Nurse Edith Mortley
Background Information
Films Death Nurse
Death Nurse 2
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Character Information
Full Name Nurse Edith Mortley
Species Human
Race Human
Gender Female
Alias/Nicknames Nurse Edith Mortley, RN
Edith Mortley, RN
Nurse Mortley
Bag of Shit
Shit Bag
Occupation Nurse of Shady Palms Clinic (formerly)
Con Artist
Social Ranking
Home Pacifica, California
Allies/Friends Doctor Gordon Mortley
Enemies John Sawyer
Sergeant David Gallagher
Relationships Doctor Gordon Mortley (brother; deceased)

Nurse Edith Mortley is a nurse who runs Shady Palms Clinic with Doctor Gordon Mortley. They are con artists who murders their own patients and continue billing the state for their maintenance.

Nurse Mortley was kicked out of nursing school and, therefore, she's not a registered nurse.

Edith is the sister of Gordon Mortley.

An organization known as the Anti-Hunters captured her, along with her brother, as their victims for murdering their patients and scamming the government.



Nurse Mortley is a con-artist posing as a nurse, when in reality, she was kicked out of nursing school, therefore, she's not a registered nurse. She, along with Gordon, kills their patients and bills the state for money.

Edith is greedy and only cares for money instead of the well-being of her patients, whether they are sick, injured, or even terminally ill. Unlike her brother, Edith wants to be cautious when billing the government so they won't get suspicious of their financial management.

Gordon and Edith shares a brother-sister bond, using their medic clinic and occupations for their money making scheme. Edith offend helps Gordon with his "surgeries" by offering him tools.

Edith is more aggressive than Gordon, committing murder in personal when dealing officials whether someone gets too close to the truth or threatens to shut down the clinic. Edith would even get rid of anyone, including law enforcement as long as they don't catch on right away, even if it means killing someone Gordon has a fondness for.

Nurse Mortley often takes the calls and opens the door at the clinic, posing a nice and friendly nurse to hide her psychotic and murderous nature.

Also, like his brother, she shows incompetence and can be clumsy when handling equipment.

Edith seems to have a fondness towards rats, referring to them as her "babies" and feeding them human remains of their victims. However, despite being "good business" for disposing people such as patients and officials, Nurse Mortley has this quote she gave to Gordon about "the patients eat the rats and than the rats eat the patients", implying Edith will kill some of the rats and fed them to the unknowing patients, showing she has no genuine care for them, though, she does grow attach to certain rats by referring to some of them by name.

Edith is reckless and sadistic, brutally killing their "patients" in her own way and feeding their fleshly remains to the rats to avoid their bodies being found.

Edith likes sherry as she was a bit frustrated when she found the bottle half-empty and asks Gordon to tell Louise to keep her hands off it.

Physical Appearance

Edith is a overweight, elderly woman.

She has grey hair and grey eyes.


Gordon is Edith's brother.

For years, the duo are con-artists who run Shady Palms Clinic where they murder their own patients and and bill the state for maintenance. Gordon poses as doctor, who's really a veterinarian, and Edith as a registered nurse, who really got kicked out of nursing school.

During his "surgeries", Nurse Mortley hands her brother medical tools to kill their patients instead of supposedly saving or curing them.

When billing the state, Gordon questions her about making expenses but Edith heeded him they have to be careful of the charges. In contribution for their sense of greed, Dr. Mortley's "surgeries" are no more than $4,000 but Edith has to cut the price low, in tribute of what the latter stated that they mustn't be too greedy.

Sharing a typical brother-sister relationship, Gordon and Edith share a sick sadistic humor on how to handle with their patients in lethal methods. They also share disagreements to some degree, such as billing the state for maintenance, but also personal interests such as Edith's fondness towards rats, calling them "babies", and letting them live in the basement and feeding them remains of human flesh while risking a health violation and Gordon's interest to find love when he let Louise Kagel be a permanent resident of the clinic by supplying the alcoholic woman with liquor in exchange for sex. Edith even stated she can put up with him for his sake because he's her brother. When Gordon came down the stairs, Edith was frustrated at him as she was calling for help while she was being chased by Brownie, Gordon claimed he was taking a nap so he couldn't hear what happened.

In contrast on how they murder their patients, Gordon lets Edith have her way of dealing with an official, such as when is getting close to the truth or someone willingly to close down the clinic. When it comes to patients, Edith warns him to be careful when someone is getting too close or, given they work at a clinic, visit occasionally.

