These are creative motives of the Creative Deaths.

Children Massacre Motives

Name Motive
Paul, Judith Ruined Jonathan's life
Paulie, Samantha, Anthony, Xiomara Never wanted brothers or sisters
Clinton Bullying Jonathan
Danyelle Annoying Jonathan
Jyles Scratch his face and annoyed Jonathan
Aaron, Lionel Bullying Jonathan
Thomas Using Jonathan. cell phone to get him in trouble
Jane Came on to Jonathan
Danny Killing spree
Freddie Knew and photograph Jonathan's victims bodies
Hamid Bullying Jonathan
Ruth Killing spree
Justin Wining a game unfair
Raekwan Killing spree
Jessica Bossy to Jonathan
Travis Annoying Jonathan
Leslie Killing spree
Enoc Mean to Jonathan
Kimberly, Rhianna Killing spree
Christian P. Killing spree
Christian M. Talking too much to Jonathan
Michael Own money, got Jonathan suspended
William Got Jonathan suspended
Ms.Merone Humiliated Jonathan in front of the classroom
Ms.Dizick Give Jonathan suspension twice
Ms.Clymer Denied Justin's unfair play
Brendan, Richard, Angel, Gaby, Ian, Ms.Murphy Killing spree
Mr.Bergen Stressing Jonathan out
Anwar Came on to Jonathan
Edwin, Alex Killing spree
Mr.Webster, Mr.Doyle Mean to Jonathan
Rafat Annoyed Jonathan
Najuwa Insulting and/or sometimes came on to Jonathan
Stefan Bullying Jonathan
Natalie Killing spree

Team Rocket Massacre Motives

Name Motive
Jessie Went into a feral state
Giovanni Witness James murdering Jessie
Matori Killing spree
Domino Rival
Tyson, Wendy, Viper, Dr.Zager, Rocket Scout, Pierce Killing spree
Cassidy, Butch, Dr.Namba, Attila, Hun, Professor Sebastian, Oakley, Annie Rivals
Butler Hopkins Assisted James Mother & Father to get their son to get married
Mr.Cheeves Noting his parents and Jessiebelle in the Sinnoh
Bulter Sebastian Assisted Jessiebelle to get married to James
James's Father & Mother Forced their son to get married
Vicious/Iron-Masked Marauder Enemy and rival of his master
Jessiebelle Doesn't want his master to marry her
All appeared in Pokemon (TV series)

The Revenge of the Young Motives

Name Motive
Mayor Gavin Goldstein/Mr.Apolon Responsible for Geo Cities destruction and the people deaths, killed Ivan Kozlov
Mr.Apolon's Henchmen 1/2 Working for Mr.Apolon
Aidan Chase Killed David Brazil's, was her boyfriend
All appeared in Raw Danger!

Dog Pound Slaughterhouse Motives

Name Motives
Catgut Making dogs look like cowards
Brattina Stoneheart Mean to dogs
Katrina Stoneheart Succussfully shut down the pound
Sam Quintin Hired by Katrina
Fur Factory Truck Drivers 1/2 Taking the dogs to the fur factory, hired by Katrina
Captain Slaughter Hired by Katrina to get rid of dogs
All appeared in Pound Puppies

