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Children Massacre


Team Rocket Massacre

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Jessie Strangled James
Giovanni Decapitated with rose whip
Matori Bashed into desk
Domino Throat impaled with tulip
Tyson Strangled by telekinesis
Wendy Neck impaled with straw
Drill Sergeant Viper Neck snapped
Doctor Zager Set on fire
All Team Rocket Members Hacked apart with razor-sharp rose petals
Rocket Scout Impaled through back on tree branch
Cassidy Strangled by plants Double kill
Doctor Namba Leg broken, lifted/strangled
Attila Impaled through back with rose sword
Hun Impaled through throat with rose sword
Professor Sebastian Set on fire
Annie Head twisted/ripped off
Oakley Hacked apart with rose whip
Butler Hopkins Decapitated at jawline with rose whip
Mr. Cheeves Thrown through window/impaled through stomach on metal spike
Butler Sebastian Hit in head with serving tray, chest impaled with kitchen knife
James' Father Incinerated Double kill
James' Mother
Vicious/Iron-Masked Marauder Neck bitten Growlie
Jessiebelle Throat bitten, stomach clawed open/eaten

The Revenge of the Young

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mayor Gavin Goldstein/Mr. Apolon Stomach impaled/disemboweled with sword Sierra Young
Mr. Apolon's Henchmen Leg/head blown off with handgun
Mr. Apolon's Henchmen
Aidan Chase Lifted/strangled/hung from rafter with fiber wire

Dog Pound Slaughterhouse

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Brattina Stoneheart Suffocated with plastic bag/strangled Holly Connor
Katrina Stoneheart Chest impaled 4 times with kitchen knife
Sam Quintin Impaled through hands into head with scissors
Fur Factory Truck Driver Head bludgeoned with fireplace poker
Fur Factory Truck Driver Impaled through back with fireplace poker
Captain Slaughter Impaled through leg/gutted/throat slit with kitchen knife

Antichrist Crucifixion

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mary Lou Maloney Hit in head with rock, impaled through back with stick, neck snapped Ghost
Father Spiletto Throat slit with knife-tipped crucifix
Paul Buher Strangled
Sergeant Daniel Neff Arm torn off, torn in half
Two Hellhounds Neck bitten Dragged back to hell, demon
Ryder Neck bitten, abdomen clawed
Hellhound Neck bitten/neck snapped
Delia York/Delia Thorn Chest impaled with knife-tipped crucifix
Alexander York/Alexander Thorn Crucifix placed on abdomen/burst into flames
Damien Thorn Chest impaled 6 times with knife-tipped crucifix
Dead Rachel Creed Arm cut off/beheaded with knife-tipped crucifix
Father Jonas Tied to crucifix, gutted with knife-tipped crucifix
Henry Porter Jumped off rooftop Suicide mentioned on TV
Tom Rule Punched, bound to chair, gagged, incinerated in house explosion Ruled as an accident
The House of Bones Toaster put in microwave/gas pipe turned on/house exploded

Animal Hunting Massacre

Name Cause of death Killer/Trap Notes
Mel Spankenheimer Pushed off 2nd floor balcony Wolf Shadow Hunter
I.M. Slime Swarmed/stung by bees, fell off 2nd balcony
Watership Down Farmer Chest impaled with kitchen knife
Watership Down Poacher I-beam dropped off roof onto head
British Scientist Head impaled with syringe
British Scientist 2 Chest impaled with syringe
British Research Boss Hit in back of head with hammer, pinned to operating table with nails through hands/ankles, dissected with scalpel, heart ripped out
Mr. Hamish Beaten with cane
J.J. Wagstaff Pinned to wall with cane through throat
Horace Badun Ice skate driven into face
Jasper Badun Back impaled with kitchen knife
Cruella De Vil Throat slit with kitchen knife
Neal Lyman Throat slit with scissors
Riggs Hacked up twice with axe
Wilson Throat impaled with pickaxe Fox Silent
Felder Chokeslam in elevator
Gus Shot in chest/forehead/eye with tranquilizer gun Aiming Bird
Mr. Gupta Head beaten open 9 times with fire extinguisher Wolf Shadow Hunter
Farthing Wood Farmer Shot in chest with shotgun Aiming Bird
Farthing Wood Farmer's Wife Chest impaled with kitchen knife, burned in oven Stealth Cat
The Hunting Master Burned alive in tanning bed Fox Silent
Fox Hunter 1 Genital fried by electric fence
Fox Hunter 2 Arm broken, beer bottle broken over head, throat slit/impaled 5 times with broken bottle
Farthing Wood Hunter Face beaten 9 times with butt of shotgun
White Deer Park Poacher Beheaded with hatchet
White Deer Park Poacher 2 Face hacked with hatchet/knocked into fuse box
Louie Shot in stomach/shoulder/throat with shotgun Agent Stewart Cummings
The Gatekeeper Strangled with rope, frozen in snow Fox Silent
False MP Stomach impaled with kitchen knife, thrown through 2nd floor window Wolf Shadow Hunter
False MP 2 Stomach impaled with kitchen knife, knocked down stairs
Forest Hunter Road flare shoved in mouth Stealth Cat
Forest Hunter 2 Throat slit with machete in car
Forest Hunter 3 Stomach impaled with hunting knife
Private Doctor Steve Leg sliced off with machete, head impaled with metal spike
Corporal Doctor Laura Throat slit with machete
Commander Doctor Max Impaled through leg/back with metal spike from outhouse wall
Farmer Nathan Bunce Drowned in pool Fox Silent
Farmer Walter Boggis Gutted with pickaxe
Farmer Franklin Bean Back impaled with pencil, throat sliced with fillet knife
Mrs. Bean Beheaded with cleaver
Phineas Pike Shot in head with handgun while driving moped Aiming Bird
Boris E. Ratso Shot in eye with revolver
Kiowa Pendanski Chokeslam, face bashed in 5 times underfoot, hund in wire noose Wolf Shadow Hunter
Marion Sevillo Arm broken, head bashed against wall
Louise Walker Head bashed 11 times against mirror
City London Dogcatcher Back of head hacked with machete Stealth Cat
City London Dogcatcher 2 Foot/head impaled with hunting knife