In comparison of Gordon, being a veterinarian, posing as a doctor and Edith posing as a registered nurse, both of them are shows incompetence and can be clumsy when handling the equipment such as dropping a dog's hear during a "heart transplant", including Gordon leaving his surgical saw inside one of his deceased patients.

Edith can get annoyed at Gordon about doing his first "special operations", such as a "heart transplant" on Charles Bedowski, and Edith reveals that Gordon pestered her for months about doing his first brain surgery.

Also, unlike Edith who adores rats, Gordon doesn't want to go in the basement as he was squeamish about the rats and the odor but Edith assures him that its good for business to feed the remains of their victims to the rats, though, Edith did mentioned she was gonna kill some of the rodents to feed to the unknown patients, showing Edith, like Gordon to some degree, seemingly wants to get rid of them, though, some of them.

Gordon and Edith cares for each other, and are concern for the other's well being. When Gordon was stabbed by Brownie, Edith retaliates by hacking her to death with a cleaver. Nurse Mortley, after being kidnapped, was even led to falsely believe that her brother was still as she was forced to lead the police off the Anti-Hunters' trail not knowing he was dead a few weeks ago.

Edith, posing as a registered nurse, shows no genuine respect or care of the patients brought to Shady Palms Clinic. The patients are usually strapped and gagged on the operating table as Gordon does "surgery" on them. Nurse Mortley helps Gordon with the "surgery" by assisting him with medical tools he uses to kill them. Some of the patients are buried up a hill by Gordon but Edith mostly considers putting them in the basement for the rats to eat them.

Mr. Powell

Mr. Powell was seen getting "surgery" when Edith offered Dr. Mortley multiple knives to stab him.

During his "surgery" with Charles during a heart transplant, Gordon asks for a surgical saw but Edith tells him he left it inside Mr. Powell.

John Davis

When John Davis was brought to the clinic by Faith Chandler, Edith showed him in. Dr. Mortley puts him in the room that's closest to the stairs than Edith smothers him with a pillow because he doesn't like to get too close to him because of his tuberculosis.

After Gordon buried him, Nurse Edith tells him he have to dig him up because Faith is visiting to check on him.

After Gordon digs him up and washes him up than puts him back Edith shows Faith to his room where Gordon was waving John's arm to fool Faith.

After Gordon woke Edith from her nap, he tells her that he reburied him.

Charles Bedowski

Edith gets word from Faith that she and Gordon are getting a heart patient, Charles Bedowski.

During "surgery", Edith assisted Gordon as he cut open his chest with a scalpel than cut out his heart with a saw. When requested for a heart of dog from her, she gave it to him but he dropped it and he, and Edith, chased it, thus making the "procedure" a failure.

Edith tells Gordon to bury him and she'll bill the state. As Gordon buries him, she fed his remains to the rats.

Faith Chandler

Faith happens to interact with Edith the most.

The social service worker believes she and Gordon are professionals as she left John Davis and Charles Bedowski in their care, not knowing they were killed. When meeting up close or speaking through the phone, Edith is genuinely kind to her but in reality she's disdain towards her as she referred to her as "that old bitch from county social services" after speaking to her on the phone.

When Faith was visiting to check on John Davis, Gordon used his corpse to fool her he's still alive. Faith certains Edith that she's going to write a "glowing" recommendation in her report about Shady Palms Clinic.

When Faith came again, Nurse Mortley was disgusted that she checked herself in when they took "care" of Davis. Still, Nurse Mortley pretended to be genuinely kind and helpful towards, such as bring her food. When Faith started to get suspicious when she couldn't John Davis, and demanded to see him and Charles Bedowski or else she'll call social services but Edith responded her to get back in bed and referring to her as a "nosy old bitch". Going up stairs to call, Edith runs into the kitchen and grabs a kitchen knife than runs up stairs and stabs her repeatedly with a kitchen knife.

She was delighted when Gordon put both her and Louise's bodies in the garage.

Louise Kagel

Edith is aware of Gordon's arrangement but shows disdain towards her, most noteworthy is when she found a bottle of sherry half-empty and wanted Gordon to tell her to keep her hands off her sherry bottle.

After she witness her killing Faith, Edith asked Gordon to "operate" on her but he grew fondness of her. Edith has had it as she referred to the "drunken bitch" has to go.

