The list consists the deaths occurred in the Friday the 13th franchise.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Barry Jackson Stomach impaled with machete Pamela Sue Voorhees
Claudette Hayes Throat hacked with machete Off-screen
Annie Phillips Throat slit with hunting knife
Ned Rubenstein Off-screen
Jack Burrell Impaled through back with arrow under bed
Marcie Stanler Face hacked with axe
Steve Christy Stomach impaled with hunting knife
Bill Brown Throat slit with hunting knife, pinned to door with arrows through groin/chest/throat/eye Found dead
Brenda Jones Mangled (off-screen), thrown through window
Pamela Sue Voorhees Decapitated with machete Alice L. Hardy

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Alice L. Hardy Temple impaled with ice pick Jason Voorhees
Crazy Ralph Garrotted with barbed wire
Deputy Winslow Hammer claw driven into back of head
Scott Hung upside-down from tree by snare, throat slit with machete
Terry McCarthy Impaled with kitchen knife Off-screen
Mark Jarvis Face hacked with machete, falls down stairs
Jeff Impaled through back with spear while on bed, hung from coat hook in bed sheet noose Double kill
Sandra Dier Impaled through chest with spear while on bed
Victoria Jane "Vickie" Perry Leg slashed/stomach impaled with kitchen knife
Paul Holt Killed Off-screen

Friday the 13th Part III (1982)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Harold Hockett Chest hacked with meat cleaver Jason Voorhees
Edna Hockett Back of head impaled with knitting needle
Fox Impaled to rafter with pitchfork through throat Found dead
Loco Impaled through stomach with pitchfork
Vera Sanchez Shot in eye with speargun, fell into lake
Andy Beltrami Sliced in half with machete while walking on hands
Deborah "Debbie" Klein Impaled through back with kitchen knife under hammock
Shelly Finkelstein Throat slashed with machete Off-screen
Charles "Chuck" Garth Thrown into fuse box/electrocuted
Chili Impaled through stomach with hot fireplace poker
Rick Head crushed/eye pops out, thrown through window
Ali Head bludgeoned 4 times with wrench, hand cut off/hacked up 10 times with machete

Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter (1984)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Coroner Axel Burns Throat slashed with surgical hacksaw, head twisted Jason Voorhees
Nurse Roberta Melissa "Robbie" Morgan Gutted with scalpel
Hitchhiker Impaled through back of throat with hunting knife
Samantha Lane Impaled through chest with machete under inflatable raft
Paul Guthrie Groin impaled with spear
Terri Moore Impaled through back/pinned to window blind with spear
Tracy Jarvis Killed Off-screen
Jimmy Mortimer Hand impaled to counter with corkscrew, face hacked with cleaver, hands impaled to wall with spikes
Tina Moore Thrown through 2nd floor window/lands of car
Ted Cooper Back of head impaled with kitchen knife through movie screen
Doug Bell Head crushed against wall, pinned to wall with spike through back of throat
Sara Parkington Chest hacked with axe through door
Rob Dier Hacked 8 times/throat impaled with garden claw, thrown through window
Jason Voorhees Wrist sliced with machete, hammer claw driven into back, computer smashed onto head, hand/chest hacked/head hacked 16 times with machete Patricia A. "Trish" Jarvis and Tommy Jarvis Resurrected in Jason Lives

Friday the 13th:A New Beginning (1985)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Neil Stomach impaled with machete Jason Voorhees Dream
Les Neck impaled with ice pick
Joey Brascia-Burns Hacked up 3 times with axe/arm cut off (off-screen) Victor J. "Vic" Faden
Vincent James "Vinnie" Manalo Road flare shoved in mouth Roy Burns
Pete Muldrow Throat slit with machete in car
William Daniel "Billy" Macauley Head hacked with axe
Lana Ardsley Chest hacked with axe
Raymond Stomach impaled with hunting knife
Tina McCarthy Eyes impaled with garden shears/gouged out
Edward John "Eddie" Kelso Head crushed against tree with leather strap around eyes
Anita Robb Throat slit with machete Found dead
Damon Samuel "Demon" Winter Impaled through leg/back with metal spike from outhouse wall
Junior James Hubbard Decapitated with cleaver while riding motorcycle
Ethel Hubbard Face hacked with cleaver through window, face fell into stew pot
Jake Patterson Face hacked with cleaver
Robin Brown Impaled through back with machete under top bed
Violet Anne Morainie Stomach impaled with machete
Duke Johnson Throat slashed with machete in ambulance Found dead
Doctor Matthew Letter Throat slashed with machete, pinned to tree with rail spike through forehead
George Paul David Winter Eyes gouged out (off-screen), thrown through window
Roy Burns Hit with bulldozer, arm slashed with chainsaw, leg impaled with hunting knife, head hacked with machete, impaled through back on tractor harrows Reginald Thomas "Reggie" Winter, Pam Roberts, and Tommy Jarvis
Pam Roberts Stomach impaled with machete Tommy Jarvis Dream
Pam Roberts Impaled with kitchen knife Off-screen