City London Dogcatcher 3 Shot in forehead through windshield with handgun Aiming Bird
Tipa Stomach sliced with cleaver, impaled through mouth with kitchen knife Wolf Shadow Hunter
Armando Head bashed 3 times against nail-wall, head hacked with cleaver
Marcel Neck cut/cleaver thrown into open neck wound/pulled out/bled out through jugular vein
Animal Stuffer Choked with cotton forced down throat Bluey Artist
Baron's Henchman Face blown off by spider clay bomb
Baron's Henchman 2 Face blown off by bird clay bomb
Six German Hunters Blown apart by fox clay bomb
The Baron Beaten with fireplace poker
Animal Stuffer 2 Immolated in car explosion by spider clay bomb
The Miller Incinerated in house explosion by donkey clay bomb
Miller's Assistant Strangled with rope
Animal Stuffer 3 Impaled through chest with catching pole
Aunt Wanda's Nephew Beaten with golf club
Doctor Sevenbrians Hit in head with golf cub
Aunt Wanda's Sister Throat slit with kitchen knife
Animal Stuffer 4 Cage placed on head/head blown off by rooster clay bomb
French Milkman Neck impaled with broken milk bottle Stealth Cat
Le Petit Cafe Cook Throat slit with meat cleaver Fox Silent
Alameda Slim Head beaten 6 times with bud of six-shooter Stealth Cat
The Three Willie Brothers Decapitated with machete Triple kill
Wesley Shot in head with six-shooter Aiming Bird
Rico Head blown off by shotgun Stealth Cat
Thirteen British Soldiers Immolated in helicopter explosion by dog clay bomb Bluey Artist
Cartoon J.C. Chasez Leg bitten, cut 12 times in half with hatchet Alligator and Long Arm Strong
Rachel Head torn in half Long Arm Strong
Scar Head twisted off
Skull Leg cut off/decapitated with shovel
Meadow Jaw torn off with belt-sander, impaled through back on shovel
Frida Flora Head torn off/dismembered
Payne Crushed in bear hug, arms torn off, head smashed into tombstone
Rama Yam/Spencer Johnson Disemboweled/choked with intestines/head pops off
Town Man Head cut in two with hatchet
Town Man 2 Jaw ripped off
Town Man 3 Face cut off with hatchet
Town Man 4 Impaled through mouth with spear
Charlie Olympus Lower half of face/jaw beaten open with hatchet
Mr. Stallwood Face ripped apart by boat propeller
The Dogcatcher Decapitated with hatchet
Izabella Dehavarot Crotch/chest hacked with hatchet
Private Rico Cut in two with 8ft chainsaw Double kill
Private Mikey
Film Director Hatchet thrown into back, back of head torn open/brain torn apart with belt-sander
Bertis Leg broken, decapitated at jawline by curb-stomp on table
Conrad Cupmann Mutilated
Outback Ollie Cut 11 times in half with hatchet, torn out of skin
Jasper Park Ranger Impaled through chest with tranquilizer gun Wolf Shadow Hunter
Jasper Park Ranger 2 Impaled through back of throat with pickaxe Fox Silent
Jasper Park Ranger 3 Neck impaled with 2 tranquilizer darts Stealth Cat
Private Todd Shot in chest/forehead with handgun Agent Stewart Cummings
Sergeant Max Shot through back of head/out of eye with handgun Aiming Bird
Henry Hunsecker Impaled through back of throat with screwdriver Stealth Cat
Honey Hunsecker Nailed to wall through sleeves/throat shot with nail gun Aiming Bird
Timberline Hunters Hacked apart with axe Wolf Shadow Hunter
Earl Head bashed against window, thrown through glass door, glass shard in eye Fox Silent
Skinner Hacked apart with hatchet Long Arm Strong
Horst Impaled through jaw/out of head with broken wooden spoon
Lalo Face immolated by rat clay bomb in pot Bluey Artist
Larousse Impaled through stomach with kitchen knife Long Arm Strong
Mustafa Neck hacked with cleaver Bluey Artist
Pompidou Head beaten 5 times with rolling pin
Nadar Lessard Neck snapped Fox Silent
Mable Hit in head with butt of shotgun Wolf Shadow Hunter
Officer Ketchum Face sliced with scythe Slither Reaper
Train Man Impaled through back with sharp fingernails Shiny Sharp
Junkyard Robber Impaled through mouth with scythe Slither Reaper
Junkyard Robber 2 Impaled through jaw/out of head with scythe
Mr. Julius Eyes impaled with sharp fingernails Shiny Sharp
Hunky Man Throat slashed with sharp fingernail
Sexy Woman Chest slashed with sharp fingernails
Charlie Five Chest slashed 5 times with sharp fingernails
Coach of Baskeetball Team Decapitated with sharp fingernails
Ringbinder Forehead impaled with sharp fingernail
Milton Feltwadle Choked with rope, neck snapped Wolf Shadow Hunter
Mr. Sasaski's Men Throat slit with hunting knife Stealth Cat
Mr. Sasaski's Men 2 Shot in forehead with handgun Aiming Bird
Mr. Sasaski Foot/chest/eye impaled with pickaxe Fox Silent
Captain Grumble Hacked up with sharp fingernails Shiny Sharp
Alaska Women Strangled Long Arm Strong
Mr. Biggles Throat sliced with scythe Slither Reaper
Mr. Biggles' Men Head bashed twice against wall Bluey Artist
Mr. Biggles' Men 2 Head bashed against pipe
Mayor Jerry McLeish Drowned in fountain Agent Stewart Cummings
Bob Strangled with leash RV
Bobbie Shot in forehead with handgun
Hungary Hunter Leg cut off/face hacked with hatchet Long Arm Strong
Hungary Hunter's Wife Impaled through back with shotgun
Hungary Hunters Blown apart by fox clay bomb Bluey Artist
The Ringmaster Impaled through eye with cane
Anna Conda Strangled with circus whip/hung from tree
Rafferty Sliced to little cubes by large metal grate Slice/Dice Trap
Peter Thorndyke Face melted by acid Acid Trap
Vicky Robinson Dropped into chasm Alonzo Hawk
Lulu Impaled through back with door handle
Alonzo Hawk Crushed in crawlspace Cube and Lenny Hold by Lenny
Lenny Stomach impaled with door handle/blood loss Alzono Hawk
Bouchet/Double X Disintegrated by ghost wall Ghost Wall
Thomas Ayerton Unknown Unknown Found dead
Beatrice Stanhope Back impaled with knife Trip Murphy Illusions
Trip Murphy Decapitated by crystal columns protruding from walls Crystal Columns Trap
