either as a Atheist or a Satanist, which often takes as a personal offense as he would never go for something that he also hates. Jon does, however, despise people who abuse their religious authority, such as forcing them through torture or something lethal.

He can be extremely loyal, like killing humans to protect animals and their family. Also, overprotective with his new family. He also shows a generous side, such as throwing a birthday party for the animals, even though he doesn't know the day of their birth. His loyalty also extends to notable leaders and artifacts, such as the President of the United States or any other traditional landmarks, showing he still has respect for human culture.

Jonathan tends to hide his emotions when dealing with situations that people think of him. Also, hiding his feelings from others that will take him for a softie and walking all over him, which he disagrees in expressing those feelings. He does cry when someone or something he values, such as what happened to him in past to what happening something similar.

He also hides a sick sadistic nature when torturing people for his own entertainment and pleasure, mostly to teach them a lesson about the meaning of life. Because of his liking towards horror movies, Jon enjoys killing, despite how violent it is, he does to satisfy his urges, even having fantasies and thoughts of what he would do or think doing something to others. He enjoys the sight of blood, seeing people die and begging for mercy, this makes him hard to trust around others, though his friends do know he does this to help himself. He even mocks and laughs at them in the most extreme heated situations, even coming to the face of death, giving one last look to haunt them.

Jonathan wants to test out his power against people who are stronger, just as stronger or almost stronger than him. He disapproves others of their lack of fighting spirit or using dishonest tactics, such as hostages. When intruding onto a battle, or even a murder spree, Jonathan will lay by to view the surrounding area he's in, to know what he's up against to take a point of interest in them. This also extends to fighting at his fullest even the opponent refuses, saying he wanted to fight on equal terms, even doing something dishonorable to upstage their own, showing a more honorable side. This extends to law enforcement or other people who take matters into their hands to bring him down, he even stated, where they accomplished, died, or given up, he would regard them of having a worthy opponent.

Jonathan sometimes takes pride in his intelligence and inventions, and wishes he could get appreciated for his work. Because of his advanced intellect, others don't approve of his methods or think their unsafe, seeing them as nothing more as dangerous toys.

He also gets irritated for anyone who doesn't listen to him or takes his advice. If people don't want to hear what he has to say or think his plans are useless, Jonathan doesn't help them at all, even if he's right and want is help, but he'll just stands their until the people are injured by their opponents. He also stands down in political and economical situations to see others embarrass themselves.

People think his crazy due to his hot-head and sometimes cold attitude. He hates when people think that relates to crazy, like insane, looney, nuts, mentally-ill, or mental. He tend to hide his insanity he bottled up for all the events that happened in his life. He stems from his own question on morality, seeing others to take advantage of him due to his kind nature, mistrusting him for his bad deeds in the past, or his constant suppression of his emotions and feelings of his own opinions on others.

He also hates for being insulted that relates to his weight or the size of his head, even the storm made his body slim down. He had that incident through his school year.

He hates anyone who talks about his past, even if they're complementing jokes. His past makes him lack trust to others. His life about the past his complementary and some who have some similarities understands him. His past makes others gain their feelings, trust, and/or loyalty.

In his past, he kept some of his old personalities which he enjoys didn't change or erased, like playing videos, addicted to soda and sweets, watching TV and movies that are animated, horror, comedy, and action.

His vast intellect makes him calculating, analyzing his opponents and using the environment around him to his advantage, knowing their profile, their past, and everything about them what they done to use to his advantage. He's no fool, he'll even manipulate others through charm to get what he wants, even if it was unintentional. When having to do with interrogating, he's aggressive and threats them or charm his way to get information out of them. His manipulating and persuasive in psychologically, where he charms others than betrays in the end to get what he wants, makes others question about him being trustworthy. Although, he does this to other people who done this for their selfish purposes, even using them to get something and let take the fall. Because of this, even the most powerful manipulators, most villainous people, and wicked monsters are respectful and/or feared of him, seeing him as a major threat.

Also in his early life, Jonathan can suppress his emotions, hiding from others who were abusing, using, tormenting him and his friends. Having no regret for anything he's doing, often hitting people no matter what gender or age. His vindictive attitude lets him use the area around him, using his surroundings to do it for him or using brute force, other times when people are the ones who finds or shows him in any negative way, he stands by when they suffer from a heavy loss, such as embarrassing moments, losing a game, or about to be killed or defeated by an opponent, he stands by and lets happens. This shows a cold side of him that often puts a strain on his relationships. Also, hides his negative emotions from others such as sadness.