Animal Hunting Massacre Motives

Name Motive From Movie/TV show
Cousion Mel Almost ruined Christmas Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (TV special)
I.M. Slime Working for Mel
Watership Down Farmer Shot Hazel, almost killed him Watership Down (TV series)
Watership Down Poacher Tried to capture rabbits
Two British Scientists Experimenting on dogs The Plague Dogs (film)
British Research Boss Boss of the experiment lab
Mr.Hamish Working for Wagstaff Disney's Fluppy Dogs
J.J. Wagstaff Trying to capture the Fluppies
Horace Badun, Jasper Badun Working for Cruella 101 Dalmatians (franchise)
Cruella De Vil Turning the dalmatians into fur coats
Neal Lyman Almost destroyed the forest Furry Vengeance
Riggs Former worker for Neal's company
Wilson Tranquilizing animals
Felder Neal's assistant
Gus Blown up beaver dam
Mr.Gupta Almost cooperate with Neal, doesn't care for animals
Farthing Wood Farmer Shot two pheasants Animals of Farthing Wood (TV series)
Farthing Wood Farmer's Wife Cooked one of the pheasants
The Hunting Master Almost killed Vixen, fox hunter
Two Fox Hunters Fox hunters
Farthing Wood Hunter Shot a baby rabbit
Two White Deer Park Poachers Poachers, killing white deer
Louie Hates cats and dogs Oliver & Company
Shaw Hunter, hit Elliot with his truck, almost killed him Open Season (film)
Rocky Almost killed Rover Rover Dangerfield
The Gatekeeper Dead foxes on fence, shot Bold who dies later due to wound Animals of Farthing Wood (TV series)
Two False MP Working for Max, Laura and Steve, attempt to hurt Shaggy and Scooby Scooby-Doo And The Alien Invaders
Three Forest Hunters Hunting forest animals The Seventh Brother
Nathan Bunce, Walter Boggis, Franklin Bean Attempt to kill Mr.Fox and his family Fantastic Mr.Fox (film)
Mrs.Bean Attempt to kill Ash and Kristofferson
Poacher(Yellow Coat) Capturing forest animals Tiny Heroes
Poacher(Borwn Coat) Capturing forest animals, almost killed Owl
Ski Lodge Cook Called Zeus a mutt The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation
Three City London Dog Catchers Captured Charlie Anna Roadside Romeo
Tipa, Armando, Marcel Try to sell Blu and Jewel, bird smugglers & poachers Rio (film)
Animal Stuffer Working for Dr.Greed The Fearless Four (film)
Two Baron's Henchman Assisted The Baron
Six German Hunters Hunters of The Baron
The Baron Gave away Buster for $10,000
Animal Stuffer 2 Working for Dr.Greed
The Miller Mean to Fred, gave him away for a working machine
Miller's Assistant Torturing Fred
Animal Stuffer 3 Trying to catch Gwendolyn, working for Dr.Greed
Aunt Wanda's Nephew, Dr.Sevenbrians, Samantha Tried to get rid of Gwendolyn, assisted the Animal Stuffer
Animal Stuffer 4 Working for Dr.Greed
Edgar Balthazar Trying to get rid of Thomas O' Malley, Duchess, and the kittens The Aristocats
French Milkman Chasing Thomas O' Malley
Le Petit Cafe Cook Trying to kill and cook Waldo
Alameda Slim Buying and stealing cows to buy territories Home on the Range (film)
The Three Willie Brothers Helping their Uncle Slim
Wesley Making business with Alameda Slim
Rico Alameda Slim's partner in crime
Thirteen British Soldiers Trying to kill Rowf and Snitter The Plague Dogs (film)
J.C. Chasez Trying to frame Scooby and his gang What's New, Scooby Doo?
Rachel Ex-girlfriend of Shaggy Rogers, approved of J.C. actions
Scar Working for Meadow
Skull Hates dogs, working for Meadow
Meadow Kidnapped the Secret Six to win dog contest
Frida Flora Tried to take the Secret Six away
Drill Sgt. Payne Using the Secret Six to escape Fort Knox and to get secret formula from factory
Rama Yam/Spencer Johnson Hypnotize Shaggy and Scooby into his digging tunnel minions
Four Town Men Tried to capture Fox Animals of Farthing Wood (TV series)