Lyle Van de Groot Shoulder cut/slashed to pieces by floating cube with blades Floating Cube Trap
Beatrice Stanhope Stomach impaled twice with knife, killed by crystal columns protruding from walls Trip Murphy and Crystal Columns Trap
Lyle Van de Groot Impaled with knife Trip Murphy Illusions
Lyle Van de Groot
Bouchet/Double X Hung from ladder in belt noose Himself
Doctor Gwen Lichtman Decayed via rapidly aging Time Speed Trap
Doctor Larry
Beatrice Stanhope Impaled with knife Trip Murphy Illusions
Lieutenant Helga Katrina Sinclair Decapitated by crystal columns protruding from walls Crystal Columns Trap
Ivanna "Ivy" De Vil Neck snapped Trip Murphy
Trip Murphy Eye impaled with knife, rapidly aged, pounced, groin impaled with knife, head punched/neck snapped Time Speed Trap and Lieutenant Helga Katrina Sinclair
Vasquez Melted by strong acid Strong Acid Trap
Bank Robber Cut to pieces by razor wires Razor Wire Trap
Bar Sinister Burned alive by flamethrowers Flamethrower Trap
Bank Robber Foot impaled by syringe/injected with flesh-eating bacteria, neck snapped against wall Flesh-Eating Bacteria Trap and Bank Robber
Bank Robber Arm scratched/infected with flesh-eating bacteria, body imploded by sound waves Bank Robber and Sound Trap
Lesa Head crushed by tire Car Trap Inescapable trap
Vincent Jaw/arms torn off by chains attached to car
Keith Run over by car
Dolph Back ripped off, flung through windshield/lands in another car
Garrett Bradley Cut repeatedly/stomach cut open by razor wire/blood loss Razor Wire Maze Trap
Steven Ivers Burned alive by candle Flammable Jelly Trap
Ravelli Stomach impaled 9 times/disemboweled with scalpel May Dove Canady Key inside stomach for Reverse Bear Trap
Grady Edwards Leg impaled with scissors, head bludgeoned 7 times with toilet tank lid Nurse Mindy Peters and Stucky
Peter Mask filled with nails closed on head Venus Fly Trap
Cecil Electrocuted by cage Electrified Staircase Trap Double kill
Simon Moore III Shot through peephole/eye by .357 magnum Magnum Eyehole Trap and Victor "Vic" J. Faden Accident
Irving Wallace Burned alive in furnace Furnace Trap
Nelson "Patrick" Hammond Hit in back of head with nail-studded baseball bat Victor "Vic" J. Faden
Erin McKenzie Succumbs to nerve gas Nerve Gas House Trap
Meredith Blake Wrists cut by razor blades/blood loss Razor Box Trap
Victor "Vic" J. Faden Back of neck flayed with hunting knife, throat slashed with hacksaw Himself and Blaine Cartier
Sergeant Volchek Top of head blown off by 4 shotguns Shotgun Hallway Trap
Sergeant Sean Dignam Blown up in nail bomb explosion Classroom Trap Flashback, inescapable trap
Alexa Concannon Ribcage torn out Angel Trap Inescapable trap
Colleen Mansfield Frozen by being sprayed with freezing water Freezer Room Trap
Stucky Head bashed against toilet while being suffocated with plastic bag Elizabeth "Liz" Dunn Flashback, mercy kill
Judge McKible Shot in head by shotgun Shotgun Box Trap and Doctor Gordon Mortley Accident
Mr. Kroop Arms/legs/head twisted Rack Trap
Elizabeth "Liz" Dunn Shot in neck with handgun Doctor Gordon Mortley
Bill Throat slashed with power saw
Nurse Edith Mortley Shot in back with handgun, head blown off by detonated shotgun shells Elizabeth "Liz" Dunn and Shotgun Collar Trap Trap activated when Bill's hear rate monitor flatlined
Ralph Neck impaled with meat hook, head bludgeoned 6 times with hammer Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Self-defense
Alex Bell Scalped torn/pulled, thrown through mirror Hair Trap and Officer Ray Dobson
Jack Eye gouged out by scythe, dismembered by chains Bedroom Trap
The Stranger Hands cut off, crushed by mechanical device Wolf Shadow Hunter and Jennifer Hills Self-defense
Nome Hunter Face slit by 8 kitchen knives, chest impaled with shotgun Knife Chair Trap and Wolf Shadow Hunter
Stanley Impaled through major arteries by multiple rods/3 pulled out/blood loss Spike Trap and Kate
Reverend Jacob Meeker Crushed by 2 metal slabs Metal Slab Trap
Timothy "Timmy" York Chest impaled by scythe Hidden Scythe Door Trap
Richard Detmer Head crushed by 2 ice blocks Ice Block Trap and Officer Ray Dobson Accident
Doctor Gordon Mortley Shot in chest/stomach with handgun Sergeant Doug Sisk Self-defense
Congressman Chuck Long Shot in chest/head with handgun Officer Ray Dobson Officer X thought the tape was a gun
Officer Ray Dobson Shot in stomach through door window with .357 magnum/blood loss Richard Detmer
Doctor Murkin Hands crushed in vices, bisected by swinging pendulum blade Pendulum Trap Inescapable trap
Mrs. Turnbull Pulled back/decapitated by razor blade collar The Collars
Mr. Turnbull Hit in back with metal rod, blown up in nail bomb explosion Mrs. Boyd and 3 Points of Safety Trap
Carl Summers Neck impaled with electric cable Mrs. Boyd
Officer X Crushed by closing walls Coffin Trap
Boyd Temples impaled by small drills Flesh Scale Trap
Bill Roberts Ribcage crushed by vise Oxygen Crusher Trap
Alan Santini Throat cut/hung in barbed-wire noose Hanging Trap Jesse choose to save Buss
Nurse Brenda Bates Badly burned by steam, sharp metal pipe fired through throat/out of forehead Steam Maze Trap
Sheriff Pat Baker Shot in chest by shotgun Carousel Trap Jesse choose to save Mandy Lane and Wendy
The Girl
Professor Solomon
Nick McBride
La Femme Neck impaled by 4 rods Speak No Evil
Miss Rosen Eyes/mouth impaled by 3 rods See No Evil
Wiederhorn Pulled up by winch/hung in collar attached to chain Hear No Evil
Clayton's Crew Poisoned by gas Sentry Gun Trap
Jesse Ryan Back impaled by multiple needles/injected with hydrofluoric acid/insides melted/split in half Cage Trap and Emilyn Revenge
Billy Ray Snapper Hand cut off/back of head hacked with hatchet Wolf Shadow Hunter
