The deaths in the stories were similar but different to deaths in the movies and TV shows and some of them were just made up. See sections "Animal Hunting Massacre" and/or "Summer Time Massacre" on Creative Deaths

Animal Hunting Massacre Connections

Name Same Difference From Movie/TV Show/Video Game
I.M. Slime Stacy Young Case Closed "The Big Sting"
Watership Down Farmer Orville Kessle Case Closed "Gomera!"
Watership Down Poacher Phillip Baker Strength used to drop i-beam instead of camera Case Closed "Sunfish Murder"
British Scientist 2 Burt Barnes Case Closed "Wrong Place at the Wrong TIme"
British Research Boss Richard Birnbaum Return of Horror High
J.J. Wagstaff Hank Hamada Pinned with cane instead of sword Case Closed "Ghost Ship Murder"
Horace Badun Jimmy Howell Halloween H20:Twenty Years Later
Jasper Badun Tony Allegre
Cruella De Vil Marion Whittington
Riggs Officer Blaine See No Evil (film)
Wilson Graveyard Gus Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet
Felder Hannah Anders See No Evil (film)
Mr.Gupta Prom Goer Boy Cabin Fever 2:Spring Fever
The Hunting Master Roger Dalton Urban Legends:Bloody Mary
Fox Hunter 1 Tom Ring finger wasn't torn off
Fox Hunter 2 Buck Jacoby
Farthing Wood Hunter Travis Face beaten with butt of shotgun instead with helium tank Autopsy (film)
White Deer Park Poacher Tim Body wans't thrown through window Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet
White Deer Park Poacher 2 Corey
Louie BAC Policeman #1 Inside (film)
Shaw Wally Whale Slither (film)
Rocky Abdel Shani Essadi Inside (film)
The Gatekeeper Larry Sullivan Body wasn't set up at door Case Closed "Massacre Night"
Rabbit Hunter Vinnie Friday the 13th:A New Beginning
Rabbit Hunter 2 Pete
Rabbit Hunter 3 Raymond
Walter Boggis Howard Boggs Halloween II Remake
Franklin Bean Lou Martini
Mrs.Bean Misty Dawn
Poacher (Yellow Coat) Miguel Santos Case Closed "Murder at the Television Studio"
Tipa Man Meat Grinder (film)
Armando Man
Marcel Man Cleaver wans't thrown into throat and pulled out in movie
Alameda Slim Robert Perkins Wasn't shot Perkins' 14
The Three Willie Brothers Stan, Katie, Larry Friday the 13th Part VI:Jason Lives
Rico Young Store Clerk Laid to Rest (film)
J.C. Chasez Jim Permatteo Leg wans't bitten Hatchet (film)
Rachel Shannon Permatteo
Scar Doug Shapiro/Samuel M. Barrat
Skull Shawn
Meadow Jenna
Frida Flora Misty
Drill Sgt. Payne Marcus
Rama Yam/Spencer Johnson Jack Cracker Hatchet II
Town Man Hunter #2
Town Man 2 Hunter #3
Town Man 3 Hunter #4
Town Man 4 Hunter #5
Ted Stein Chad
Stewey McMann Cleatus
The Dogcatcher Layton
Izabella Dehavarot Avery
Conrad Cupmann, Bertis Vernon, John
Film Director Justin
Ski Ledge Manager Trent
Don Twombly Reverend Zombie
Gas Station Employee Guardian Angel The Midnight Meat Train
Henry Hunsecker Greg Wasn't killed in the way in the movie Happy Birthday to Me (film)
Honey Hunsecker Saffron Kirby Toolbox Murders Remake
Milton Feltwadle Deputy Andy Neale Halloween II Remake
Mr.Sasaki's Men Casey Victims were not females The Devil's Rejects
Mr.Sasaki's Men Candy
Bobbie Nikki Friday the 13th Part VI:Jason Lives
Bob Cort
Rafferty Alderson Cube (film)
Vasquez Men (Yellow Shirt) Rennes
Vasquez Men (Purple Shirt) Colonel Thomas H.Maguire Wasn't handcuffed to ladder in movie Cube 2:Hypercube
Vasquez Men (Bald) Jerry Whitehall
