The list consists the deaths occurred in the Halloween franchise.

Halloween (1978)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Judith Margaret Myers Torso impaled 9 times with kitchen knife Michael Audrey Myers
Christopher Joseph Hastings Chest impaled Off-screen
Dog Eaten Mentioned found dead but body wasn't shown
Lester Wallace Strangled Dog
Anne Marie "Annie" Brackett Throat slit with kitchen knife in car
Robert David "Bob" Simms Impaled to door with kitchen knife through chest
Lynda Van der Klok Strangled with length of telephone cord

Halloween II (1981)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Alice Samantha Martin Chest impaled with kitchen knife Michael Audrey Myers
Bennett "Ben" Samuel Tramer Hit by police car/rammed into van/immolated in explosion Police Officer Accident
Bernard Ephraim Garrett Hammer claw driven into head, hung from ceiling in electrical wire noose Michael Audrey Myers
Vincent "Budd" Scarlotti Strangled with length of cord
Nurse Karen Ann Bailey Head shoved 5 times/drowned/scalded in boiling therapy pool
Doctor Frederick Albert Mixter Eye impaled with syringe Found dead
Nurse Janet Kelsey Marshall Temple impaled with syringe/injected with air bubble
Nurse Virginia Maria Alves Arm impaled with I.V. syringe/blood drained Found dead
Nurse Jill Elizabeth Franco Back impaled with scalpel/lifted
Marshal Terrence Chadwick Gummell Throat slit with scalpel

Halloween III:Season of the Witch (1982)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Silver Shamrock Henchman Crushed between 2 cars Harry Grimbridge Android
Harry Grimbridge Eyes gouged out/head crushed Silver Shamrock Henchman
Silver Shamrock Henchman Doused in lighter fluid/lit on fire with lighter/immolated in car explosion Itself Suicide, android
Starker Head ripped off Silver Shamrock Henchman
Marge Guttman Blasted in face by laser N/A Accident
Silver Shamrock Henchman Innards ripped out Doctor Daniel Challis Android
Buddy Kupfer Jr. Head transformed into snakes/insects by Silver Shamrock mask Conal Cochran
Buddy Kupfer Swarmed by snakes/insects
Betty Kupfer
Coroner Teddy Ear impaled with electric drill Silver Shamrock Henchman
All Silver Shamrock Henchmans Blasted repeatedly by several lasers Doctor Daniel "Dan" Challis Androids
Conal Cochran Disintegrated by Stonehenge N/A
Ellie Grimbridge Unknown Conal Cochran and Silver Shamrock Henchmans Replaced by android look-alike
Ellie Grimbridge Duplicate Arm torn off in car crash, head bludgeoned/decapitated with tire iron Doctor Daniel "Dan" Challis Android

Halloween 4:The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Attendant J. Black Head bashed 8 times in ambulance, thumb driven into forehead Michael Audrey Myers
Attendant L. Evans Killed Off-screen
Two Paramedics
Mechanic Impaled with metal rod, hung by chains
Shelly Killed Found dead
Sundae Carruthers Found dead, dog
Bucky Thrown/electrocuted on transformer
Deputy Pierce Ripped apart Found dead
Two Police Officers Off-screen
Ted Hollister Shot repeatedly with 4 shotguns Earl Ford, Alan "Big Al" Gateway, Orrin Gateway, and Unger Accident
Deputy Logan Mangled Michael Audrey Myers Found dead
Kelly Meeker Pinned to wall with shotgun through stomach
Brady Hit in face with shotgun, lifted/thumb pushed into face/neck snapped
Orrin Gateway Back impaled with kitchen knife, pushed off moving pickup truck
Alan "Big Al" Gateway Stomach impaled with kitchen knife, pushed off moving pickup truck
Unger Thrown off moving pickup truck
Earl Ford Neck ripped open while driving pickup truck

Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Hermit Back impaled with kitchen knife Michael Audrey Myers
Rachel Carruthers Chest impaled with scissors
Mike Forehead impaled with garden claw
Spitz Impaled through back with pitchfork
Samantha Thomas Chest sliced with scythe
Deputy Nick Ross Impaled repeatedly with pitchfork in police car Found dead
Deputy Tom Farrah
Tina Williams Chest impaled with kitchen knife
Deputy Eddy Grey Punched in face, face bashed 9 times against car steering wheel
Deputy Charlie Bloch Hung from 2nd floor window in rope noose
Doctor Max Hart Killed Off-screen
Nurse Patsey West
Max Carruthers Found dead, dog
Sheriff Ben Meeker Shot repeatedly with machine gun Doctor Terence Wynn Found dead
Seven Police Officers
Deputy Tony