Despite Jonathan's views, he's proven to a hypocrite. He does enjoy violence, eating meat even though it offends other animals, going to fraternities doing something rebellious, showing an interest in guns and destruction. He often hides them from others knowing some will offend them in any way, leading to a misunderstanding.

Jonathan's sense of morality on life makes him question the views on compassion, stating living beings define themselves through misery and suffering. His desire to have friends have also put a strain on what he believes in and stood against, he would often go with others choices and suppress his negative views to get on their good side, however, when others don't notice, feeling their taking advantage of him, also questioning his sense of equality. His need to keep friends also tends for him to be easily manipulated who others see friendships as a waste of time and/or as servants, to which Jonathan somethings believes of what others are doing to him.

Jonathan is against discrimination, such as racism and sexism, this extends to non-humans of what others say about their bigotry. He even doesn't tolerate making a racial comment on Puerto Rican because he's half-Puterto Rican on his mother's side.

Jonathan is strongly into being an individual, acting what he believes in and stands against. However, when it comes to friends, feeling their being unsupportive, refusing to accept who he is, he often looks others up, idolizing their life and how they do it, even when it comes to bad person, such as a ruler. He's strongly opposes anyone who forces anyone to act the same. However, Jon will to do something out of character, not for something he's doing, but for experience and fun for his enjoyment.

Jon has other sides of him, they'll appear when he can't deal with a situation or appear to fit in. Though, each side of him has a difference sense of morality, because of this, others have trouble trusting him of what he really feels and often puts a dent on his friendships. These happen to make him complex, each method he does is based on his other trait, making him hard to predict.

One of his sides is an intellectual, sarcastic, techno loving, cyber fan. This Jonathan loves technology and video games, he doesn't approve physical activity and often plays his game consoles. Jonathan is sophisticated, he respects authority figures. However, despite his well-mannered attitude, Jonathan does have flaws, he's a compulsive neat-freak, he doesn't tolerate messes and germs, even when its on himself or near him. He also has a temper too, he doesn't take kindly to others to disrespect his own ideas, or respect his own way of cleaning. Jonathan will take orders from respected authority, but hates it when being bossed around, he also leads to take charge, allowing no one a chance to take leadership for themselves. He's obsessed with perfection to the point he doesn't allow others to take charge. Despite his obedience to the law, Jonathan will point out that some laws are too strict or ridiculous to be followed even by his own standards. Jonathan does computer hacking either as vindictive for what they done, he done numerous hacking methods into various technology. Jonathan often does everything where others let him, reaching a point where he can't stand doing all the work, even showing distaste for someone taking the credit for something he done. He even doesn't tolerate ignorance and has habit of correcting others, even though its they way they define their own culture in their own worlds. The reason for this because some television, his increased paranoia in safety is matched for his need of cleanliness. Because of this own bossy methods, this leads to bad term with others, including being a team-player, though he is genuinely polite and caring.

The other one is a carefree, junk food addict. He only cares for having fun and he enjoys eating. He likes messing to only them what it likes to have fun. Even though he's smart, he could care less is someone, other than him, takes charge, because of this, people find him liable, nothing more than dead weight. This Jonathan represents what he was like when he was suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, which leads others into yelling at him for not doing anything. He enjoys food, candy, meats, even vegetables, he'll often create something to try, but does have a serious side when someone tampers with it, showing he takes pride in cooking.

Next is the Jonathan that is a sophisticated, money-hungry, rich boy. This one cares for himself and money. Jonathan doesn't like to share, he will do it for those who would need it, other any person leaving a bad impression on him will make him change his mind. He adores gold, even dressing in gold clothing. Like the intellectual Jonathan, this Jon cleans up but only for himself and his materials. He poses as a gentleman, buying things and placing bets in gambling. Jon cares for others but he is self-absorbed, he displays interest in fashion and jewelry, creating an artistic view on. Despite his greediness, Jon despises those who do money fraud for their own personal glory. This one happens to what he use to be generous when others started taking advantage of him, showing he has a hard time saying "no" to others.