Vasquez Men (Black Shirt) Illusion Simon Grady & Kate Filmore Victim wasn't illusion
Vasquez Ryjkin Cube Zero
Bank Robber Bartok
Bar Sinister Owen
Bank Robber 2 Jellico Neck wasn't snapped
Bank Robber 3 Meyerhold Wasn't infected
Antarctic Poacher Kara Victim wasn't female Saw 3D
Antarctic Poacher 2 Dan
Antarctic Poacher 3 Jake
Antarctic Captain Evan
Alexa Concannon Detective Allison Kerry Saw III
Max Judge Halden
Steve Timothy Young
Dean Trevor Saw IV
Merwin Finklestein Ivan Landsness
Laura Donald "Donnie Greco" Victim wasn't male Saw (film)
The Stranger Zeke Saw II:Flesh & Blood
Man in the Mask Aaron Saw VI
Dollface Gena
Pin-Up Girl David "Dave" Victim wasn't male
Irving Wallace Josh
Sheriff Pat Baker Obidiah "Obi" Tate Saw II
La Femme Catarina "Nina" Alexander Saw 3D
Lulu Suzanne "Suzy"
Lenny Cale McNamara
All Central Cities Cops Five SWAT Officers There were more victims
All Central Cities Dogcatchers Matt Gibson & Two Police Officers
Inspector Alan Santini Allen Saw VI
Stanley Eric Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet
Bill Roberts Michael Victim wasn't impaled like in movie Wrong Turn 2:Dead End
Grady Edwards Detective Steven Sing Saw (film)
Stucky Nik Joy Ride 2:Dead Ahead
Rondo Max Wasn't turned into a mechanic Rise Of Nightmares
Billy Ray Snapper Gregor
Alex Bell Brenda Saw IV
Brenda Bates Debrorah Kitchen knife used instead rail spike Jason Goes to Hell:The Final Friday
Professor Solomon Luke Didn't die like in movie
Reverend Jacob Meeker Oswald McGullicuty Saw:The Video Game
Timothy "Timmy" York Campbell Iman Saw II:Flesh & Blood
Nick McBride Darryl Timber Falls
Mick Taylor Deputy John Hafner Kitchen knife was used instead of hook I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
Rachel Lang's Stepfather Eddie Saw VI
Jesse Ryan William "Will" Easton
Victor J. Faden/Vic Joey Burns Friday the 13th:A New Beginning
Dr.Murkin Seth Baxter Saw V
Mrs.Turnbull Ashley Kazon
Mr.Turnbull Charles Salomon
Mrs.Boyd Luba Gibbs
Mr.Boyd Homeless Man Wasn't a flashback Saw 3D
Carl Summers Special Agent Peter "Pete" Strahm Saw V
Nome Hunter Cecil Adams Didn't died in pile of razor wire Saw IV
Lois Scudder J.J. Friday the 13th Part VIII:Jason Takes Manhattan
Carl Scudder Deck Hand
Gladys Sharp Misty Larroways Wasn't kill like in episode Case Closed "Recipe For Murder"
Dwayne LaFontant Professor O'Brian Case Closed "A Game Of Murder"
Circus Man (Green Hat) Neil Wasn't a dream Friday the 13th:A New Beginning
Circus Man (Cowboy Hat) Les
Motorcyclist (Green Hat) Paul Freedman Halloween Remake
Motorcyclist (Raccoon Hat) Officer Lowery
Motorcyclist (Glasses) Deputy Charles
Polluter Man Charles McCollough Wasn't thrown through a window, didn't drowned in sewage Friday the 13th Part VIII:Jason Takes Manhattan
Nora Beady Nurse Octavia Daniels Wasn't a dream Halloween II Remake
Aunt Sarah Mrs.Emma Spool Wasn't poison Psycho II
R. Brown Franklin Munroe Halloween:Resurrection
Chief of Staff Willie Haines
Officer X Agent Daniel "Dan" Erickson Kitchen knife used instead of knife in the movie Saw VI
Frances Alberta Sachi
Alice Agent Lindsey Perez
Mindy Parker Night Nurse Blood Night:Legend of Mary Hatchet
Norman Snively Martin Friday the 13th Part VI:Jason Lives
The Petbuster Dan Friday the 13th Part VII:The New Blood
Australian Motorcyclist Clyde Parker Didn't die like in movie Pet Sematary Two
Darla Sherman Gage Creed The victim was female Pet Sematary