Friday the 13th Part VI:Jason Lives (1986)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Allen Hawes Heart torn out Jason Voorhees
Darren Robinson Stomach impaled/tossed aside with fence post
Lizabeth Ann Mott Impaled through mouth with fence post
Burt Thrown/arm ripped off/impaled through chest on tree branch/face smashed into tree
Stan Decapitated with machete Triple kill
Martin Throat impaled with broken bottle, hacked apart with machete
Steven Halavex Impaled through chest with machete while on motorcycle Double kill
Nicola Alyssa "Nikki" Parsley Head crushed against RV wall
Carter James "Cort" Andrews Ear impaled with hunting knife while driving RV
Roy Dismembered with machete Off-screen, pieces found in woods
Elizabeth Justine "Sissy" Baker Head twisted/ripped off
Paulina Geraldine "Paula" Mott Throat slashed/knocked through window/hacked apart with machete (off-screen)
Officer Thornton Dart thrown into forehead
Officer Pappas Head crushed
Sheriff Michael "Mike" Garris Body bent in half

Friday the 13th Part VII:The New Blood (1988)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
John Shepard Dock collapsed via telekinesis/incapacitated by piece of debris/drowned in lake Tina Shepard Accident
Jane McDowell Impaled to tree with tent spike through throat Jason Voorhees
Michael Rogers Tent spike thrown into back/ripped out
Daniel Thomas "Dan" Carter Hand through back/out of chest, neck snapped
Judith Anne "Judy" Williams Bashed against tree while in sleeping bag
Russell Anthony Bowen Face split open with axe
Sandra Casey Pulled underwater/drowned (off-screen)
Maddy Paulson Throat slashed with sickle, nailed to tree through wrists Found dead
Benjamin Robert "Ben" MacNeal Head crushed
Katherine Noelle "Kate" Pataki Party horn driven into eye
David Peabody Stomach impaled with kitchen knife, beheaded (off-screen)
Eddie McCarlo Neck hacked with machete, beheaded (off-screen)
Robin Peterson Thrown through 2nd floor window
Amanda Shepard Impaled through back with spear On-screen in unrated, Crews used her as a human shield
Doctor Crews Disemboweled with tree trimming saw
Melissa Ashley Emerson Paur Forehead hacked with axe

Friday the 13th Part VIII:Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Jim Miller Stomach impaled/innards ripped out with speargun Jason Voorhees
Suzannah Elizabeth "Suzie" Donaldson Chest impaled with spear
Jessica Jane "J.J." Jarrett Head bashed with electric guitar
Boxer Hot sauna rock driven into chest
Tamara Mason Impaled with multiple mirror shards Found dead
Jim Carlson Back impaled with harpoon
Admiral Robertson Throat slit with machete
Eva Watanabe Lifted/strangled
Crew Member Shot in chest with shotgun Wayne Webber Accident:lost his glasses
Wayne Webber Thrown/electrocuted on control panel Jason Voorhees
Miles Wolfe Thrown off high ladder/impaled through back on deck post
Deck Hand Back hacked with axe Off-screen
Homes Impaled through back with syringe
Jojo Head bashed against steam pipe
Julius Samuel Gaw Decapitated by punch
Irish Cop Dragged into alley, killed (off-screen)
Colleen Van Deusen Immolated in police car explosion N/A Accident
Charles McCulloch Thrown through 2nd floor window, drowned in barrel of sewage Jason Voorhees
Sanitation Engineer Head bashed with wrench