Rondo Sliced in half by guillotine Guillotine Hallway Trap
Man in the Mask Head hacked with axe, knocked down stairs Wolf Shadow Hunter
Dollface Face sliced with kitchen knife
Pin-Up Girl Gutted with kitchen knife, hung from ceiling in rope noose
Lois Scudder Head bashed with electric guitar
Carl Scudder Back hacked with axe
Kenneth "Ken" Head bludgeoned with tennis racket, stung by bees Stealth Cat
Gladys Sharp Back impaled with ice pick/lung penetrated/suffocated Fox Silent
Dwayne LaFontant Back impaled twice with kitchen knife/both lungs penetrated/suffocated
Layton T. Montgomery Dismembered with string trimmer Wolf Shadow Hunter
Jobbfék Stomach impaled with machete Stealth Cat
Balfék Neck impaled with ice pick
Motorcyclist (Green Hat) Stomach impaled with hunting knife
Motorcyclist (Raccoon Hat) Back impaled with hunting knife
Motorcyclist (Glasses) Chest impaled 3 times with hunting knife
Polluter Man Drowned in barrel of toxic waste Wolf Shadow Hunter
Noreen "Nora" Beady Back impaled 10 times/back of head once with kitchen knife
Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady Chest impaled with pitchfork Fox Silent
Sarah Dear Head bashed with shovel Wolf Shadow Hunter
R. Brown Beheaded with kitchen knife
Chief of Staff Throat slit with kitchen knife
Dorian Neck impaled once/chest 5 times with kitchen knife Stealth Cat
Paul Furhooven Chest slashed 5 times with cleaver
Commissioner Pervis McSlade Neck slit with hunting knife Agent Stewart Cummings
Frances Alberta Shot 3 times in back with handgun Alice Accident
Alice Stomach impaled 5 times with hunting knife Agent Stewart Cummings
Kid Kazoo Stomach slashed/shoulder impaled with hunting knife, head bludgeoned with metal pipe 3 times
The Director Strangled with wires Stealth Cat
The Agent Impaled through jaw/lifted with hunting knife
Mindy Parker Head twisted Fox Silent
Officer Martin Shot in eye with handgun Aiming Bird
Officer Llyod Head blown off at jawline with shotgun
Officer Ester Hand cut off/face beaten with pickaxe Fox Silent
Norman F. Snively Throat impaled with broken beer bottle Wolf Shadow Hunter
Atka Pinned to tree with spear through chest Fox Silent
Rockwell, Maine Hunter Stomach impaled with hunting knife, chest shot with handgun twice Agent Stewart Cummings
Rockwell, Maine Hunter 2 Shot in chest twice with rifle
Three Scottish Fishermen Immolated in fishing boat explosion by detonated bomb Wolf Shadow Hunter
Antarctic Poacher Throat slit with kitchen knife
Antarctic Poacher 2 Head bashed against metal box
Antarctic Poacher 3 Face slammed against metal bars
Antarctic Captain Impaled through back by handle of ship's steering wheel
Daryl Head bashed into computer/electrocuted Fox Silent
Kent Stomach impaled 5 times with hunting knife, hung from ceiling in rope noose Stealth Cat
Sanitation Officer Shot in neck with handgun Aiming Bird
Three NY Zoo Security Guards Shot in forehead with handgun
Nat Jones Stomach impaled/lifted/forced through with catching pole Wolf Shadow Hunter
The Petbuster Hand through back/out of chest, neck snapped
Newmann Throat ripped out Long Arm Strong
Twelve Soldiers Blown apart by iberian lynx clay bomb Bluey Artist
First Mate Back impaled with sharp fingernails Shiny Sharp
Captain Throat slit with broken wine bottle Slither Reaper
Australian Motorcyclist Face torn apart by running motor tire Long Arm Strong
Ship's French Cook Pinned to wall with 2 kitchen knives thrown through hands, cleaver thrown into face Aiming Bird
Hunter Impaled through mouth with rifle Wolf Shadow Hunter
Buds Music Store Owner Back impaled with machete through door Stealth Cat
Red Rock Lake (Montana) Hunter Impaled through leg with pickaxe, drowned in lake Fox Silent
Monty Hit in head with lamp, throat slit/pinned to door with scissors through chest Wolf Shadow Hunter
Doctor Phillip Sherman Throat slit with sickle probe Stealth Cat
Darla Sherman Run over by truck Truck Driver Accident
Doctor Peary Hit by truck Truck Driver 2
Ronald Hit by police car/rammed into van/immolated in explosion Police Officer
Vesuvius Twins Run over by school bus Miss Trevor Accident, double kill
Miss Trevor Drove school bus off cliff into lake/drowned Herself Accident
Officer Steven Impaled through stomach on tree branch Long Arm Strong
Officer Skip Impaled through back with wooden stick
Officer Pain Shot 3 times in back with handgun Aiming Bird
Officer Polyphemus Gutted/beheaded with scythe Slither Reaper
Captain Chantel Shannon DuBois Arm broken, impaled through back with catching pole Wolf Shadow Hunter
Dean Shot in chest with shotgun Aiming Bird
Merwin Finklestein Shot in face with handgun
Grey Beaver Stick driven into eye Stealth Cat
Iron Eagle Neck snapped with oar used as leverage Fox Silent
Beauty Smith Strangled with whip Wolf Shadow Hunter

Summer Time Massacre

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mr. Howard Head bludgeoned twice with sledgehammer
Francins Briggs Head bludgeoned with sledgehammer
Gregory Devlin
Steven Carson Hit in back of head with sledgehammer
Mr. Connick Head hacked with axe
The Shadow Hammer Hammer claw driven into head
Gunsmoke Hammer claw driven into back, snow cone shoved down throat
Richard Martinez Hit by speedboat
Sophia "Sophie" Martinez Hit by speedboat, drowned in lake
Louis "Lewbert" Sline Impaled through neck/out of eye with pickaxe, neck impaled on hook
Duke Habberman Face dunked in pot of boiling water/drowned/scalded
Marta Trundel Impaled through back of head/out of mouth on broken shower nozzle
Henri P'Twa Poodle puppet shoved down throat
Austin Drowned in lake
Jeffery Flanken Beehive dropped on head/stung by bees
Emma Tutweiller Back impaled/sliced open with hunting knife through shower stall
Tanisha Hacked apart with hatchet in sleeping bags
Rico Suave, Jr.