Dr.Peary Wendy Banjo The victim was male The Devil's Rejects
Ronald Bennett Tramer Halloween II (1981)
Grey Beaver Bobby Stick was used instead of screwdriver Lucker the Necrophagous

Summer Time Massacre

Name Same Difference From Movie/TV Show/Video Game
Mr.Howard Kirk Wasn't hacked apart with chainsaw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Ms.Francins Briggs Gina Victim wasn't impaled in movie Leatherface:Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
Mr.Gregory Devlin Barry Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Next Generation
Steven Carson Kemper Face wasn't flayed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake
Mr.Connick Christiano Berti Tenebrae (film)
The Shadow Hammer Bernard Garrett Body wasn't hung Halloween II (1981)
Gunsmoke Deputy Winslow Friday the 13th Part 2
Richard Martinez John Baker Wasn't an accident Sleepaway Camp
Sophie Martinez Angela Baker
Louis "Lewbert" Sline Happy My Bloody Valentine (film)
Duke Habberman Dave
Marta Trundel Sylvia
Austin Kenny Sleepaway Camp
Jeffery Flanken Billy
Emma Tutweiller Meg
Tanisha, Sierra, Rico Suave, Wesley Williger Four Young Campers In the movie, the victims were all male
Melissa "Missy" Robinson Judy
Mr.Marion Moseby Mel Kostic
Stuart "Spanky" Stimbler Paul
Detective Tragg Sheriff Pete Return to Sleepaway Camp
Marissa Benson Shannon Hannigan Victim was female Case Closed "Smooth Sailing"
Lauren Ackerman Phoebe Sleepaway Camp II:Unhappy Campers
Sunshine Girls 1/2 Brooke Shote, Jodi Shote The victims were burned simultaneously
Nora Dershlit Mare
Mr.Dershlit Harold Hockett Friday the 13th Part III
Mrs.Dershlit Edna Hockett
Calvin "Cal" Pressler Anthony Sleepaway Camp II:Unhappy Campers
Nevel Amadeus Papperman Judd
Tasha Ally Burgess
Candace Demi
Rona Burger Lea
Leslie Grant T.C.
Ginger Fox Charlene "Chugs" Bradley Throat was slit with a kitchen knife Sorority Row
Chuck Chambers, Chip Chambers Emilio, Charlie Sleepaway Camp II:Unhappy Campers
Principal Stuckerman Uncle John
Mr.Lawler Rob Darrinco
Amber Tate Diane
Biddy-Boo the Dog Poodle Dog The Willies (film)
Officer Carl Officer Bracke Friday the 13th (2009 film)
Roy the Security Guard Steven Stone Scream 3
Jonah Deputy Tripet Leprechaun (film)
Harmoo the Cat Mar He didn't turned into a spirit The Grudge
Oliver Paisley Deputy Ross Hoss Wasn't stabbed several more times Scream 4
Stuart Butler Detective Anthony Perkins
Stanley Charlie Wasn't beheaded or buried Trick 'r Treat
Baxter the Dog Chris Victims weren't animals in the movie Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet
Veronica the Cow Nichole
Superintendant Harold Gorman Detective Conroy Parasomnia (film)
Amanda "Mandy" Valdez Maria Nicastro Sleepaway Camp III:Teenage Wasteland
Samantha Samuels Tawny Richards
Brad Brenner Herman Miranda
Suzay Jan Hernandez
Dirk Peter Doyle
Blake Snowboy
Valerie Arab
Jocelyn Cindy Hammersmith
Coach Joy Dirga Lilly Miranda
Oliver Dixon Bobby Stark
Dr.Sydney Van Gurben Riff
Greg Horvath Mr.Glynn Cutting Class
Braxley Edwin's Roommate Brain wasn't torn Klown Kamp Massacre
Porkchop Roy Sullivan Beaten with crossbow instead of handgun The Devil's Rejects
Sledgehammer Adam Banjo Shot with crossbow instead of handgun
Ricky Flame Mickey Return to Sleepaway Camp
Wade Michael Collins Weed
Chad Dylan Cooper Randy
Portlyn Maddison Linda
Yuki T.C.
