The list consists the deaths occurred in Drive-Thru.

Drive-Thru (2007)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Tony Face fried in deep-fryer (off-screen)/peeled off Archie Benjamin
Brandon Meeks Both cheek/ear hacked with cleaver
Brittany Back of head hacked in van with cleaver through van window
Tiffany Hacked apart in van with cleaver Off-screen
Val Espinoza Head fried in microwave
Lenny Schwartz Hung from bathroom ceiling in rope noose Found dead
Chad Baldwin Decapitated at jawline with cleaver Was dark
Tina McCannelis Slashed repeatedly with cleaver
Spanky Cleaver thrown into head
Chuck Taylor Head beaten in with bud of cleaver
Archie Benjamin Burned alive Charlie Taylor, Tori Hill, Bert McCannelis, Grace, and Marcia Carpenter Flashback, accident, off-screen
Starfire Hacked to pieces with cleaver Archie Benjamin Found in freezer
Van Sliced in half with cleaver
Fisher Kent Possessed Becomes the new Horny the Clown
Archie Benjamin Burned alive with whiskey/birthday candle Mackenzie Carpenter Body wasn't found, still lives
Detective Dwayne Crockers Head hacked with cleaver through car windshield Fisher Kent Screen went black


  • During the course of the movie, some signs and clues were shown, foreshadowing oncoming events.
    • Mackenzie and Fisher saw the Ouija board spelling "N1KLPL8", which is the license plate on Brandon's van.
      • Tony, Tiffany and Brittany were also riding in Brandon's van.
    • When Mackenzie asked the Magic 8-Ball, "Why are you doing this?", the reply came out, "A Broken Heart". Val has a broken heart tattoo on her back.
    • Lenny returned Mackenzie's camera to her, foreshadowing Horny killing him and framing him for the first group of murders.
      • While Mackenzie was developing the photos from her camera, Brandon, Brittany, Tony and Tiffany were shown in the photos.
      • Also, Mackenzie was developing a photo which reveals herself developing the photos from behind.
      • Also, Horny said, "Beginning to get the picture?!", while he was attacking Mackenzie.
      • Detective Crockers stated Lenny had a extensive criminal record.
    • The Etch A Sketch, in Mackenzie's room, sketched "I ♥ BUSH". Chad's girlfriend, Tina, was wearing a shirt that says the same thing.
    • Mackenzie got a note saying, "See you at 4:20", which refers to 420 crew, consisting of Chuck, Spanky and Carrie.
      • 4:20 is the day to smoke weed...April 20th. Or every day at 4:20.
        • Chuck and Spanky were stoned as they were the only two who Horny killed.
      • 4:20 is also a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis and by extension, as a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture or simply cannabis itself.
    • Archie, as Horny the Clown, was about to kill Mackenzie on her 18th birthday, as he died on his 18th birthday.
      • Ironically, Mackenzie burned him on her 18th birthday as he was burned on his 18th birthday.
        • Also, Marcia burned him on his 18th birthday while her daughter, Mackenzie, did the same thing on her 18th birthday.
    • There were events that foreshadows Fisher becoming the new Horny the Clown. This happened when it points to Fisher's vision.
      • Horny made Fisher watched as he murdered Chuck and Tina.
      • When Fisher took off the mask of Horny the Clown, he saw how Archie was terribly burned from the fire.
      • When Archie asked Fisher, "Are you eyeballing me boy?", his eyes turn bloody red.
      • Detective Chase mentioned that Archie's body is gone before Fisher wakes up from his coma, still with blood shot eyes, revealing Archie has possessed him.
  • This wrath of killings began when Marcia and the victims parents accidentally murdered Archie Benjamin on his 18th birthday.

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