Wesley Williger
Melissa "Missy" Robinson Smothered with pillow, hot hair curler inserted in vagina
Marion Moseby Shot through throat with arrow
Stuart "Spanky" Stimbler Beheaded with hunting knife
Detective Tragg Head crushed by car
Marissa Benson Head bludgeoned with pipe
Lauren Ackerman Head bludgeoned with log, tongue cut off with hunting knife
Sunshine Girl Burned alive
Sunshine Girl
Nora Dershlit Face impaled with drill in car
Mr. Dershlit Chest hacked with meat cleaver
Mrs. Dershlit Back of head impaled with knitting needle
Calvin "Cal" Pressler Throat slit with razor glove
Nevel Amadeus Papperman Leg/face slashed with chainsaw
Tasha Back impaled twice with hunting knife, drowned in outhouse
Candace Garrotted with guitar string
Rona Burger Chest impaled 4 times with hunting knife
Leslie Grant Battery acid poured into face/melted off
Ginger Fox Wine bottle shoved down throat, throat slit with kitchen knife
Chuck Chambers Throat slit with hunting knife, eyes gouged out
Chip Chambers
Principal Stuckerman Hand cut off/throat slit with machete
Mr. Lawler Chest impaled with machete, hung from cabin ceiling in rope noose, gagged in throat
Amber Tate Stomach impaled with hunting knife/twisted
Biddy-Boo Fried/exploded in microwave Dog
Officer Carl Pinned to door with fireplace poker through eye
Roy Back impaled with hunting knife, head bludgeoned 3 times with frying pan
Jonah Clawed in face, neck snapped
Doug's Best Friend Hacked up with fencing sword
Doug's Best Friend
Doug Toder Decapitated with fencing sword
Harmoo Drowned in bathtub Cat
Oliver Paisley Back impaled with hunting knife
Stuart Butler Forehead impaled in car with hunting knife through car window
Stanley Tricked into eating poison chocolate bar
Baxter Half of head cut off with pickaxe Dog
Veronica Gutted out of back with pickaxe Cow
Superintendant Harold Gorman Back impaled/gutted with hunting knife
Amanda "Mandy" Valdez Run over with garbage truck
Samantha Samuels Tricked into snorting cleaning chemicals in car
Brad Brenner Beaten 20 times/impaled through mouth with log
Suzay Head bludgeoned 3 times with log
Dirk Face blown open by firecracker
Blake Head bludgeoned with log, burned alive in tent by road flare
Backflesh Drummer Drumsticks driven into eyes
Valerie Decapitated with axe
Jocelyn Lifted/dropped off flagpole/head smashed
Coach Joy Dirga Decapitated with lawnmower
Oliver Dixon Arms pulled off with jeep
Tyler Hand pinned to ground with tent spike, back hit 4 times with log, back impaled with tent spike through tent
Greg Horvath Cheek/chest/forehead hacked with axe
Braxley Scalped with kitchen knife
Porkchop Head bludgeoned 7 times with crossbow/6 times with thick stick
Sledgehammer Leg impaled with hunting knife, neck shot with crossbow, face flayed with hunting knife
Ricky Flame Head shoved/fried in deep-fryer
Wade Michael Collins Gasoline forced down throat/insides set on fire by lit cigarette/incinerated in explosion
Margaret Collins Beaten with tennis racket
Doctor Sydney Van Gurben Head bludgeoned with hammer, birdcage placed on head, eaten through eye/out of intestines by rats
Chad Dylan Cooper Penis pulled off by jeep/blood loss
Portlyn Maddison Barbed wire wrapped around head while driving jeep/blood loss, crashed into tree
Yuki Impaled through eye with spike
Kyoko Crushed by spiked bed
Dakota Condor Throat slashed with straight razor
Mr. Condor Skinned alive
Aspartamay Chest impaled by 5 flying swords via magic, thrown through window
Bucky Bound to chair, throat slit with kitchen knife
Carter Ford Head bashed 11 times with aluminum baseball bat
Jeb Birch Strangled with power cord
Griffin Forehead impaled with electric drill
Cort Head bludgeoned with book
Ashley Pinned to wall with screwdriver through forehead
Gary Wolf Neck bitten by spectral wolf
Nate Impaled through jaw/out of mouth with hook
Shane Brain blown up via magic
Kyle Scalped with scalpel, brain twisted out
Connie Hit over head with fireplace poker
Veronica Gutted with scalpel
Fugtor Face bashed 5 times against steering wheel
Kristacia Hit with bus
Moni Impaled through neck with paintbrush
Jenna Hamilton Blown through door via telekinesis
Cassie Hit in forehead with hammer, fell out of 8th floor window/lands on van
Miss Fielder Chest impaled with 5 paintbrushes
Trudy Galini Hit in face with cream pie, impaled through pie/face with kitchen knife
Jake Krandle Throat hacked with axe
Adam Face bashed in 6 times with aluminum baseball bat Brad/N/A
Brad Face put in bear trap/sliced off via hypnosis Himself/N/A
Sasha Striker Cheek bashed in with meat hammer
Magic Malika Magic wand materialized in throat/choked
Reuben Back broken over knee
Pete Head bashed twice against wall
Patrice Beheaded with battle axe while driving car
Shannon Mitchell Hacked twice/beheaded with battle axe
Leslie Chest impaled with hunting knife
Alison Throat slit with hunting knife
The Pirates Beaten with baseball bats
Granddad Shay Head bashed with golf club
Bennett Impaled through back of head/out of eye with pickaxe
James Conroy Impaled through mouth/out of cheek with pickaxe
Amber Algoode Beheaded at jawline with shovel
Murphy Stomach impaled with flashlight
Jeff Drowned in bathtub
Hank Head impaled with pickaxe
Bella Impaled to light fixture with pickaxe through jaw/out of head/electrocuted
Joy Bitterman Compacted in locker via telekinesis
Lunch Lady Back hacked twice with cleaver
Brenda Throat sliced with cleaver
Blake Radisson Face hacked with cleaver
Marta Balatico Impaled through back with machete under top bed
Martha Stomach impaled with machete
Mrs. Montecore Eyes impaled with garden shears/gouged out
Gilroy Smith Head crushed against tree with leather strap around eyes
Santiago Heraldo Head bludgeoned 8 times with camera lens
Ryan Loughlin Chest/back/stomach impaled with hunting knife
Stanley/Savage Stan Decapitated by punch
Sharona Skye Neck snapped
Trey Brothers Decapitated with scythe
Devon Throat slit/back impaled with garden claw
Tammi Hart Strangled
Henrietta "The Cracker" Laverne Head crushed in vise
Ashley Dewitt Strangled
Amber Addison Suffocated with plastic bag
Chad the Chomper Tricked into chewing gum covered in red phosphorus/jaw blown off
Albert Dontzig Drowned in hot tub
Luann Stewart Head bludgeoned twice with wooden oar, drowned in lake
Margo Cell phone shoved down throat/choked
