The list consists the deaths occurred in the Cube film series.

Cube (1998)

Name Cause of death Killer/Trap Notes
Alderson Sliced to little cubes by large metal grate Slice/Dice Death Trap
Rennes Face melted by acid Acid Death Trap
Doctor Helen Holloway Dropped into chasm Officer Quentin
Joan Leaven Impaled through back with door handle
Officer Quentin McNeil Crushed in crawlspace Cube and David Worth Hold by David
David Worth Stomach impaled with door handle/bled out Officer Quentin

Cube 2:Hypercube (2003)

Name Cause of death Killer/Trap Notes
Rebecca "Becky" Young Unknown Death Trap Off-screen
Colonel Thomas H. Maguire Disintegrated by ghost wall Ghost Wall
Doctor Phil Rosenzweig Unknown Unknown Found dead
Illusion Mrs. Paley Back impaled with knife Illusion Simon Grady
Illusion Simon Grady Decapitated by crystal columns protruding from walls Crystal Columns Trap
Jerry Whitehall Shoulder cut/slashed to pieces by floating cube with blades Floating Cube Trap
Mrs. Paley Stomach impaled twice with knife, killed by crystal columns protruding from walls Simon Grady and Crystal Columns Trap
Illusion People Unknown Unknown Found dead
Illusion Jerry Whitehall Impaled with knife Simon Grady Off-screen
Illusion Jerry Whitehall
Illusion Colonel Thomas H. Maguire Hung from ladder in belt noose Himself Found dead
Max Reisler Decayed via rapidly aging Time Speed Trap Double kill
Julia Sewell
Illusion Rebecca "Becky" Young Impaled with knife Simon Grady
Illusion Doctor Kate Filmore Decapitated by crystal columns protruding from walls Crystal Columns Trap
Alexandra "Sasha/Alex" Trusk Neck snapped Simon Grady
Simon Grady Eye impaled with knife, rapidly aged, pounced, groin impaled with knife, head punched/neck snapped Time Speed Trap and Doctor Kate Filmore
Doctor Kate Filmore Shot in back of head with handgun Soldier

Cube Zero (2004)

Name Cause of death Killer/Trap Notes
Ryjkin Melted by strong acid Strong Acid Trap
Bartok Cut to pieces by razor wires Razor Wires Trap
Owen Burned alive by flamethrowers Flamethrower Trap Dodd pushed the "No" button
Person Unknown Unknown Found dead
Jellico Foot impaled by syringe/injected with flesh-eating bacteria, neck snapped against wall Flesh-Eating Bacteria Trap and Meyerhold
Some People Bodies implosions by sound waves Sound Trap
Meyerhold Arm scratched/infected with flesh-eating bacteria, body implosion by sound waves Jellico and Sound Trap
Dodd Stomach cut open with amputation knife Jax Off-screen
Chickliss Unknown Unknown Found dead
Robert P. Haskell Back impaled by spike wall, body vaporized Eric Wynn and Vaporization Trap


  • In the first film, Kazan is an autistic savant who can quickly do prime factorisations mentally.
  • In the second film, Kate begins to notice the numbers "60659" everywhere they go.
    • The numbers mean the time that the tesseract will implode, 6:06:59.
  • In the second film, its revealed that the group are connected to Izon, a weapons industry.
  • In the second film, Sasha Lee is Alex Tusk who is a a computer hacker who is responsible for the creation of the tesseract.
  • The third film is a prequel to the first film.
    • It also reveals that the Cube is inhumane, and Izon are planning to place people in The Cube without their consent.
    • At the end, Eric's memory has been reprogrammed and is then given a lobotomy so he would have no emotion.
      • His behavior is identical to Kazan, from the first movie, suggesting that Kazan may actually be an employee of Izon.
  • All three movies involves numbers.

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