Coming into her, Edith comes at a terrified Louise with a syringe, mocking her that its time for her vitamin d shot, she stabs repeatedly to death.

She was delighted when Gordon put both her and Faith's bodies in the garage.


Edith gets a word from John about Brownie, a vagrant who suffers from severe alcohol abuse, and warns Edith about her past but she accepts it, saying she and Gordon likes cases that are a challenged.

When John brought her to the clinic, Edith lets her in as John tells her that she got a few things in her bag that she shouldn't have.

After he left, Edith mockingly tells her that she has "a little too much to drink" than referring to her as "dear" while Brownie hiccups a few times, she genuine tells her that she and Gordon will care of her. When she asked her to give her the bag while calling her a "dirty ol' bitch", Brownie responded by holding it to her closely and takes a step back.

When she tried to take it by force, Brownie pulled a kitchen knife on her and chased Edith around the clinic's living room. Brownie yelled at her for trying to take her bag and called Edith a "bag of shit" while Edith yells for Gordon's help but he's asleep.

Edith stops and tells her she doesn't want her bag but Brownie doesn't believe as she stated she's gonna gut her and calling Edith a "shit bag" but Edith reassures her she doesn't want, adding she can keep it. Calming down, Edith tells her she's her friend and wants to have a drink, offering to share of bottle of her sherry to which she accepts.

Edith goes into the kitchen while Brownie sits in a chair with the knife in her hand and the bag by her side.

In the kitchen, Nurse Mortley pours two glasses of sherry, she gets a kitchen knife and hides it behind her back as Edith brings the tray of drinks to Brownie. Placing it on the table, Brownie takes her and while drinking, Edith stabs her repeatedly, Brownie falls to the floor dead as Edith called her a "dirty ol' bitch" again.

As Gordon comes down after his nap, Edith was frustrated as she was nearly by the "ol' bitch" and has Gordon put her in the basement. Edith mocked her as she's so smelly she doubts the rats won't go near her.

After she recovers and goes upstairs, she stabbed Gordon when he had her bag, Edith comes in and hacks her to death with a cleaver.

Edith later puts her in the basement.

Mischa Rudinski

Edith gets a word from John that he'll be bringing Mischa Rudinski,a homeless, Polish immigrant, to Shady Palms Clinic.

When John brought her to the clinic, he tells her about his crazy anti-socialist speeches. She hopes he isn't violent like with Brownie but Sawyer assures her he's not.

After he left, Edith asks him he doesn't like socialists but he remains silent.

When Edith brings him stew, she hears one of his anti-socialist rants and tells him to shut up. Also, she tells him to keep it down or else he'll lose his eating privileges.

When she served Gordon's food, she admits her incessant anti-socialist rants are already getting on her nerves and tries to "quiet him down".

After a meeting with Faith's sister, he opens the door and makes more anti-socialist rants than closes it, Edith responded to tell to shut up.

Edith later comes in and hacks his neck repeatedly with a cleaver.

She later puts his body in the garage with the rats.

Gordon introduces Mr. Smith to Edith.

Mr. Smith, a environmental health officer, from the County Health Department tells them that he's gonna shut down Shady Palms Clinic because he notices rats coming out of the sewers and going into the clinic's basement.

She tells him not to and says she's only seen two but Mr. Smith reassures her that the clinic made arrangements to transport their patients to another medical facility. Edith grabbed a kitchen knife than stabbed him repeatedly to death.

He was later put in the garage for the rats to eat.

The murders and the infestation of vermin does go unnoticed by the San Francisco Police Department until Sgt. David Gallagher got a warrant to search the facility. After being arrested when Gallagher found human remains in the garage, they were kidnapped by the Anti-Hunters and they've been searching for them, believing they escaped, not knowing they were targeted.

Lt. Cal Bedowski

Lt. Bedowski came to visit his nephew, Charles, but she's insist he can't have any visitors, not knowing he was killed.

Cal gave her magazines to give to him and after he left, Edith throws them on the floor.

Edith sees through the windows that Cal finds the human remains after he smell a horrible odor.

He comes to the door again and demands to be let in, just when Nurse Mortley opens the door and stabs him repeatedly with a kitchen knife.

Edith has her brother put his body in the garage.

Sgt. David Gallagher

Sgt. Gallagher showed little to no interest regarding the Shady Palms Clinic until he filed a missing person's report on Faith Chandler.