Mikayla Skeech Decapitated with battle axe while riding roller skates
Leslie "Jake" Ryan Impaled through back of head/out of mouth with broken pool stick
Karen Kunkle Jaw broken with brass knuckles
Joannie Palumbo Hacked up 4 times with axe
Travis Brody Throat sliced with hook
Jesse McCartney Throat/eye sliced with hook
Willis Mouth impaled with hook/pulled through small window
Trey Impaled through back of throat with garden shears
Josh Hand impaled to table with hook, impaled through chest with garden shears
Johnny Collins Throat impaled with afro pick
Jesse Impaled through back of throat with hook
Nina Face flayed with scissors
Cooper Impaled through back with harpoon
Oliva Impaled through stomach with harpoon
Becky Dragged down bathtub/drowned
Julie Chest impaled 4 times with hunting knife
Jenny Thrown through glass door, back impaled twice with hunting knife, thrown off 2nd floor balcony
Natasha Stomach impaled twice with hunting knife, thrown through door
Mia Back impaled with hunting knife, back crushed by garage door, chest impaled with hunting knife
Sienna Strangled, hung from ceiling in belt noose
Mr. Petrachelli Neck snapped, eyes gouged out
Big D Slipped on water, strangled in bathtub by curtain wire
Kayla Simms Hit by bus
Mr. Briggs Microwave shards exploded into throat, kitchen knife falls into chest/impaled deeper by chair, incinerated in restaurant explosion
Chad Decapitated at jawline by flying kitchen knife
Rodney Rivers Chest impaled with hook
Danny Warren Eye impaled by fallen ladder
Emmett Crushed by fallen glass pane
Crystal Hair caught in hooks, head caught in malfunction elevator doors, lifted/decapitated by malfunction elevator
Claudia Throat slit with hook
Hank Banks Back of head sliced open by engine fan
Jonathan "Kwizz" Kwizzowski Strangled
Lisa Shot repeatedly through back of head by nail gun
Rachel Impaled through back by flying flagpole
Carly Head/upper body obliterated by flying tire
Madison Blown to pieces in barbecue grill explosion
Victoria Kayne Cell phone exploded through head
Matthew Intestines/organs sucked out by pool drain
Sparky Crushed by fallen overflown bathtub
Ricky Rodriguez Hit by ambulance
Harry Joyner Turned into wax statue, lower half of face slashed off with power saw
Sam Pushed down stairs, decapitated with 2 kitchen knives
Claire Turned to paper via magic, sliced to pieces with machete
Kayla Hand through back/out of chest
The Juicer Lifted/head crushed
Sonny Curtis Axe thrown into back/forced through
Catina Shot through eye by flying rock
Tyler Bound to chair, gutted through back with hunting knife
Vicky Chest/stomach/neck impaled/gutted with hunting knife, hung from tree in rope noose
Ben Eyes/mouth impaled with 3 kitchen knives, arms cut off with hacksaw
Eric Eye impaled by flying javelin
Nitasha Spinal cord/various bones broken
Chloe Hunter Foot caught by tow-hook/dragged against road/caught on fire/blown apart in tow-truck explosion
Jake Impaled through head/out of jaw with hunting knife
Chantel TV thrown into bathtub/electrocuted
Tyrone Sans Heart blown up via magic
Billy Boots Stomach impaled with hunting knife, rug pulled underneath/neck snapped, slammed against glass case, thrown off 2nd floor balcony
Frank Suffocated with plastic wrap in car
Leonard Stevenson Gutted with kitchen knife
Julie Stevenson Pinned to wall with kitchen knife through throat
Judge Foodie Stomach impaled with hunting knife, thrown off parking garage roof/lands on news van
Nikki Logan Gutted with hook, thrown off 2nd floor balcony
Toshi Nakamora Decapitated with piano wire
Dimitri Dismembered by ropes
Ivan Ropes wrapped around neck/lifted/strangled/hung from chandelier
Public School Principal Heel slit with hunting knife, run over by car on tire spikes
Officer Trey Fell through catwalk/impaled through jaw/out of head on large hook
Sergeant Doty Eyes/head penetrated by flying wrench
Officer Kevin Neck snapped
Natalie Electrocuted through computer
Serena Valentine Head wrapped with plastic bag, eye impaled with pen
Nicki Peterson Back of head impaled with garden claw
Director Tiffany Spandex wrapped around neck/hung from light fixture
Buffy Hit by car, nose pinched/mouth covered/suffocated
Alana Rivera Face bashed twice/head bashed in against wall
Muffy Head crushed by dropped refrigerator
Loca Shot through stomach/back with 4 toy-sized shotguns held by living British toy soldiers
Bianca Mandible ripped out
Todd Arm/leg broken, gutted with hunting knife
Dana Bukowski Throat slit with sharp lollipop sucker
Psycho Jones Chest impaled with retractor/open up, heart torn out
Mr. Gross Slipped on soap, head bashed on bathtub
Doug Secksay Jar of sulfuric acid poured on face/melted off
Doug's Girls Heart shaped marks carved into chest
King Bee Swarmed/stung by bees Triple kill
Queen Bee
Palmer Noid Neck crushed by fallen window
Spencer Throat impaled with kitchen knife
Mr. Sweeney Ear impaled with scalpel through bathroom stall
Vice Principal Harvey Crubbs Hand through back/out of stomach
Billy Loomer Pinned to wall with kitchen knife through chest
Suzie Crabgrass Strangled
Jerry Crony Nostrils/eyelids/mouth sewed up with sewing needle/suffocated via hypnosis
Buzz Rodriguez Stomach cut open with scissors/disemboweled via hypnosis
Missy Buddies Beaten with meat hammer Double kill
Missy Meany Beheaded with kitchen knife
Jack Sprat Pinned to door with 3 kitchen knives through chest
Doris Trembley Back of head sliced open by thrown ice skate
Katie Stomach impaled 4 times with hunting knife
LaKisha Clawed in stomach
Candy Manderson Head beaten 10 times with fire extinguisher
Seth Powers Impaled through back with pitchfork
Evelyn Kwong Chest sliced with scythe
Mike Grudzielanek Impaled through nose/out of head with needle
8th Grade Bully Face fried in deep-fryer/peeled off
8th Grade Bully Both cheek/ear hacked with cleaver
June Lifted/neck torn/decapitated with barbed wire
Julie Electrocuted with electrical cord
8th Grade Bully Cleaver thrown into head
8th Grade Bully Leader Head beaten in with bud of cleaver
May Artificial arm pulled off, fell off roof
Jock Goldman Decapitated at jawline with clever
Amy Cassidy Hacked repeatedly with cleaver
Vanessa Hacked to pieces with cleaver
Lance Widget Sliced in half with cleaver
One-Bite Head bashed against toilet, funnel shoved down throat/forced pop rocks/drain cleaner down mouth