Jason Goes to Hell:The Final Friday (1993)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Coroner Phil Hypnotized into eating heart/possessed, melted (off-screen) Jason Voorhees
Assistant Coroner Head impaled with autopsy probe, face pushed against metal grating Jason Voorhees/Coroner Phil
Two FBI Agents Fingers driven into face Shown dead on TV
Five Civilians Killed Mentioned on TV
Alexis Peterson Slashed 4 times with scalpel
Deborah Caldwell Impaled through back/torn in two with rail spike
Luke McCabey Head crushed Off-screen
Edna Car door slammed into head
Deputy Josh Possessed, melted
Diana Voorhees-Kimble Knife sharpener pole thrown into back Jason Voorhees/Deputy Josh
Robert Campbell Possessed, melted (off-screen)
Officer Ryan Head bashed against locker Jason Voorhees/Robert Campbell
Officer Mark Heads bashed together Double kill
Officer Brian
Ward B. Arm broken, thrown into diner doors
Diner Patron Bashed into diner counter
Diner Patron Shot in chest with shotgun Vicki Accident
Shelby B. Head fried in deep-fryer Jason Voorhees/Robert Campbell
Joey B. Jaw bashed in
Vicki Impaled through stomach by barbecue skewer, head crushed
Officer Randy Parker Possessed, melted to skeleton Off-screen
Sheriff Ed Landis Stomach impaled with dagger Jessica Kimble Accident:Jessica couldn't tell which one was Jason
Creighton Duke Crushed in bear hug Jason Voorhees Survived
Jason Voorhees Chest impaled with dagger/dragged into hell Jessica Kimble

Jason X (2001)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Private Samuel Johnson Head bashed in, hung by chain Jason Voorhees Found dead
Soldier Head bashed with machine gun
Soldier Choked, shot with machine gun, thrown Jason Voorhees and Soldier Accident
Soldier Head bashed with noose pole Jason Voorhees
Soldier Chain thrown around neck/pulled/neck snapped
Doctor Aloysius Bartholomew Wimmer Noose pole thrown through back
Sergeant Marcus Thrown through metal door
Adrienne Christina Thomas-Hart Face frozen in liquid nitrogen/smashed against counter
Stoner "Stoney" Gomez Zachary Impaled through stomach with uber-machete/pulled out of back
Azrael Benrubi Back broken over knee
Private Dallas Head bashed twice against wall
Private Sven Neck snapped by slowly twisted
Private Condor Punched over catwalk, impaled through back on large drill
Private Geko Throat slit with uber-machete Off-screen
Private Kicker Sliced in half with uber-machete
Private Briggs Impaled through back on crane hook
Lou Goddard Hacked apart with uber-machete
Solaris Engineer Immolated in space station explosion
Dieter Perez
Professor Braithwaite Lowe Decapitated with machete Off-screen
Trevor "Crutch" Crutchfield Head bashed 3 times/electrocuted into control panel
Kirra Olivia "Kinsa" Cooper Space shuttle rammed into space ship/immolated in explosion Herself Accident
Waylander Back broken, immolated in space ship explosion by detonated bomb Jason Voorhees and Himself Sacrifice
Janessa Penny Zachary Sucked through grate into space Jason Voorhees
Sergeant Elijah Thomas Zachary Brodski Immolated in Earth's 2 atmosphere Himself Sacrifice
Jason Voorhees Knocked in Earth's 2 atmosphere/immolated Sergeant Elijah Thomas Zachary Brodski

Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Heather Pinned to tree with machete through stomach Jason Voorhees Dream
Trey Adam Gordon Cooper Impaled through back 10 times with machete, fold in half in bed
Mr. Mueller Decapitated with machete Off-screen
Blake Mueller Hacked up with machete
Gibb Smith Chest impaled with long pipe
Frisell Impaled through back/thrown away with long pipe
Teammate Head twisted
Shack Flaming machete thrown through back
Three Ravers Chest slashed with flaming machete
Raver Stomach slashed with machete
Raver Chest slashed with machete
Raver Hit in head with machete Off-screen
Mark Davis Back set on fire, face slashed with bladed glove Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger
Stafford Crushed by heavy door Jason Voorhees Off-screen
Deputy Scott Stubbs Electrocuted/thrown into console, thrown through door
Bill Freeburg Possessed, sliced in half with machete Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger and Jason Voorhees
Charlie Linderman Thrown/back impaled by self bracket/blood loss Jason Voorhees
Kia Waterson Chest slashed/thrown at tree with machete
Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger Arm ripped off/impaled through back with bladed glove, decapitated with machete Jason Voorhees and Lori Campbell Survived