Halloween:Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Nurse Mary Head impaled on metal spike wall Michael Audrey Myers
Motorist Neck snapped head around
Jamie Lloyd/Jamie Carruthers Impaled through back/ripped apart on corn thresher
Debra Strode Hacked up with axe
John Strode Stomach impaled/carried/forced through/pinned to fuse box with kitchen knife/electrocuted/head exploded
Barry Simms Chest impaled with kitchen knife in van
Tim Strode Throat slit with kitchen knife
Beth Back impaled 6 times with kitchen knife
Sanitarium Patient Stomach impaled with kitchen knife Off-screen
Doctor Bonham Hacked up with surgical machete
Four Doctors
Doctor Terence Wynn Off-screen
Doctor Face bashed 4 times/pushed through metal bars

Halloween H20:Twenty Years Later (1998)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
James "Jimmy" Howell Ice skate driven into face Michael Audrey Myers Found dead
Tony Allegre Back impaled with kitchen knife Off-screen
Nurse Marion Whittington Throat slit with kitchen knife
Charles "Charles" Deveraux Throat slit with corkscrew Found dead
Sarah Wainthrope Leg impaled with kitchen knife, leg crushed by dropped dumbwaiter, back impaled 4 times with kitchen knife, hung from light fixture in rope noose
Will Brennan Back impaled/lifted with kitchen knife
Paramedic Larynx crushed (off-screen), caught between van/tree, beheaded with axe Michael Audrey Myers and Laurie Strode/Cynthia Myers Accident

Halloween:Resurrection (2002)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Franklin Munroe Beheaded with kitchen knife Michael Audrey Myers Found dead
Willie Haines Throat slit with kitchen knife
Cynthia Myers/Laurie Strode Back impaled with kitchen knife, dropped off rooftop
Charley Albans Impaled through throat with tripod leg
William Josh "Bill" Woodlake Chest impaled 3 times/head once with kitchen knife
Donna Olivia Chang Impaled through back by metal spike
Jennifer Annabelle "Jen" Danzig Beheaded with kitchen knife
Jim Morgan Head crushed
Rudy Grimes Pinned to door with 3 kitchen knives through chest
Nora Winston Stomach impaled with kitchen knife, hung from ceiling in cable noose Found dead

Halloween (2007)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Elvis Myers Mutilated with scalpel Michael Myers Rat, off-screen
Wesley Rhoades Beaten 10 times/head bludgeoned 4 times with tree branch
Ronnie White Throat slit with kitchen knife/face/chest impaled repeatedly (off-screen)
Steve Haley Head bashed 11 times with aluminum baseball bat
Judith Myers Stomach impaled once/back 4 times with kitchen knife/12 more times (off-screen)
Nurse Wynn Throat impaled with fork
Deborah Myers Shot in mouth with handgun Herself Off-screen, suicide
Jack Kendall Suffered from cerebral hemorrhage due to being choked against wall, thrown into desk Michael Myers Unrated
Noel Kluggs Thrown 3 times/head bashed against wall
Zach Garrett Punched in face
Larry Redgrave Head bashed 7 times against wall
Stan Payne Punched in face, stomach shot with shotgun Michael Myers and Patty Frost Accident
Patty Frost Throat ripped out Michael Myers
Gloria Off-screen
Ismael Cruz Head shoved 3 times in sink, TV smashed on head
Joe Grizzly Slammed 14 times against bathroom stall, stomach impaled twice with hunting knife
Bob Simms Pinned to wall with kitchen knife through chest Deleted scene:knifed 6 times in van
Lynda Van Der Klok Strangled
Mason Strode Forehead sliced with kitchen knife
Cynthia Strode Slammed into glass table, head pulled back/neck snapped Unrated:knifed/throat slit (off-screen)
Paul Freedman Stomach impaled with kitchen knife, hung from ceiling in rope noose
Officer Lowery Back impaled with kitchen knife
Deputy Charles Chest impaled 3 times with kitchen knife