Faymen Phorchin Gutted with fillet knife
Bitsy Johnson Set on fire with hairspray/candle, fell over 2nd floor balcony
Hal E. Burton Impaled through jaw/out of mouth/mandible ripped off with pickaxe
Mr. Phorchin Impaled through back with cleaver
Mrs. Phorchin Throat slashed with cleaver
Mrs. Lee Face hacked with cleaver
Kwakoo Eye impaled by spindle, hand cut off/back of head hacked with cleaver
Randy Bronson Head bashed against wall, thrown off rooftop/lands on police car
Joseph "Joey" Ferguson Microphone shoved down throat
Tara Ganz Face sliced with kitchen knife, TV remote shoved down throat
Hayley Ferguson Head bashed against bathroom sink, drowned in bathtub
Mona Patterson Sprayed with soaker, fell into bathtub/electrocuted by hair dryer
Mamaw Shapiro Bound to chair, suffocated with plastic bag
Mason Thornesmith Handcuffed hands tangled on chandelier, crotch sliced with chainsaw
Francis Thornesmith Impaled through back with drill Double kill
Rhoda Hellberg Impaled through stomach with drill
Hope Quincy Impaled to rafter with pitchfork through throat
Evan Smith Impaled through stomach with pitchfork
Vice Principal Dickers Chest impaled 3 times/stomach once/gutted with hunting knife, hung from football goal post
Merl Impaled to wall with fireplace poker through eye
Gerold Arnpeg Hit in back of head/hand cut off/face bashed in 9 times with shovel
Ryder Daniels Head bludgeoned 4 times with wrench, hand cut off/hacked 10 times with machete
Tom Vineman Hit in back of head with meat hammer/eyes popped out
Dale Squires Groin impaled with hook/slammed into ceiling, face bashed in with meat hammer
Melinda Murray Head bludgeoned/decapitated with meat hammer
Barney Triplet Chest impaled 3 times with screwdriver
Billy Triplet Head bludgeoned 3 times with hammer
Fawn "Ponnie" Liebowitz Leg bitten/poisoned by spider
Harvey Goobenstein Face sliced open with machete
The Wood's Five Film Crew Mangled
Lane Alexander Head bludgeoned with golf club
Festus Disemboweled
Daniel "Danny" Throat slit with hunting knife
Shawn Becker Impaled through back with pitchfork Double kill
Shayna Impaled through chest with pitchfork
Sherry Impaled through mouth with kitchen knife
Gabriella Trampled
Northridge Girl Chest impaled 5 times with kitchen knife Charlotte Harris Manipulated into doing it
Northridge Girl Shot in chest with handgun
Northridge Girl Shot in head with handgun
Northridge Girl Shot in back with handgun, back impaled 8 times with kitchen knife
Charlotte Harris Shot in chest 3 times/stomach twice/forehead once with handguns Police Officers
Steven "Crazy Steve" William Upshaw Knocked into wood chipper by car/hacked apart
Principal Helen Ophelia Dubois Hit by airbag, impaled through back of head/out of forehead by pipe in jeep
Gavin Drew Mitchell Arm sliced off/trisected by flying barbed-wire fence
Citrus Incinerated in oxygen tank explosion by spark plug Double kill
Ashley Blake
Kelly Hayfer Gutted with hook
Linda Alice Hayfer Cheek sliced/back impaled with hook
Buck Impaled through back of neck/out of mouth/beheaded at jawline with scissors
Maria Back of head impaled with electric knife/forehead split open
Thornton Locke Hacked up 6 times with meat cleaver
Tiffany Margolis Head impaled with scissors, eyes ripped out
Susan Hit in back of head twice with fire extinguisher, head bashed 6 times with car door
Doctor Adrian G. Favershim Gagged with tape, head bashed against floor, funnel shoved down throat/bottle of sulfuric acid poured down mouth
Blemin Face slashed with straight razor, decapitated with bookcase
Yeesta Throat slashed/hands cut off with straight razor
Yooka Face smashed in twice with meat tenderizer
Corey Mangled
Monica Mutilated in bathtub
Lucy Beaten
Lexi Corn shoved down mouth
Christine Impaled through mouth with garden trowel
Theater Thug Slammed 14 times against bathroom stall, stomach impaled twice with hunting knife
Tabitha Run over with car
Blaze Baseball bat shoved down throat
Lucas Head impaled with hunting knife, hung from tree in rope noose
Traci Van Horn Axe thrown into head
Barney Bittman Beheaded by flying record disk
Jessica Ellis Trapped/incinerated in malfunction tanning bed Double kill
Janice Ellis
Agnes Eye/hand burned by laser, trips on glass eye/fell out of 6th floor window/lands on car/eye pops out
Antonio/Tony Head crushed by fallen spotlight
Spencer Moseby Head crushed flat against wall by flying tray via magic
Drew Head obliterated by thrown basketball
Maynard Kay Strangled, ripped to pieces
Theo Cavenaugh Impaled through back with arrow under bed
Sergei Garroted with violin string
Leah Taped to bed, maggots crawled into arm using cuts/arm cut open with scalpel N/A and Herself
Jasmine Impaled through neck with knitting needle Holly O'Neil Accident
Harry O'Neil Impaled through back of knee/crotch impaled/twisted/cheek impaled 3 times/throat slit/eye impaled with scissors through pillow
Amy Knocked through 2nd floor window by spectral wolf
Holly O'Neil Hit by police car Sergeant Carmody Accident
Sergeant Carmody Throat slit in police car with nail file through police car window
Miss Klotz Throat slit with kitchen knife
Mischa "Sasha" Matryoshka Rammed against wall with car, throat slit with sword
Gretel Head bashed in by thrown bowling ball, neck snapped
Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger-von Helsinger Kepelugerhoffer Thrown through shower glass door, impaled through throat by broken glass shard
Principal Militich Chest impaled with air pump/pushed away, head bludgeoned 4 times with yardstick
Laura Bird Chest impaled with pickaxe, burned in dryer
Deputy Andersen Fuel tank set on fire/incinerated in police car explosion
Sheriff Judge Jefferson Nails thrown into face by airbag, back impaled 6 times with hunting knife in van
Vance Champagne bottle thrown at mirror ceiling/impaled by falling shards
Dana Wohi
Serge Shot in temple/forehead with nail gun
Amber Chest impaled with pickaxe through bed frame/ripped open, heart torn out
Rebecca Serena "Becky" Moldune Lamp post driven into head
Reina Hit in head with flashlight, chest shot 3 times/impaled to door 6 times with nail gun through forehead
Hector Throat slit with hunting knife
Ashton Fell off rooftop, stomach impaled by hunting knife, head bludgeoned 8 times with fireplace poker Himself and Accident