He calls Nurse Mortley that he'll come to the clinic tomorrow morning so Edith tries to cover cover-up the smell with lime but backfires as David came with a search warrant after rats came out on the street dragging pieces of human flesh with them. All Edith did was sit on the couch as Gallagher searches inside the clinic.

Edith, along with Gordon, were arrested and the clinic was shut down.

A couple of years later, David got news that the Mortleys escaped.

Sgt. David Gallagher than found out about Dr. Gordon Mortley's death in the Anti-Hunters' killing spree.

After getting a transfer request, Sgt. Gallagher thought he would find Edith but was reluctant to save her. He, along with Agent McGuire, raided the asylum after finding Detective Mills coming out, they chased what they believed to be Wolf Shadow Hunter but as they got to the roof, they found out it was Nurse Mortley, who was falsely believed his brother was still alive, was forced to lead the police off the organization's trail as the sergeant and the FBI agent looked on in horror as Edith walked into a trap with shotguns rigged to shoot in the torso.

Like Faith Chandler, John Sawyer believes she and Gordon are professionals as she left Brownie and Mischa Rudinski in their care, not knowing they were killed. When meeting up close or speaking through the phone, Edith is genuinely kind to him.

Edith doesn't express much disdain towards him like Faith but called him a "lying son-of-a-bitch" when she was nearly killed by Brownie given her "minor behavior problems", even expressing she won't forget what happened.

John didn't know about it until they were arrested but its unknown how he reacted to it. When he was captured by the Anti-Hunters, John confirmed that he didn't know they were killing their patients, including Brownie and Mischa Rudinski.

When Edith opens the door, she was startled to see Faith but was really her twin sister, Charity, and instantly shuts the door door.

Opening the door again and saying if this was some kind of joke, Charity doesn't know what she's talking and she's looking for her twin sister, Faith. Edith lied that she checked out and Charity took it.

After she left, Edith called her a "nosy old bitch" just like her sister.

Having grown suspicious when Edith slams the door and Sgt. Gallagher being no help, she sneaks into Shady Palms Clinic. When she went to the basement, she found her sister, along with other victims, she ran back up only to be stabbed repeatedly by Edith with a kitchen knife.

She called her a "nosy old bitch" than puts her body in the garage.

Edith, along with Gordon, became a targets of the Anti-Hunters for killing their killing their patients and billing the state for maintenance.

After a couple of years after their arrest, Gordon and Edith were kidnapped from prison.

Edith was falsely lead to believe that her brother is still alive.

Edith was forced to dress as Wolf Shadow Hunter in case either Detective Mills choose to keep pursuing him or the police and FBI arrived at the asylum.

When Sgt. Gallagher and Agent McGuire arrived, they gave chase to her to the roof. After they found out from a tape recorder that the guy they were chasing was Edith, she limps towards the exit doors but unknowingly went into a trap as two double-barrel shotguns attached to the opposite ends of the wall to the door went off into her torso.

It was later revealed that if either Gordon and/or Edith survived, they would be disposed, meaning the Mortleys were never intended to survive.

Though, never met, Nurse Mortley was instructed to keep him off the organization's trail by dressing up as their leader if he choose to keep pursuing him.

After the organization becomes a federal case, Agent McGuire was assigned to raid the asylum, along with Sergeant David Gallagher, and chase her, who was dressed as the organization's leader, up to the roof. When she tripped, Elizabeth and David, who thinks they captured the mastermind, they pointed their guns at "him" with the FBI agent saying that they got "him" and "his sick games" are over, adding "he's" not gonna get a trial "he" can weasel out of by pleading insanity for the people "he" and "his" gang killed.

However, when Sgt. Gallagher thought something was wrong, he spots a tape recorder and plays it, which explains Edith's involvement that she believes Gordon is still alive. Sgt. Gallagher and Agent McGuire lower their guns, realizing they've been chasing the wrong guy. Nurse Mortley slowly gets up limps towards the exit doors but unknowingly went into a trap as two double-barrel shotguns attached to the opposite ends of the wall to the door went off into her torso.

She fell dead on her knees than face down on the floor as Sgt. Gallagher and Agent Elizabeth looked on in horror, though, she admit she was horrified, she expressed no concern for Edith's death as she, along with her brother, were serial killers.

Known Victims


John Davis - smothered with a pillow after Gordon refuses to do it himself because of his tuberculosis.