Kyoko Bella
Dakota Condor Sergeant Botnick Victim was a young girl Child's Play 3
Mr.Condor Michael Return to Sleepaway Camp
Aspartamay Teammate Freddy vs. Jason
Bucky Ronnie White Wasn't stabbed in the chest or face Halloween Remake
Carter Ford Steve Haley
Jeb Birch Harry Grimbridge Halloween III:Season of the Witch
Griffin Patrick Bramwell Wasn't drilled by a puppet Puppet Master II
Cort Mark Was pushed down instead of falling Boogeyman 2
Nate Max Neurick I Know What You Did Last Summer
Kyle Samuel Was scalped with a scalpel Return to House on Haunted Hill
Connie Theresa Wasn't resurrected or possessed The Puppet Masters (film)
Veronica Nurse Robbie Morgan Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter
Fugtor Bob Simms Halloween (1978 film)
Kristacia Lynda Van Der Klok
Moni Louise Scarangella Wasn't an accident Inside (2007 film)
Jenna Hamilton Virginia Carpenter Hello Mary Lou:Prom Night II
Cassie Maggie Peterson Child's Play (1988 film)
Ms.Fielder Morgue Attendant Paintbrushes were used instead of medical tools Leprechaun 3
Trudy Galini Sgt.Funnybone Klown Kamp Massacre
Adam Jeb Jameson Wasn't done by a possessed person Pelts (Masters of Horror)
Brad Larry Jameson Was shoved into a bear trap, wasn't possessed
Sasha Striker Susan Hoff Wasn't torn apart or set up as in the movie The Midnight Meat Train
Magic Malika Trevor Gooden Wasn't a dream, needle wasn't used, victim was female Hellraiser:Hellseeker
Reuben Azrael Benrubi Jason X
Pete Private Dallas
Patrice Michelle Mancini Urban Legend (film)
Shannon Mitchell Sasha Thomas
Leslie Trudie Harrold Wasn't a stab film Scream 4
Alison Sherrie Marconi
Granddad Shay Hamilton Timberman Case Closed "The Two Faced Brother"
Bennett Jason My Bloody Valentine 3D
James Conroy Michael
Amber Algoode Brandy
Murphy Officer Thompson Leprechaun:Back 2 tha Hood
Hank Frank My Bloody Valentine 3D
Bella Selene
Joy Bitterman Monica Waters Hello Mary Lou:Prom Night II
Blake Radisson Jake Friday the 13th:A New Beginning
Marta Balatico Robin
Martha Violet
Mrs.Montecore Tina
Gilroy Smith Eddie
Ryan Loughlin Robbie Mercer Scream 4
Stanley/Savage Stan Julius Gaw Friday the 13th Part VIII:Jason Takes Manhattan
Sharona Skye Ida Timber Falls
Devon Dean Bloody Murder
Tammi Hart Charlize Karmichael Case Closed "Unexpected Visitors"
Henrietta Laverne/The Cracker Vicki Impaled in a different way Jason Goes to Hell:The Final Friday
Luann Stewart Alex Kill Theory
Margo Zoe Warner See No Evil (2006 film)
Mikayla Olivia Wade Body didn't collide into any cake My Super Psycho Sweet 16
Leslie "Jake" Ryan Craig
Mrs.Kunkle Robin Friday the 13th Part VII:The New Blood
Joannie Palumbo Wendy Richards Prom Night (1980 film)
Travis Brody Roger I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
Jesse McCartney Darick I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Willis Colby Patterson I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
Trey Willie Uncle Sam (film)
Josh Titus Telesco I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Johnny Collins Slug Leprechaun:In the Hood
Jesse Tyrell Martin I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Nina Harue Scissors were used instead of scalpel Return to House on Haunted Hill
Cooper, Oliva Estes, Nancy I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Becky Jessica Boogeyman (film)
Julie Hallie McDaniel Scream 2
Jenny Cooper "Cici" Cooper
Natasha Marnie Cooper Wasn't stabbed more, gutted or hung Scream 4
Mia Jenny Randall Wasn't stabbed more, gutted or bound
Sienna Audrey Allen Boogeyman 3
Big D Tod Waggner Final Destination
Kayla Theresa "Terry" Chaney
Mr.Briggs Valerie Lewton Microwave was exploded into face, victim was a male
Chad William "Billy" Hitchcock Was decapitated by a kitchen knife
Rodney Rivers Officer David Caporizo I Know What You Did Last Summer
Danny Warren Evan Lewis Final Destination 2
Emmett Timothy "Tim" Carpenter
Crystal Adrienne Hart Jason X