Friday the 13th (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Pamela Voorhees Beheaded with machete Alice Hardy
Wade Charles Benton Head slashed/ear slashed off with machete Jason Voorhees Found dead
Amanda Trapped in sleeping bag, hung upside-down from tree over campfire/burned alive
Mike Ethan Reynolds Foot/leg slashed/impaled through hand with machete under floorboards, pulled underground, killed (off-screen)
Richie Leg caught in bear trap, head hacked with machete
Donnie Throat slit with machete
Nolan Shot through back of head/out of forehead with arrow while driving boat
Chelsea Hit by runaway boat, head impaled with machete through dock
Chewie Impaled through jaw with screwdriver
Lawrence Axe thrown into back/forced through
Bree Turner Back impaled by mounted deer head antlers on wall, thrown through 2nd floor window/lands on police car
Officer Bracke Pinned to door with fireplace poker through eye
Trent Sutton Impaled through back with machete, impaled through back on spike on back of truck
Jenna Impaled through back with machete


  • The survivors from the previous films died in the later series.
    • Alice L. Hardy and Crazy Ralph - Friday the 13th to Friday the 13th Part 2.
  • In the second film, Mark was bound to a wheelchair due to being in a motorcycle accident.
  • In the fourth film, Rob Dier reveals to be Sandra's brother who Jason killed in the second film.
  • In the fourth film, Jason Voorhees was hacked to death by Tommy Jarvis with his own machete, but the movie series didn't end.
  • For the first time, the fifth film didn't feature Jason Voorhees since Roy Burns, posing as Jason Voorhess, was doing the killing.
    • However, in Tommy's dream, it did feature Jason killing two people, Neil and Les.
  • In the sixth film, Jason was resurrected, as a zombie, by a bolt lighting when it struck a metal pole.
  • In the seventh, Tina Shepard faced off against Jason by using her unique gift, telekinesis.
  • In the ninth film, when Jason's body was destroyed, he needed to reborn through one of his body's of his remaining relatives.
    • The only remaining relative that were known are his half-sister, Diana Kimble, his niece, Jessica Kimble, and his great-niece, Stephanie Kimble.
      • Diana was the only relative that Jason killed and he used her body to reborn himself.
  • In the ninth film, Jessica used a special dagger to stab Jason that send him to hell, but the series didn't end.
  • In the tenth film, Jason was frozen to the year, 2455.
    • Near the end, Sergeant Brodski sacrifice himself by burning him, along with himself, in Earth's II atmosphere, but the series still didn't end.
  • The eleventh film features Jason having a crossover with Freddy Krueger.
  • In the eleventh film, Charlie Linderman stated he suffered asthma ever since he was six.
  • There were a few deaths that were accidental.
    • Tina, who was a child, made the dock collapsed with telekinesis while her father, John, was on it, causing him to drown for his abuse towards his wife.
    • Wayne shot a crew member with a shotgun due to losing his glasses while searching for Jason.
    • Colleen was still inside the police car as it exploded.
    • During an attempt to stop Jason, who is in Robert's body, a diner patron was shot by Vicki.
    • When Jessica couldn't tell which one was Jason, she stabbed Sheriff Ed but it he was in Officer Randy's body.
    • One of the soldiers Jason grabbed was shot by another.
    • Kinsa loses it when Jason was killing Trevor, so she locks herself in and starts the shuttle without realizing the field lines are still attached which it exploded when rammed into the grendal.
  • Tommy Jarvis appeared in the fourth, fifth, and sixth film that he survived Jason's rampage.
    • In the fourth film, in 1984, as a child, he hacked Jason with his own machete.
    • In the fifth film, 18-years old, he was sent to Pinehurst Youth Development Center for teenagers with mental disabilities was suffering hallucinations of Jason.
    • In the sixth film, 19-years old and mentally rehabilitated for the most part, his belief in destroying Jason's corpse to cease the hallucinations was the reason Jason was resurrected.

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