Jonathan also takes in gang affliction, violence, drugs, trafficking, and destruction, posing as a juvenile, bad bay. Jonathan has a dark sense of humor, taking a delight in seeing others suffer in both physical and emotional pain. Despite this, he even has his own standards, such as showing distaste for ring piercings. Jon likes causing mischief and chaos whenever he goes. Originally, Jon hates drugs, although, the reason he started doing them because the world seem unfair, for his family and others that affected his life, other reason because he took a liking on gang violence, even watching others fighting, enjoying blood, teeth, and flesh falling off, although, their are matches he can little tolerate, such as wrestling and boxing. He's Jonathan's hot-tempered, anti-social, and bitter attitude, he enjoys breaking the rules and doesn't have regrets to anything he does, however, he does channel his negative energy into causing mischief into bad people who are worst as him but to a moral extend such as torturing them, framing them, and/or breaking their stuff. Jon secretly enjoys dark comedy such as discrimination, such as racism and sexism, enjoying the others remarks knowing he doesn't to join inn, though not to a social extent. He represents Jon's life on how he was treated unfair and growing hatred towards anyone who wronged him. He's vindictive, doesn't let go, and hates being bossed around all the time.

Last is the sweet, caring, sensitive, and shy boy. This represents Jonathan's true self, he cares for others, is really sensitive and very shy. He tends to be emotional and frail among the others. He often is seen by himself, which he doesn't mind, always wants time to himself. Jonathan is artistic, expressing his feelings through art even his negative feelings. Although, he does a temper, giving people who have no taste for his artistic views, even going far as to expressing his violent urges in creative art, showing his displeasure on how others have bad taste. Jon's sensitivity what makes him vulnerable to be manipulating, often relying on his other selves to take charge.

Personal Info

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Three Swords:Jonathan has three swords, two in each hand and one in his mouth.

  • Enhanced Durability:Since Jonathan modified them with strong material, the swords are very durable and tough to break even against metal and steel.


Powers & Abilities

Natural Abilities

Apathy:Spending years of isolation in his life, Jonathan has been suppressing his emotions through out his life.

Fighting Style

Various:Jonathan can come up with numerous battle styles depending on the opponent's strength, their fighting style, his mood and his attitude.

  • Vast Intellectual Approach:When calm, Jonathan uses his intellect in battle for perceive the fighting pattern, weakness and abilities of his opponents, his skill in tactician, strategist and analyst makes him a formidable opponent.
  • Elemental Decision:By observing the opponent, Jonathan chooses an element to go best when battling his opponent and other times he uses a element that has a advantage against people who possess elemental abilities.
  • Swordsman:Jonathan mostly uses swords against tough or challenging opponents, he starts off with one sword if the opponent is weak but able to take him on, two swords if things get serious and three swords if the opponent is worthy.
  • Angry Wolf:If Jonathan is under extreme emotion of anger, even the slightest amount of rage, Jonathan's intellectual behavior will turn into a violent and aggressive individuality who rushes into battle with a "take no prisoners" mentality, often overwhelming his opponents with sheer brute force, and immense strength and speed, he tends to beat or slice his opponents to finish things quickly or to blow off some steam.
  • Martial Arts:Jonathan can use martial arts to deal with his opponents in close combat.

Human Mutant Powers

Vast Spiritual Power:Jonathan has a high level of spiritual power and has master to control it. Jonathan warned the Young family not to use it above 50% or at full power in crowded populated areas or in any physical competitions.

  • Spiritual Pressure:Jonathan can unleash a vast amount of spiritual energy that will have affects on his opponents and the surrounding area.
    • Fear Inducement:Jonathan's spiritual pressure is so strong, people will become terrified when they sense it.

Advanced Growth Rate:In several days, Jonathan has quickly developed and adapted to his swordsman, combat and fighting skills and abilities.

Enhanced Combat:Jonathan possess skills in various forms hand-to-hand combat.

  • Martial Arts Master:Jonathan is known to be a master of martial arts.
  • Weapon Mastery:Despite being a martial artist, Jonathan is skilled in all types of weapons.
    • Master Swordsman:Jonathan most notable fighting style is fighting with his swords.
      • Triple-Sword Wielding:Jonathan is known to fight and master with three swords, two in his hand and one in his mouth.
  • Master Marksmanship:Jonathan is very skillful in throwing weaponry from miles and hitting his mark with ease.

Enhanced Intellect:Jonathan's most common ability is his vast intellect, able to memorize, understand, & solve every high complex formula of science, mathematics and quantum physics.