Hank Frankie Cheeks Final Destination 3
Lisa Erin Ulmer
Rachel Perry Malinowski
Carly Nadia Monroy The Final Destination
Madison Brian Gibbons Victim was female Final Destination 2
Victoria Kayne Judge Laura Burch Law Abiding Citizen
Matthew Hunter "Hunt" Wynorski The Final Destination
Sparky Jonathan Groves
Ricky Rodriguez George Lanter
Harry Joyner Wade House of Wax (2005 film)
Sam Dalton Chapman Decapitated by kitchen knives
Claire Mark Gray Victim was female, sliced with machete, turned by magic A Nightmare on Elm Street 5:The Dream Child
Kayla Sarah Monroe Wasn't done in a car Prom Night III:The Last Kiss
The Juicer Jeff Prom Night IV:Deliver Us from Evil
Sonny Curtis Lawrence Friday the 13th (2009 film)
Catina Samantha Lane The Final Destination
Tyler Steven "Steve" Orth Scream (1996 film)
Vicky Casey Becker
Nitasha Candice Hooper Final Destination 5
Chloe Hunter Carter Daniels Victim was female The Final Destination
Jake Carl Hunting knife was used instead of bayonet The Prowler (1981 film)
Chantel Tiffany Wasn't resurrected Bride of Chucky
Tyrone Sans Bodyguard Leprechaun:In the Hood
Billy Boots Tyson Fox Scream 3
Frank Mattson Child's Play 2
Leonard Stevenson Mr.Porter Boogeyman 2
Judge Foodie Rebecca Walters Scream 4
Toshi Nakamora Tony Gardner Seed of Chucky
Demetri Norris Boz Ropes were used instead of sheets Return to House on Haunted Hill
Principal of Public School Dean Adams Urban Legend (film)
Woody Roy Carlson Final Destination 5
Trey(Employee of Pear Store) Dennis Lapman
Kevin(Employee of Pear Store) Ben Paranormal Activity 4
Natalie Josh Victim was female Hello Mary Lou:Prom Night II
Serena Valentine Clair Crosby Black Christmas (2006 film)
Nicki Peterson Dana Mathis Eyes weren't ripped out
Tiffany Jess Browning Spandex was used, wasn't flung through window Hello Mary Lou:Prom Night II
Buffy Alice York Wasn't run-over Identity (film)
Alana Rivera Isabel Wasn't turned to doll Dolls (1987 film)
Muffy Michelle Return to House on Haunted Hill
Loca Enid Wasn't turned to doll Dolls (1987 film)
Bianca Chanel Tooth wasn't ripped out Leprechaun:Back 2 tha Hood
Dana Bukowski Emma Trick 'r Treat
Psycho Jones Darren Boogeyman 2
Mr.Gross Jack Russell Didn't backed into it Prom Night III:The Last Kiss
Palmer Noid Timmy The Boogeyman (1980 film)
Spencer Henry Porter Wasn't a dream Boogeyman 2
Mr.Sweeney Phil Stevens Knife wasn't used, wasn't hacked up Scream 2
Vice Principal Harvey Crubbs Reverend Hanson Leprechaun:In the Hood
Billy Loomer Bob Simms Halloween Remake
Suzie Crabgrass Lynda Van Der Klok
Jerry Crony Sue Chin Yao Victim was male, wasn't possessed, wasn't bound in movie Pelts (Masters of Horror)
Buzz Rodriguez Sergio Wasn't bound or sewed in movie, wasn't possessed
Missy Meany Jenna Danzig Halloween:Resurrection
Jack Sprat Rudy Grimes
Tank "The Shredder" Evans the Penguin Candice Hooper Wasn't a premonition, was pushed off balcony Final Destination 5
Doris Trembley Melissa Kitt Black Christmas (2006 film)
Katie Mya Rockwell Halloween II Remake
LaKisha Lisa Duncan Leprechaun:Back 2 tha Hood
Candy Manderson Chloe Anderson My Super Psycho Sweet 16
Seth Powers Spitz Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers
Evelyn Kwong Samantha Thomas
Mike Grudzielanek Vincent Flynn Wrong Turn 4:Bloody Beginnings
8th Grade Bully Tony Drive-Thru (film)
8th Grade Bully 2 Brandon Meeks
June Claire Kendrick Wrong Turn 4:Bloody Beginnings
Julie Dr.Jessica Ryan Wasn't possessed or didn't survived Boogeyman 2
8th Grade Bully 3 Spanky Drive-Thru (film)
8th Grade Bully Leader Chuck Taylor
Jock Goldman Chad Baldwin
Amy Cassidy Tina McCannelis
Vanessa Starfire
Lance Widget Van
One-Bite Parker Urban Legend (film)
Faymen Phorchin Redman Seed of Chucky
Bitsy Johnson Joan
Hal E. Burton James Burke My Bloody Valentine 3D
Mr.Phorchin Stepfather Fork was used instead of Christmas ornament Black Christmas (2006 film)
Mrs.Phorchin Mrs.Lenz Curtains were used, flesh weren't bake