Ted Stein, Stewey McMann Kidnapped Bella, almost ruined her and Zeus Christmas vacation The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation
The Dogcatcher Almost put Tramp in the pound, put Lady and Scamp in the pound Lady and the Tramp & II:Scamp's Adventure
Izabella Dehavarot Obsession of capturing Hugo, used him to gain notoriety Jungledyret Hugo
Conrad Cupmann Slash-and-burn to capture Hugo, used him to make money, almost tranquilize him Jungledyret Hugo 1 & 2
Bertis Assisting Conrad Jungledyret Hugo 2
Film Director Accepted Conrad's ideas
City Baker Almost hurted Hugo Jungledyret Hugo
Ski Lodge Manager Hates dogs (allergic) The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation
Don Twombly Nominated Bosco surfer dog champion instead of Marmaduke Marmaduke (film)
Three Jasper Park Rangers One of them tranquilizes Humphrey and Kate, all of them relocated them Alpha and Omega (film)
Gas Station Employee Lead the co-worker to shooting Humphrey
Max Almost shot Humphrey
Henry Hunsecker, Honey Hunsecker Rainforest poachers, captured Scooby What's New, Scooby Doo?
All Timberline Hunters Hunters Open Season (film)
Puni Mart Owner Turned in Mr.Weenie and his friends to Bobbie and Bob Open Season 3
Skinner Hates rats, ruined and got the Gusteau restaurant closed Ratatouille (film)
Horst, Lalo, Larousse, Mustafa, Pompidou Refuses to take Linguini choice and quitted
The Health Inspector Aided Skinner into ruining and getting the Gusteau restaurant closed
Mable Attempt to shot Remy and his colony
Ketchum Putting dogs in his truck, taking them to Shelter 17 Pound Puppies (2010)
Train Man Throw the pound puppies out of the train cart
Two Junkyard Robbers Stealing tires by fooling the dogs by giving them steak
Mr.Julius Doesn't like dogs
Hunky Man Agreed to his girlfriend
Sexy Woman Didn't take the puppies because she thinks they're noisy
Charlie Five Keeps animals as prisoners for his car business
Coach of Basketball Team Refuse to take the puppies as their mascots
Ringmaster Planning to sell the circus dogs
Milton Feltwadle Planning to use Toyoshiko to take over the pound, treats it as a prison
Two Mr.Sasaki's Men Working for Mr.Sasaki, involved in Toyoshiko wiping his memory
Mr.Sasaki Responsible for Toyoshiko wiping his memory of his friendship
Captain Grumble Doesn't want dogs on his ship, cares for his ship more than dogs
Alaska Women Doubted Tundra of being a sled dog
Mr.Biggles Tried to steel Pepper's owner's bike
Two Mr.Biggles' Men Working for Mr.Biggles, one of them mentions they don't like dogs
Mayor Jerry Doesn't care for animals or pet owners, only to get their votes
Bobbie, Bob Making Mr.Weenie's life miserable Open Season (film series)
Bank Manager Doesn't like dogs Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
Colleen Mansfield Won the dog show by default
Mr.McKibble Nominated Appoline as dog show champion instead of Papi
Hungary Hunter Killed Vic's family and uncle The Little Fox
Hungary Hunter's Wife Approved of his husband hunting actions
All Hungary Hunters Attempt to killed Vic and Vixen
The Ringmaster Hypnotizing animals to join the circus A Fox's Tale
Anna Conda Using technology to force animals to compete in the circus
Rafferty Vasquez assistant, dognapped Chloe and other Mexican dogs into dog fights Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Vasquez's Five Men Helping Vasquez getting Chloe
Vasquez Illegal dog fights in Mexico, making a scam of Chloe's diamond collar
Bank Robber Dognapped Papi and Chloe's puppies Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
Bar Sinister Trying to get rid of Underdog, never played with his German Shepherds Underdog (film)
Two Bank Robber Dognapped Papi and Chloe's puppies Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