  • Hypercognition:Jonathan is able to learn at a fast rate.
  • Enhanced Memory:Jonathan has able to remember every complex formula and history he sees.
    • Adoptive Muscle Memory:Jonathan can copy and know the muscle movements of others after observing them.
  • 100% Brain Usage:Jonathan is able to use 100% of his brain power.
  • Mental Shield:Jonathan is immune to mind reading, hypnosis and other mental abilities.
  • Intuitive Intellect:Jonathan can learn understand any complex problem faster without any education.
    • Master Multilingualism:Like all of the Young family, Jonathan can speak in all languages.
    • Escape Artistry:Jonathan is known to escape any impossible situations.
    • Master Assassin:Jonathan's most fearsome trait that he is a master assassin, able to use anything to kill his prey.
    • Master Thief:He is known to steal and rob anything without any difficulty.
    • Master Acrobatic:Jonathan is a master acrobat than any other Olympic athlete.
    • Master Manipulator:Jonathan can fool people and hide his secret into thinking he is a nice boy.
    • Science Intuition:Jonathan has high knowledge in various types of science.
    • Mathematical Intuition:Jonathan can understand tough complex math problems and has high knowledge of it.
    • Mechanical Intuition:Jonathan can understand every complex machinery and knows how it works.
      • Master Computer Hacker:Jonathan can hack into any strong security systems, cameras, vehicles, cell phones, even music players. He can hack into them using the computer, his laptop or even his cell phone.
      • Master Inventor:Jonathan has a high level of creating machines to help him with his research and analyst. A computer to keep organizing and recording all of his data and files. Modifying technology such as his cell phone or the other family members equipment to bypass metal detectors. Also creating high tech weaponry.
        • Weapon Modification:Jonathan can modified his own weapons and equipment, including others. He can make a cell phone and laptop get limitless internet service and modifying weapons to make them more durable.
    • Master Scientist:As a boy who likes science Jonathan has high level of performing science, biology, chemistry, and genetic mutation.
      • Master Chemist:As a scientist Jonathan creates numerous chemicals for research, analyzing bio life forms, & for test subjects mostly using his clones because he refuse to test it on animals. Also modifying his and the Young weapons with high developed drug chemicals.
  • Master Analyst:Jonathan is able to use his element clones, letting his other family members fighting the enemies or using his speed to dodge their attacks, while watching them he studies, observes, and analyzes their opponents attack patterns, weaknesses, and their techniques.
  • Master Tactician & Strategist:Jonathan is able to determine an opponent's attack patterns and weaknesses by dodging an enemies attacks using his enhanced speed and agility then using his intelligence he is able to trick his opponent's by using his element clones or his manipulation powers lure then striking them.

Enhanced Strength:Despite his appearance, Jonathan is shown to have enhanced strength able to lift large rocks, buildings, a person with just one hand, and break through walls.

  • Enhanced Jump:With his strength, Jonathan is able to jump to reach far distances and great heights.
  • Enhanced Punch & Kick:With his strength, he possess immense strength in both his fists and legs.

Enhanced Speed & Agility:Jonathan has a great level of speed able to catch up with his opponents. Able to run up mountains, run on water and react faster.

  • Accelerated Metabolism:His metabolism allows him to digest foods faster.
  • Enhanced Reflexes:Jonathan has high reflexes to dodge sneak attacks and close range attacks, even dodging and catching attacks going at high speed.
  • Hyper-Speed Combat:Jonathan can deliver fast punches and kicks even swinging his swords faster.
  • Wall and Water Running:He is able run up walls that even extend and run on water.
  • Flash Step:Jonathan can overwhelm his opponents with his incredible speed and surprising them off guard.
  • Afterimages:When using his speed, Jonathan leaves multiple images of himself to fool his opponents which one's the real one.

Invulnerability:Jonathan is immune can't be harm by any physical attacks.

  • Bullet Immunity:Jonathan can't be harm any bullets.
  • Enhanced Stamina:Jonathan can go for days even weeks without being tired out.
  • Enhanced Durability & Endurance:Jonathan is able to resist any damage and still maintain active, and keep on fighting.
    • Hunger Suppression:Jonathan can suppress his hunger for more than a week.
    • Thermal Resistance:Jonathan can resist both extreme hot and cold temperatures.
    • Electrical Resistance:Jonathan can resist strong electricity attacks.
    • Pain Suppression:Jonathan can suppress his pain, no matter how fatal or painful it is.
    • Explosion Durability:Jonathan is very durable to explosives.
    • Resistant to Radiation Attacks:Jonathan is highly resistant to radiation attacks.

Enhanced Senses:Jonathan has high level of senses.