Jackson Colt Impaled through arm/forehead impaled once/chest 9 times with pickaxe
Gary Burben Hung from ceiling in rope noose His death was made believe to be a suicide
Timmy Toot-Toot Incinerated in methane gas explosion
Haley Face impaled with pencil
Jason Stickler Neck snapped/beheaded by rope noose
Constable Judge Simms Chest impaled with hook
Hollywood Crushed in garbage truck
Red Finger's Goon Throat torn out
Red Finger's Goon 2 Hung upside-down from tree by snare, throat slit with machete
Red Finger Back impaled with hunting knife
Agent James Smith Hit in head with golf club, arm slashed/chest/head impaled with hunting knife Red Finger and
Mr. Hashimoto Beheaded with sword
Mr. Hashimoto's Ninjas Mangled/mutilated/torn apart
Doctor Clem Hit in back of head/throat impaled twice/beheaded with shovel
Irv Wheldon Fell down elevator shaft, torn in half by elevator
Rebecca Torso impaled 9 times with kitchen knife
Gwen Chest impaled with kitchen knife
Vanessa Stomach impaled once/back 4 times/12 more times with kitchen knife
Betsy Throat slit with garden shears
Ella Head bludgeoned with golf club, knocked down stairs
Stacey Stomach impaled with scissors, knocked through window
Abby Head impaled with broken bottle
Dakota Barbed wire wrapped around mouth
Travis Ear sliced off/throat sliced with hunting knife
Monroe Cabot Shot twice in back/once more through back with arrows
Olivia Cabot Decapitated at jawline with axe
Mrs. Berg Frozen in freezer
Violet Berg Kidney removed, skin torn, hands cut by barbed-wire, beheaded with glass window
Officer Frederick "Fred" O'Hanlon Shot through eye with arrow
Marissa Back slashed 18 times with machete
Piper Hung upside down from tree by snare, shot through back of head/out of face with arrow Double kill
Johan Yo Arm slashed with axe, hung upside down from tree by snare, shot through eye with arrow
Tanya Shot through back/out of breast/through back of head/out of eye with arrows
Brandon Shot through shoulder with arrow, impaled through mouth with wooden stick
Armando Shot through hand with arrow, sliced into 3 by wires N/A and 3 Slicer Trap
Hilary Throat slit with 2 scalpels
Sasha Head impaled with 2 scalpels
Jolie Shot in mouth with flare gun
Jenna Drowned in bathtub
Sister Tiffany Back impaled by mounted deer head antlers on wall, thrown through 2nd floor window/lands on police car
Dorta Impaled through back with machete
Janice Trapped in sleeping bag, hung upside-down from tree over campfire/burned alive
Mayor Ranger Stomach impaled with hook, impaled through back on forklift
Pete Peters Fell over table/torso/arms/face impaled by acupuncture needles, head crushed by fallen Budai statue
The Amputator Head crushed by fallen gym weights
Sister Dominick Head bludgeoned 9 times with hammer
Wanda Arm sliced with hunting knife, stuck in cat flap/lifted/head crushed by garage door
Diego TV thrown into pool/electrocuted
Chuck Charles Throat slit with hunting knife Agent Stewart Cummings
Herman Chest impaled 4 times/throat slit with hunting knife in news van
George Harrington Knocked over edge of staircase with fireplace poker/dropped/neck snapped
Martha Harrington Throat slit with fishing knife
Lance Fishman Gutted with fishing knife while being drowned in pool
Jean Luc Le Pew Impaled through major arteries with paint brushes, hung from ceiling in rope noose
Gunther Back of head hacked with kitchen knife
Achmed Impaled through stomach with kitchen knife
Carl Pitz Hit in back with sledgehammer, caught under desk, legs broken/head bludgeoned with sledgehammer
Wayne Wormser Chest hacked with axe
Marcos Findini Beheaded with machete
Luca Findini Hacked up with machete
Kirk Sliced in half with machete while walking on hands
Chelsea Brimmer Impaled through back with kitchen knife under hammock
Prince Jeffy Throat slashed with machete
Dirk Thrown into fuse box/electrocuted
Tiffany Impaled through stomach with hot fireplace poker
Prince Timmy Head crushed/eye pops out, thrown through window
Chuck Beheaded with fishing knife
Doctor Phyllis Tupper Beaten The Young Family Believed to be manslaughter
Jeffrey Impaled to RV wall with arrow through shoulder, throat hacked twice/decapitated with cleaver
Director Moose Head bludgeoned with hockey stick/chest impaled with broken hockey stick
Meredith Poisoned by cupcake
Ed Car crashed into tree/mangled
Jason Harrington Mangled
Francesca Grubman Pinned to wall with shotgun through stomach
Todd Saint Mark Hit in face with shotgun, lifted/thumb pushed into face/neck snapped
Officer Dalton Head bludgeoned 9 times with flashlight
Wilfred Tipton Hit in head with golf club, darts thrown into back/hand, strangled with yo-yo
Wilfred's Five Bodyguards Mutilated/mangled/butchered
Trevor Head bashed in with sledgehammer Jonathan Young
Officer Mathews Eye/ear impaled with knitting needle Lieutenant Helga Katrina Sinclair
Officer Howard Shot in back of head with magnum .357/head partially blown open
The Pink Bandit Forehead impaled with scissors
Officer Adams Shot in head with riot gun, underarm/chest impaled with metal pipe
Sarousch Pinned to wall with sword through throat Jonathan Young
John Ratcliffe Hung from ceiling in rope noose
Farmer Buyer Heart attack via manipulation of thermostat
Pamela "Pam" Puckett Leg broken, neck snapped
Moniac Impaled through mouth by pickaxe Brianna Young Made it look like a suicide, framed
Jim Dear-Brown Shot in head with handgun Agent Stewart Cummings Survives, comes back later
Elizabeth "Darling" Brown
Linda Gunderson-Monteiro
Doctor Tulio Monteiro
Agent Chad Umbergy Shot in chest/stomach/arm by sentry gun Sentry Gun Trap
Sheriff Cal Tucker Shot twice in chest/arm once by sentry gun
Deputy Dodd Shot repeatedly by sentry gun
Doctor Silberling Throat impaled with glass shard Agent Stewart Cummings
Sheriff Emery
Judge R. Manson
Detective Stephanie Rothman Neck snapped
Sergeant David Gallagher Throat impaled with glass shard
Detective Shay Shot in eye through interrogation window with handgun
Mildred Kemp Head bashed against desk 3 times, mouth ripped open Agent Stewart Cummings and Reverse Bear Trap Revenge for ratting Agent Cummings out
Agent Stewart Cummings Gasoline tanks ignited by lighter/incinerated in cabin explosion Erin, Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton, and May Dove Canady Made it look like a suicide, framed