The list consists the deaths occurred in the Hatchet film series.

Hatchet (2006)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Sampson Dunston Ripped apart Victor Crowley Found dead
Ainsley Dunston Face slammed against tree, arm torn off, thrown at another tree, innards ripped out of back, torn in half
Victor Crowley Face hacked with hatchet through door Thomas Crowley Accident, flashback, return as a ghost
Thomas Crowley Broken heart N/A Flashback
Jim Permatteo Leg bitten, cut 12 times in half with hatchet Alligator and Victor Crowley
Shannon Permatteo Head torn in half Victor Crowley
Doug Shapiro/Samuel M. Barrat Head twisted off
Shawn Leg cut off/decapitated with shovel
Jenna Jaw torn off with belt-sander, impaled through back on shovel
Misty Head torn off/dismembered Off-screen
Marcus Crushed in bear hug, arms torn off, head smashed into tombstone
Ben Arm torn off Off-screen

Hatchet II (2010)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Jack Cracker Disemboweled/choked with intestines/head pops off Victor Crowley
Shyann Crowley Stomach cancer N/A Flashback, placed a curse on the child conceived by Lena before dying
Nurse Lena Birth complications via curse Shyann Crowley Flashback
Fisherman Pulled away, hacked up with hatchet (off-screen) Victor Crowley Flashback
Fisherman Head cut in two with hatchet
Gator Hunter Jaw ripped off
Fisherman Face cut off with hatchet
Fisherman Impaled through mouth with spear
Chad Lower half of face/jaw beaten open with hatchet
Cleatus Face ripped apart by boat propeller
Layton Decapitated with hatchet
Avery Crotch/chest hacked with hatchet
Vernon Cut in two with 8ft chainsaw Double kill
Justin Hatchet thrown into back, back of head torn open/brain torn apart with belt-sander
Trent Graves Leg broken, decapitated at jawline by curb-stomp on table
Uncle Bob Mutilated Off-screen
Reverend Zombie Cut 11 times in half with hatchet, torn out of skin
Victor Crowley Forehead hacked/face beaten in 16 times with hatchet, head blown off with shotgun Marybeth Dunston Comes back in Hatchet III

Hatchet III (2013)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Randy Head electrocuted/exploded with defibrillators Victor Crowley
Deputy Hamilton Head cut in half with hatchet
Four Fireman Mutilated Off-screen
Three Paramedics
Fireman Arm ripped off
Paramedic Chest hacked with hatchet
Fireman Disemboweled
Paramedic Mouth impaled by stub tree branch
Deputy Impaled through back with spear/pulled into house, thrown through wall
Deputy Elbert Hook thrown into chest/pulled, dragged into house, torn apart (off-screen), thrown through wall
Officer Back hacked 9 times with hatchet, lifted/ripped in half
Officer Decapitated with hatchet
SWAT Officer Hit in head with hatchet
SWAT Officer Leg cut off with hatchet
SWAT Officer Hit in chest with hatchet/tossed onto ground
SWAT Officer Lifted/slammed into ground, head stomped in 4 times
Officer Tyler Hawes Skull attached to spine ripped out
Deputy Rick Shot into house with rocket launcher/incinerated in explosion Deputy Cory Schneiderman Accident:Used as human shield
Deputy Cory Schneiderman Wooden plank thrown into back/torn out, arms ripped out, head stomped into mud puddle/drowned Victor Crowley
Ben Hatchet thrown into forehead Survivor of first film
Paramedic Dragged away, eaten Alligator
Sheriff Fowler Decapitated at jawline with belt-sander Victor Crowley
Officer Mikaela Dougherty Pulled through ripped metal hole/torn apart/organs poured out
Deputy Winslow Chest ripped open
Amanda Fowler Head ripped off
Victor Crowley Burial urn vase smashed onto head/melted by ashes, blown apart with shotgun Marybeth Dunston
Marybeth Dunston Impaled through back by tree branch, succumbs to wounds Victor Crowley Last seen gasping for air, survived

Victor Crowley (2017)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Hunter Decapitated with hatchet Victor Crowley Sets in 1964
Del Hatched in head
Sue Fingers cut off with hatchet, right leg hacked 6 times, arms cut off and ripped off, decapitated
Zach Sucked out of the plane, Burned n/a Accident
Jay Bisected in half
Pilot Face sliced off by branch Found Dead
Co-Pilot Died in the plane crash
Alex Head bashed with hammer, decapitated Victor Crowley
Austin Top of head hacked, brain falls out
Kathleen Arm ripped off, arm impaled from vagina and out of mouth
Chloe Head bashed through the window, head stomped
Casey Drowned Pregnant
Sabrina Jaw broken, decapitated with hatchet
Dillon Shredded by turbine Himself Sacrifice
Victor Crowley Shredded by turbine Dillon


  • In the second film, its revealed that Shawn, who got killed in the first film, is Justin's brother.
  • In the third film, Abbott McMullen is revealed to be Victor Crowley's racist long distant cousin.
  • A Mardi Gras celebration was shown in the first film.
  • Halloween was shown in the first film.
  • In the third film, Victor's house was destroyed by a rocket launcher.
  • The survivors from the previous films died later in the series.
    • Jack Cracker and Reverend Zombie - Hatchet to Hatchet II.
    • Ben - Hatchet to Hatchet III.
  • Victor used Deputy Rick as a human shield when Deputy Cory Schneiderman fired a rocket launcher.
  • In the second film, its revealed that Reverend Zombie had a small business going on with Shawn and the boat was one of his own.
  • In the second film, Reverend Zombie stated that Marybeth's father, Sampson, her uncle, Bob, and Trent are the boys responsible for causing the fire.
    • He believes that if Victor kills Bob and Trent, his soul would be at peace.
      • Marybeth later revealed that Bob was Sampson's best friend, and her real uncle died of leukemia when she was 12-years old.
  • In the first film, when trying to get Victor Crowley out of the burning house, Thomas didn't know he was leaning again the other side of the door when he hatchet embedded into his face.
    • Because of this, Victor Crowley became a ghost, killing anyone who sets foot on the swamp where he lives, while searching for his dad.
  • In the second film, Reverend Zombie stated that Thomas Crowley had an affair with his wife's nurse after she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.
    • Moments before dying, Shyann Crowley placed a curse on the child conceived by Lena from the affair. Months later, she dies after giving birth to the deformed Victor Crowley.
  • In the third film, Amanda Fowler stated that Victor Crowley is a repeater, set to relive the night he died, looking for his father and that he will keep coming back unless he gets what he wants: his father.
    • She also stated that her father, Sampson Dunston, was the one that came up with the idea to start the fire many years ago and tried to get him to deliver Thomas Crowley's ashes to Victor over the past several years, only to be dismissed numerous times. But, since he's dead and she's Sampson's bloodline, only she can put an end to Victor Crowley.
      • This is proven when Marybeth smashed the urn on Victor Crowley that gets him covered in his father's ashes and causes him to melt. Then Marybeth blew him apart with one of the SWAT team's gun, ending his massacre.

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