  • Enhanced Balance:Jonathan can balance on pipes, ropes, trees, cables, and even wires.
    • Enhanced Climbing:Jonathan can climb any narrow spaces with ease.
  • Enhanced Hearing:Jonathan has a high sense of hearing, able to hear every conversion.
  • Enhanced Vision:Jonathan is able to see far away distances.
  • Enhanced Smell:Jonathan is able to smell, trace, and recognizing any scents.
  • Sixth Sense:Jonathan can perceive and see things that aren't really there.
    • High Spirit Awareness:Jonathan can see spiritual beings and demons that human can't.
      • Paranormal Awareness:Jonathan can sense spiritual beings and demons, and identify them.
      • Power Detection:Jonathan can detect supernatural powers of different energy from different species.
        • Environment Awareness:Jonathan can track people down to their exact location by sensing their energy.

Enhanced Flexibility:Jonathan is able to bend & twist his body with ease without bone injury.

Enhanced Dexterity:Jonathan is skilled in wielding his swords with ease and able to spin them at high speed.

Physical Attraction:Like all members, Jonathan is extremely attractive.

  • Sexual Inducement:Jonathan can seduce other girls if he takes of his clothes. But he doesn't the Young family to expose themselves.
    • Sexual Frenzy:When Jonathan touches a girl via skin contact, they'll feel more pleasure.

Enhanced Immunity:His immunity is so strong it can neutralize all toxins.

  • Protected Senses:His senses can't be overloaded.
  • Allergy Immunity:Jonathan can't get sick by his own allergies.
  • Disease & Poison Immunity:Jonathan is immune to deadly diseases and poisonous substances.
  • Immunity to Radiation Effects:Jonathan is also immune to the effects of radiation.
  • Drug & Alcohol Immunity:Jonathan is immune to the effects of toxic and alcohol even though he's against them.

Empathy:Jonathan's most mental ability is to understand the pain of others including serial killers as well.

  • Animal Empathy:With being a animal lover, Jonathan can understand and feel the strong emotions of animals a such as pain, sadness, jealousy, anger & hatred.
    • Animal Communication:Jonathan can communicate with animals and perceive their language.
  • Emotion Manipulation & Inducement:Jonathan can toy with others emotions for excitement, toying or life threatening. Depending of his mood.
    • Fear Inducement:Jonathan's most notable emotion is inducing fear into others with great skill by using powers. With his knowledge of horror movies he uses which one is use best.
    • Anger Inducement:On rare occasions, Jonathan can toy with his victims inducing extreme rage. He uses it when figuring out their are other mutants which gives him great pleasure such as animal mutants.
    • Pleasure & Discomfort Inducement:Jonathan can others feel pleasure or discomfort by physical contact, this only works if the target is feeling nervous, frightened or under extreme emotion of fear. He mostly uses "pleasure" on animals sending them into a state of bliss and enjoyment by touching and rubbing their skin/fur/scales/feathers until physical contact is broken their fear level drops, Jonathan takes a very liking to this ability to mess with animals even though they're not under any negative emotion. He mostly uses "discomfort" on humans sending them into a state of intimidation making them more nervous, when the physical is broken they are left with fear for some time.
  • Emotion Empowerment:Jonathan can gain strength from his own emotions.
    • Anger Empowerment:Jonathan gets more powerful from his own anger.

Strong Will:Jonathan possess a strong will able to resist being possessed and defying death.

  • One-Man Army:Jonathan can take on any number of opponents and come out of it at the end.
  • Fear Masking:Jonathan can hide his own fear and fight with restless courage.
  • Strong Heart:Despite having a bad temper and attitude, Jonathan has a strong pure heart.
  • Seduction Immunity:Jonathan can't be sexually aroused by other women except by Brianna without getting trapped in a sexual frenzy, but tends to hide her feelings for her until the time is now.
    • Enhanced Charisma:Jonathan can gain the trust and loyalty of others, but mostly animals.
    • Bond Empowerment:Jonathan gets stronger of when it comes to his friends.
  • Strong Soul:Jonathan also has a strong soul.
  • Limitless Potential:Jonathan wanted to push his body the very limits to test strength, even straining his body and battling strong opponents he wanted to push it further.

Tranquil State:Jonathan can enter to remain calm in battles to focus and ignore stress and hesitation.

  • Tranquil Fury:While under extreme rage, Jonathan can transfer all of his rage into combat while remaining calm and in control.