Mr. Smith - stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife when the environmental health officer threaten to close down the clinic after finding rats.

Faith Chandler - stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife after checking herself in when she grows suspicious of the facility.

Louise Kagel - stabbed repeatedly with a syringe after witnessing her killing Faith and Gordon refuses to kill her himself.

Lieutenant Cal Bedowski - stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife after discovering human remains in the facility's garage.

Brownie - stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife after attacking her just because she tried to confiscate her belongings than threw her downstairs into the basement but recovered moments later before being repeatedly hacked with a cleaver after stabbing Gordon.

Mischa Rudinski - hacked repeatedly in the neck after grown tired of listening to the Polish immigrant's incessant anti-socialist rants.

Charity Chandler - stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife after sneaking into the clinic to find out what happened to her twin sister and finding her body in the garage.


Mr. Powell - offered her assistance to Gordon's "surgery" by offering him multiple knives.

Charles Bedowski - offered her assistance to Gordon's "surgery" by offering him a scalpel and a saw.


As Detective David Mills came out of the asylum, Sergeant David Gallagher and Agent Elizabeth McGuire came with the police, and stormed the building. As the police raided all the floors and rooms, the two caught Wolf Shadow Hunter and gave chase. Chasing him up to the roof, Wolf tripped and fell. Gallagher and McGuire pointed their handguns at him, the former saying that they got him and his "sick games" are over, adding he's not gonna get a trial he can weasel out of by pleading insanity for the people he and his gang killed.

However, Sgt. Gallagher feels that something is wrong, the way Shadow Hunter look by stating he seems overweight but Elizabeth responded his "games" are making him lazy.

Wolf turns his head and a muffle voice is heard, something that caught the sergeant's attention on how it sounded feminine. Shadow Hunter's head collapses again, David, while still having him at gunpoint, walks over and sees a tape recorder.

He picks it up and plays it, revealing the real Wolf Shadow Hunter's voice. The tape recorder reveals the person in the cloak the sergeant and the FBI agent were chasing is Nurse Edith Mortley, also explaining that if she listening to this, Wolf Shadow Hunter gave her a second chance. The tape also reveals her scheme regarding with Shady Palms Clinic she did with her brother. He states Gordon is in his care and if she wants to see him again, she has to lead the police off his trail, and revealing he sewn her mouth shut to make sure she's following the rules, preventing her from speaking. When the clock strikes six, her and Gordon will be freed but fail she'll meet the same fate as your brother.

Sgt. Gallagher and Agent McGuire lower their guns, realizing they've been chasing the wrong guy. Nurse Mortley slowly gets up, David approached her to help her but limps away towards the exit doors. When she opens but unknowingly trips a wire when she walked in and two double-barrel shotguns attached to the opposite ends of the wall to the door went off into her torso.

Edith was dead as she fell on her knees than face down on the floor as Sgt. Gallagher and Agent Elizabeth looked on in horror.


  • Edith and her brother, Gordon, murders their patients and bill the state for their maintenance.
  • Edith was being briefly being chased by Brownie wielding a kitchen knife.
  • Nurses provide assistance to individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurse Mortley was assisting Wolf Shadow Hunter by dressing up like him to lead the police off his trail.
  • When Sgt. Gallagher and Agent McGuire caught her in Wolf Shadow Hunter's cloak, a tape recorder reveals her involvement and if she failed she'll "meet the same fate as her brother" minutes before she was killed in a trap.
    • Nurse Mortley didn't know Wolf Shadow Hunter lied to her, she was intended to die, as in "meet the same fate as her brother", she didn't know Gordon was dead days ago.
  • Mr. Smith, Faith Chandler, Louise Kagel, Lt. Cal Bedowski, and Charity Chandler were killed to keep quiet on how each of them found out about Shady Palms Clinic. Ironically, when dressed as Wolf Shadow Hunter to deceive the police, her mouth was sewn shut to make she keeps quiet.
    • When Nurse Mortley was killed after learning her mouth was sewn shut, it would further symbolize the predicament of her victims, as they had to be killed to keep quiet as with Edith's death, she was permanently silent.


  • Nurse Mortley was kicked out of nursing school thus she's not a registered nurse.
  • Considering their actions as con-artists, Gordon and Edith probably killed more people prior to the events of the first film.
  • When sleeping, Edith has nightmares of Ethel Janowski from Criminally Insane and some scenes from Satan's Black Wedding.