Three Antarctic Poachers Capturing penguins The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin
Antarctic Captain
Laura, Max, Steve Trying to expose Amber and Crystal Scooby-Doo And The Alien Invaders
Merwin Finklestein, Dean Trying to expose Stitch, Sample, & Gantu Lilo & Stitch:The Series
Alexa Concannon Babyface's sister, kept Serina, wants her baby to the new Babyface The Hills Run Red (film)
The Stranger Strangles children, almost killed Jill Johnson and gave her nightmares When a Stranger Calls (film)
Man in the Mask, Dollface, Pin Up Girl Terrorized both Kristen McKay & James Hoyt The Strangers
Irving Wallace Escaped the asylum, killed all the cast & crew, almost killed Alicia Stage Fright (1987)
Sheriff Pat Baker Killed his wife, traumatized his son and framed him, lied to his daughter Frayed (2007)
La Femme Killed Sarah and took her baby, and murdered everyone Inside (2007 film)
Lulu, Lenny Made Buttons and Rusty look like criminals Chucklewood Critters
All Central Cities Cops Shut down the hotel, attempted to arrest Andi, Bruce, Dave, Mark and Heather Hotel for Dogs (film)
All Central Cities Dogcatchers Took Friday away from his owners and imprisoned numerous dogs
Inspector Alan Santini Forced Betty to watch him kill her friends, he loved her Opera (film)
Stanley Killed numerous teenagers, kept Kate hostage along with two crying twins Simon Says (film)
Bill Roberts Murdered all of his employees, framed Jennifer and Craig for the murders Intruder (1989 film)
Grady Edwards Kills his former family, almost killed Michael, Susan and Kelly The Stepfather (2009 film)
Ravelli Captain Spaulding's sidekick, a crazed killer House of 1000 Corpses
Stucky Aided with covering up Killer Karl and Richard Wick's deaths
Rondo, Billy Ray Snapper The Unholy Two bounty hunters, kill whoever gets in their way or not The Devil's Rejects
Alex Bell Blames Skye for what happened, killed all of her friends My Super Psycho Sweet 16:Part 2 & 3
Brenda Bates Tormented Natalie, killed numerous colleges, almost killed Natalie, Paul and Reese Urban Legend (film) & Urban Legends:Final Cut
Professor Solomon Murders at the film academy, attempted to frame Amy Urban Legends:Final Cut
Reverend Jacob Meeker Holds a fragment of the Blob for preaching a doomsday sermon The Blob (1988 film)
Timothy "Timmy" Young A serial killer with dissociative identity disorder who committed murders at a motel, including his parents Identity (film)
Nick McBride Responsible Robin Ann Hammond's death, Kim and Alex's sister Prom Night (1980 film)
Mick Taylor Torments, sexually abuses and kills his victims Wolf Creek (film)
Rachel Lang's Stepfather Mean and harsh towards Rachel The Rage:Carrie 2
Jesse Ryan Responsible for Rachel's death and the devastating massacre at the party
Victor J. Faden/Vic Responsible for leading Roy Burns into killing spree for killing his son Friday the 13th:A New Beginning
The Girl A serial killer who torments, mutilates and kills her victims along with their relatives Neighbor (2009 film)
Kim Ji-Won's Father Convicted crimes of several high school victims Death Bell
Arlington Steward Works for the NSA who uses experiments to learn the majority of the human race The Box (2009 film)
Patrick/Nelson Hammond Killed numerous teenagers and counselors, almost killed Julie Bloody Murder
Dr.Murkin Turning stray dogs and cats into children Goosebumps "My Hairiest Adventure"
Mr.Turnbull, Mrs.Turnbull Employees working for Dr.Murkin
Mr.Boyd, Mrs.Boyd
Carl Summers
Nome Hunter Almost shot and killed Aleu Balto II:Wolf Quest
Lois Scudder, Carl Scudder Responsible for the hotel being shut down, terrible music performers Hotel for Dogs (film)
Gladys Sharp Hatred against wild animals, tried to kill RJ and his friends Over the Hedge (film)