Cartoon Physics:Due to him watching cartoons, Jonathan can mimic cartoons and bring acme laws in reality.

  • Logic Manipulation:Upon mimicking cartoons, Jonathan can manipulation anything that's logical.

Luck:Jonathan has this rare ability to be always lucky, but only when he is in activities that involves gambling like casinos even though he despises it. He regrets not having control over this ability and result into drawing attention when winning too much. He'll be forced or reduce to gamble when there's money problems.



Fire Manipulation & Generation:Jonathan can create, generate, control, and unleash high temperatures of fire. Also generate large amounts of fire from his hands at will.

  • Pyrokinetic Combat:Using his martial arts skills, Jonathan can use his fire in combat. Also fusing it into his fists and kicks for more power.
    • Rising Fire:Jonathan firsts disappears leaving the opponent confused, then the back of his body falls down to the ground, kicking just above the head, launching the opponent high into the sky.
      • Dancing of the Fire:After performing the "Rising Fire", Jonathan follows the opponent into the sky, closely matching his/her body movement.
        • Fire Lotus:After performing the "Dancing of the Fire", once Jonathan's behind his/her opponent he wraps his arms around the body restraining them then pile-drives them into the ground head first while spinning at ferocious speed and breathing fire from his mouth. He can only use it due to his durability and invulnerability or using his fire clones.
  • Burning:Jonathan can burn anyone at intense heat with one of his fire abilities.
  • Heat Generation:Jonathan can generate heat from his entire body, in case of being caught.
  • Fire Breath:Jonathan unleashes a large heat wave of fire from his mouth.
  • Air Temperature Manipulation:Jonathan can manipulate the temperature of the air to increase at extreme levels.
    • Steam Projection:By manipulating the air temperature, Jonathan can project hot steam from either his mouth or nose to increase the heat or to melt objects.
  • Fire Clone Jutsu:Jonathan can create clones by using fire abilities, fire emerges creating a image of himself. He can use this for spying, out numbering opponents, decoys, and for other techniques. Jonathan can choose the number of clones he wants, it's limitless. If defeated the clones burst into flames. The clones also have the Jonathan's personalities, thinking like him and the same power.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Only occurred after Jonathan preform the "Fire Clone", it allows one or more of the clones to cancel themselves out transporting the clones memories to Jonathan's.
    • Fire Clone Explosion:Jonathan can make his fire clones explode into giant flames like detonating a bomb. He can use this method by getting too close to the target, fooling them if defeated, using them as substitutes, or if the target might even close in willingly to try to attack the clone.
  • Fire Infusion:Jonathan can fuse his fire powers into his swords making them more powerful and deadly.
  • Fire Bullet:Jonathan uses his hand to make a "Finger gun", mimicking a handgun then fires at his target projecting fire-like bullets at very high speed.
  • Firewall Generation:Jonathan only generates this for defense.
    • Fire Style:Firewall Rotation:A defensive move which Jonathan spins rapidly creating a rotating sphere shield of fire around him, blocking and tossing away any incoming attacks, also burns when organic beings comes into physical contact.
  • Fire Stream:Jonathan can shoot out a long range streams of fire from his hands.
    • Double Fire Stream:Jonathan puts his hands together bringing out a larger stream of fire.
  • Fireball Generation:Jonathan can generate fireballs from his hands and throw it at his opponents. Also able to manipulate it's size.
    • Fire Style:Phoenix Flower Jutsu:Jonathan sends out a volley of small fireballs from his mouth, which are sent flying in an unpredictable manner assaulting the enemy.
    • Fire Style:Fireball Jutsu:Jonathan charges up his fire powers then sends a huge massive orb of roaring flame fireball from his mouth at his opponent.


Earth Manipulation:Jonathan has the ability to create, control, and increase any earth materials, and propels them at his opponents by punch or kick motions.

  • Rock Levitation:Jonathan can make rocks and stones levitate off the ground for shielding and throwing, no matter how great the size is.
    • Rock Propelling:Jonathan can make the rocks and/or stones he levitates propel at his opponents with a punch or kick, even propelling more than one.
  • Burrowing:With his earth powers Jonathan can tunnel underground able to pass his opponents or to come out behind them.
    • Earth Camouflage:Jonathan can phase into any surfaces of earth for hiding, spying, and to avoid attacks.
  • Earth Walking:Jonathan has the ability to stand, walk and/or run on earth surfaces.
  • Earthquake Generation:A dangerous ability to cause earthquakes such as sinking buildings, distractions, or for getaways.
  • Earth Binding:Jonathan binds his opponents with earth.
  • Earth Clone Jutsu:Same as above. Created from the earth and if defeated they crumbled to pieces.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Same as above.
  • Earth Binding Death:Using the "Earth Camouflage" and "Earth Binding", Jonathan with emerge from the surface then proceeds to kill the target with one of his swords.
  • Earth Wall:Jonathan can create walls of earth materials for defense.