Halloween II (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Cow Hit by ambulance Coroner Alan Hooks Accident
Coroner Alan Hooks Mangled in ambulance crash/jaw severed N/A
Coroner Gary Scott Caught in ambulance crash, decapitated with glass shard Michael Myers
Nurse Octavia Daniels Nose/lip slashed (off-screen)/back impaled 10 times/back of head once with kitchen knife Dream
Nurse Eyes gouged out Dream, found dead
Multiple Hospital Staff Patients Killed
Buddy Back hacked with axe Dream
Floyd Stomach impaled with hunting knife, impaled through stomach on deer antlers on hood of pickup truck
Sherman Benny Eyes slashed/chest impaled 5 times with hunting knife
Jazlean Benny Chest impaled 5 times with hunting knife
Ivan Benny Strangled (off-screen), cut open with hunting knife, eaten Dog
Howard Boggs Chokeslam, face bashed in 5 times underfoot, hung from ceiling in holiday lights noose
Lou "Big Lou" Martini Arm broken, head bashed against wall
Misty Dawn Head bashed 11 times against mirror
Wolfie Back impaled with hunting knife
Harley David Strangled in van
Deputy Andy Neale Choked with rope, neck snapped
Annie Brackett Smashed into walls, impaled twice with hunting knife, shelves dropped, beaten Found dead
Mya Rockwell Stomach impaled 4 times with hunting knife
Becks Thrown through car windshield
Doctor Samuel James Loomis Slashed 6 times/impaled 11 times in chest/face with hunting knife
Michael Myers Chest impaled 9 times/face once with hunting knife Laurie Strode/Angel Myers
Doctor Samuel James Loomis Stomach impaled with hunting knife Michael Myers Unrated
Michael Myers Shot repeatedly with various firearms Police Officers
Angel Myers/Laurie Strode

Halloween (2018)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Guard Haskell Mortally wounded Michael Myers Found dead
Warden Kuneman Off-screen
Kevin's Father Neck snapped Found dead
Mechanic Beaten with rubber mallet Found dead
Cashier Jaw ripped open
Aaron Korey Head bashed into door repeatedly
Dana Haines Strangled/neck snapped
Gina Panchella Beaten with hammer
Andrea Wagner Neck impaled with kitchen knife
Vicky Shoulder slashed, stabbed twice with kitchen knife
Dave Neck impaled with kitchen knife Found dead
Oscar Stabbed in back, impaled on fence
Deputy Frank Hawkins Throat stabbed repeatedly with pen knife Doctor Ranbir Sartain
Doctor Ranbir Sartain Head bashed in underfoot Michael Myers
Officer Richard Head impaled with pen knife Found dead
Officer Francis Decapitated
Ray Nelson Strangled with chain


  • All of them are Halloween movie specials.
  • In the second original film, Pamela Strode revealed to Samuel Loomis that Laurie Strode's real name is Cynthia Myers.
  • For the first time, the third film didn't feature Michael Myers.
  • Rachel Carruthers and Sheriff Ben Meeker, from the fourth film, dies in the fifth film.
  • Jamie Lloyd, from the fourth film, dies in the sixth film.
  • In the sixth film, its revealed that the Cult of Thorn is using Michael's DNA to create the perfect evil out of Jamie's baby and Danny Strode through DNA testing.
  • Terence Wynn, from the original film, dies in the sixth film.
  • In the eighth film, its revealed, back in the seventh film, Michael crushed a paramedic's larynx, preventing him from speaking, then dressed him up as himself to avoid decapitation from Laurie.
  • The survivors from the previous films died in the later series.
    • Cynthia Myers/Laurie Strode - Halloween to Halloween:Resurrection.
    • Nurse Marion Whittington - Halloween to HalloweenH20:Twenty Years Later.
    • Annie Brackett, Mya Rockwell, Lou "Big Lou" Martini, Doctor Samuel James Loomis, Michael Myers, Angel Myers/Laurie Strode - Halloween to Halloween II.
      • Though, she survived in the theatrical version, she was shot to death in the Director's Cut.
  • In the eighth film, Michael's house was burned down.
  • There were several accidents that can be explained.
    • Bennett was hit by a squad car as it crashed into him, pinning him to a van and causing a fire due to his mask greatly resembled Michael Myers'.
    • Marge noticed that was chip inside the trademark, as she messed with it to figure out what it was about, a laser shot out and blasted her in the face.
    • Earl, Al, Orrin and Unger shot Ted with their shotguns when Orrin thought it was Michael Myers behind the bush.
    • When Michael Myers got caught between a tree and a van, Laurie beheaded him. Although, it was later revealed to be a paramedic that Michael dressed him up in his clothes after he crushed his larynx.
    • Patty shot Stan when Michael used him as a human shield.
    • When Coroner Alan Hooks and Gary Scott joked about having intercourse with a naked corpse, they failed to notice a cow crossing the street.

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