Dwayne LaFontant Animal exterminator, hired to killed RJ and his friends
Two Circus Men Working for Anna Conda A Fox's Tale
Three Motorcyclists Made a deal with the circus men
Polluter Man Polluted the White Deer Park river with toxic waste Animals of Farthing Wood (TV series)
Nora Beady Tries to exposed the barn animals Barnyard (film) & Back at the Barnyard
Eugene Beady Torments and being mean to the barn animals
Aunt Sarah Mean to Lady and Tramp, doesn't care for Scamp's whereabouts Lady and the Tramp & II:Scamp's Adventure
R. Brown Wants to shut down Jellystone Park to make money Yogi Bear (film)
Chief of Staff Working for Brown
Chief Dorian Sabotaging the prince to shut down the forest to make millions Dr.Dolittle:Tail to the Chief
Paul Furhooven Host the show that isn't about helping animals Dr.Dolittle Million Dollar Mutts
Officer X Animal control officer, obsessed in capturing the penguins The Penguins of Madagascar
Frances Alberta Never respected animals, used android look-alike to get attention of Pervis McSlade
Alice Keep interfering with the penguins operations
Kid Kazoo Tortures animals with his kazoo
The Director Isolated Bolt from the outside world and possibly to make money Bolt (film)
The Agent Maintain Penny on the show and keeps luring away from Bolt
Mindy Parker Wanted Penny to let Bolt go and continue to do the show
Martin Imprisoned Mittens
Llyod Involved in Bolt's rescue mission
Norman Snively An alcoholic clown who treats Buddy badly and locks him in a kennel Air Bud
Atka Doesn't believe in the Great Spirits, hates bears, almost got Kenai killed Brother Bear 2
Two Rockwell, Maine Hunters Shot a deer The Iron Giant
Three Scottish Fishermen Captured Hubie, Rocko and other numerous penguins The Pebble and the Penguin
Daryl Getting paid to keep quiet about Tom keeping the penguins, letting Nat Jones in Mr.Popper's Penguins (film)
Kent Tom's arrogant, unkind neighbor who tries to expose him for having penguins
NYC Silent Tayshin Worker Job of picking up dead penguins
Three NY Zoo Security Guards Working for Nat Jones
Nat Jones Locked the penguins in a freezer
The Petbuster Captures pets and illegally resells them in auctions Puppy in My Pocket:Adventures in Pocketville
Newmann Self-titled as "greatest hunter in the world", attempted to kill Felix The Missing Lynx
Twelve Soldiers Working for Newmann
First Mate, Captain Got drunk and crashed the boat onto a island, polluted the ocean with oil Animals United
Australian Motorcyclist Thrown his cigarette which caused the plains to be set on fire
Ship's French Cook Tried to cook Charles
Hunter Shot Socrates' brother
Owner of Buds Music Store Almost killed Louie's father The Trumpet of the Swan (film)
Red Rock Lake (Montana) Hunter Hunting swans, possibly Louie
Monty Using Louie to make money, attempted to cut his feathers off enabling from flying
Dr.Phillip Sherman Captured Nemo, chasing Nigel away Finding Nemo
Darla Sherman Kills every pet fish she had because she would't stop shaking the bag
Dr.Peary Kept interfering with the penguins operation The Penguins of Madagascar
Ronald Try to expose the penguins
Vesuvius Twins Cruel, spoiled and sadistic twins that tormented the penguins and the lemurs
Ms.Trevor Knows about the penguins intelligence, involved in Ronald's discovery
Chantel's Four Officers Working for Chantel DuBois Madagascar 3:Europe's Most Wanted
Captain Chantel DuBois Killing animals and claiming them as trophies, tried to kill Alex and his friends
Grey Beaver Sold White Fang's mother, shows so affection towards him and sold him White Fang (Video 1997)
Iron Eagle Bought White Fang's mother
Beauty Smith Used White Fang to make money, trains him to be a fighting dog