Wood Manipulation:Jonathan possess some abilities to manipulate wood.

  • Wood Camouflage:Same as above. Phases into wood such as trees.
  • Wood Binding:Sames as above. Binds them with wood.
  • Wood Binding Death:Same as above. Emerges from wood surfaces.
  • Wood Clone Jutsu:Same as the above. Created from wood such as trees or wooden bridges, if defeated they crumbled to pieces.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Same as above.
  • Wood Walking:The ability to stand, walk and/or run on wood surfaces.


Metal Manipulation:Jonathan possess some abilities to control metal.

  • Metal Clone Jutsu:Same as above. Created from metal, if defeated they rust then crumbled to pieces.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Same as above.
  • Metal Walking:Ability to stand, walk and/or run on metal surfaces.
  • Metal Camouflage:Same as above. Phases into metal surfaces.
  • Metal Binding:Same as above. Binds them with metal.
  • Metal Binding Death:Sames as above. Emerges from metal surfaces.


Sand Manipulation:Jonathan also has the ability to control sand.

  • Sand Pressure Manipulation:Jonathan can manipulate the pressure of the sand which allows him to either break bones or completely liquefy an opponent.
  • Sand Clone Jutsu:Same as above. Create clones out of sand, traps enemies if they attack them at close range by covering their bodies in sand, if defeated they dissolve.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Same as above.
  • Sand Camouflage:Same as above. Phases into sand.
  • Sand Binding:Same as above. Binds them with sand.
  • Sand Coffin:Jonathan encases his opponents in a large amount of sand, immobilizing them.
    • Sand Burial:After wrapping an opponent with sand, Jonathan causes the sand to implode and crush whatever is within it. This can accompany by "Sand Pressure Manipulation".


Water Manipulation & Generation:Jonathan can control water and generate out if thin air.

  • Hydrokinetic Combat:Jonathan can use water in combat.
    • Water Style:Water Dragon Jutsu:A technique were Jonathan shapes a large amount of water into a giant, powerful dragon, which hits the opponent with formidable might.
    • Razor Water Rings:Jonathan can create multiple simultaneous water rings capable of cutting.
  • Water Pressure Manipulation:Jonathan can manipulate the pressure of the water to make them solid.
  • Water Walking:Jonathan has the ability to walk and run on water.
  • Water Clone Jutsu:Same as above. Created out of water, if defeated they liquify.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Same as above.
  • Water Beam:Jonathan can create a powerful water beam, blowing his opponents away.
    • Water Gun:Jonathan releases a spiral of water from his mouth at his opponent(s).
  • Water Temperature Manipulation:Jonathan can manipulate the temperature to make them cold to form ice or to heat up to boil.
    • Scald Beam:Jonathan fires a stream of scalding hot water surrounded by steam from his mouth at his opponent(s).
  • Water Ball Generation:Jonathan can generate sphere balls of water and throws it at his enemies.
    • Water Pulse:Jonathan forms a blue ball of water from either of his hands and throws it at his opponents.


Ice Manipulation & Generation:Jonathan has abilities of controlling and generating ice even without reducing the temperature of the water.

  • Ice Beam:Jonathan can generate an ice beam from his hands without reducing the water temperature.
  • Freezing:Jonathan can freeze his targets and any other objects solid by using one of his ice-based attacks.
  • Air Temperature Manipulation:Also manipulate the temperature to extreme cold levels to make objects freeze.
  • Ice Temperature Manipulation:Jonathan can manipulate the temperature of the ice turning it back into water.
  • Cryokinetic Combat & Constructs:Jonathan can make objects out of ice and utilize it in combat.
    • Flying Ice Spears:Jonathan can create multiple spears of ice and sends them flying at his opponent(s) either immobilizing or impaling them.
    • Ice Discs:Jonathan can create a a cylindrical column of ice and proceed to slice razor-sharp sections of it off and send them at an opponent. They are sharp around the edges but all very thin.
    • Underground Ice Spikes:Jonathan summons multiple ice spikes underground impaling many opponents.
    • Ice Binding:Same as above. Freezes them in ice.
    • Ice Wall:He can create walls of ice for defense.
  • Ice Clone Jutsu:Same as above. Creates clones of ice. Shattered if defeated.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Same as above.


Electricity Manipulation & Generation:Jonathan also can manipulate and generate electricity.

  • Electrokinetic Combat:Jonathan can utilize electricity in combat.
    • Lightning Bolt Projection:Jonathan can project a bolt of lighting from his fingertips at his opponents in a matter of seconds. It will go in a single direction when Jonathan fires it.
      • Pain Inducement:If it hits a limb or other body it will cause tremendous pain.
      • Death Inducement:If it hits a organ like the heart, stomach or the brain it will cause death fast.
    • Lighting Redirection:A counter move by absorbing lighting strikes from the fingertip, to the arm, through the stomach, to the other arm and out the other fingertip.
    • Electric Conductivity:A defense move where Jonathan absorbs electricity through his one of his swords through his body and out the other sword when having contact to the ground.
    • Chidori:Jonathan channels his electricity into one of his hands then charges forward and thrusts it into the target. He can either impale into or through his target. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping.
      • Shock Wave Inducement:If it's impaled into his target it gives a large electrical shock giving to the opponent.
  • Lightning Clone Jutsu:Same as above. Creates clones of lightning. Revert to lightning-state then disappears if defeated, at same time electrocutes whatever it touches.
    • Duplication & Memory Absorption:Same as above.


Life-Force Manipulation:Jonathan can manipulate the different powers of his life energy.

  • Powering Up:Jonathan can power up his life energy to increase his power, but he is not allowed to increase it above 50% or at full power in populated areas.
    • Self-Power Augmentation:By increasing his power, Jonathan's powers will increase to destructive results.
    • Supernaturally Dense Tissue:By increasing his power, Jonathan's body becomes more dense than usual.
      • Stab & Slash Immunity:With his body harden, sharp weapons will break when someone attacks him.
  • Suppressing:Jonathan can suppress his life energy decreasing his power, but also to hide from power detectors.
  • Spirit Energy & Spiritual Force Manipulation:Jonathan can manipulate his own spirit energy into various forms, as well as his spiritual essence within his soul.
    • Spiritual Energy Conversion:Jonathan can convert his spirit energy into various types of matter.
  • Chi Manipulation:Jonathan can also manipulate his own chi.
    • Mystical Martial Arts:Jonathan can utilize mystical forms of martial arts.
      • Traditional Martial Arts:Jonathan can perform every traditional martial arts to a superhuman level.
      • Superhuman Martial Arts:As a mutant, Jonathan can perform mutant abilities.
      • Elemental Martial Arts:Jonathan can combine the elements he manipulates with his high level combat skills.
    • Power Level Detection:Jonathan can sense the strength and feel his opponent's power level whenever it's increasing or decreasing.


Film, Television & Video Game Materialization:Jonathan has this rare and special ability to materialize movie, tv shows, and video games to life. He rarely uses it in extreme situations and his emotions gets carried away. It cancels out if he decides, or if he's unconscious or dead.

  • Cartoon & Video Game Mimicry:With his territory, Jonathan can mimic the traits of cartoons and video games to mess with his victims.
  • Dimension Creation:Upon the release it creates a dimension that takes up a distance of 30 radius.
    • Dimension Storage:Jonathan can trap people in his territory without them noticing, making them walk into a deserted area. He can trap any number of people at will whenever it's a group or a single person.
    • Dimensional Manipulation:In his own world he can manipulate inorganic objects making them move by themselves, the weather such as the sky look dark, making technology and electronics go haywire.
  • Fear & Terror:Shadows of Death:A release command that will make any horror movie, television and/or video game to life.
    • Fear Inducement:His territory allows to induce great amount of fear into his victims.
    • Death Inducement:He can cause death either instantly or after certain time, but lets the monsters he summons to cause the death.
    • Curse Inducement:Even not to cause the death he can induce curse and they're death will come even if he turns off his territory.
    • Summoning:He can summon monsters, ghosts or demons in his territory to scare or kill his victims and make them can out of nowhere or his body.
    • Illusions:He can cast illusions on his prey in his territory to cause fear.
    • Physical Illusions:He can also cast illusions that will cause death or pain in his territory.
    • Torture Inducement:Also in his territory he can torture his victims as he pleases.