The list consists the deaths occurred in the Boogeyman film series.

Boogeyman (2005)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mr. Jensen Dragged into closet, killed (off-screen) Boogeyman
Mary Jensen Unknown Unknown Off-screen, phone call from Mike when she was dead
Crow Crashed into windshield Tim Jensen
Jessica Dragged down bathtub/drowned Boogeyman Only blood on side of bathtub
Ome Mike Wrapped in plastic sheet, dragged into closet, killed (off-screen)
Boogeyman Fall back into closet into ethereal pit Tim Jensen Be back in Boogeyman 3

Boogeyman 2 (2008)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Mr. Porter Gutted with kitchen knife Boogeyman
Mrs. Porter Throat impaled with kitchen knife Found dead
Henry Porter Dream
Mark Fell down elevator shaft, torn in half by elevator Boogeyman/Henry Porter Was dark, found dead
Paul Drinks cleaning solution/hole burned in throat (off-screen)
Doctor Jessica Ryan Electrocuted with electrical cord dropped on floor filled with water Survived, left in a comatose state
Alison Taped to bed, maggots crawled into arm using cuts/arm cut open with scalpel Boogeyman/Henry Porter and Herself
Tim Jensen Killed Himself Mentioned, suicide
Darren Chest impaled with retractor/open up, heart torn out Boogeyman/Henry Porter
Nicky Hoses attached to body parts/filled with bile/exploded Laura tried to save her
Gloria Throat slit with knife Found dead
Henry Porter Possessed Boogeyman Flashback
Doctor Mitchell Allen Back/chest impaled with knife (off-screen), eyes impaled with 2 syringes (off-screen) Boogeyman/Henry Porter
Boogeyman/Doctor Jessica Ryan Impaled through throat with garden shears/decapitated Laura Porter

Boogeyman 3 (2009)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Layla Mangled/mutilated Boogeyman Off-screen, dog
Audrey Allen Lifted/strangled, hung from ceiling in belt noose
Lukas Mouth impaled by broken bong
Jeremy Pulled into metal clothing box/snapped in half
Almost Everybody on Campus Mutilated Found dead, dream
Ben Sliced in half by air vent fan
Lindsay Dragged into laundry, mutilated (off-screen)
Doctor Roger Kane Mangled
David Dragged into closet, leg broken (off-screen), torn open (off-screen)/disemboweled (off-screen)
Sarah Morris Pulled out of elevator, mutilated (off-screen)
Amy Dragged under bed, mutilated (off-screen)


  • The films are based on the classic, mythical creature, Boogeyman.
  • In the second film, Laura found a file that Tim Jensen, from the first movie, committed suicide after being treated by Doctor Allen for his Bogyphobia.
    • Also, it contains that the Bogyphobia patients have committed suicide after being treated by Doctor Allen as well.
      • Doctor Allen was responsible because he locked Henry in the closet, to face his fear of the Boogeyman, which led him to being possessed.
  • In the first film, the Boogeyman turns into various toys Tim was afraid of as a child.
    • Murder of crows
    • Plasma globe
    • Hooded shirt
    • Humanoid figurine
  • The second and third film shows the Boogeyman gets stronger on how much people believe in him.
    • The Boogeyman possess Henry to take revenge on those who didn't believe in him, and this way he would make himself known to the world.
    • Sarah realizes the Boogeyman has been using her fear to warn everyone in order to get everyone to believe in him.
  • In the second film, the victims were killed based on their worst fears.
    • Mark has a phobia of the dark.
    • Paul has a fear of germs.
    • Alison cuts herself when she feels like she has no control.
    • Henry Porter has a phobia of the Boogeyman.
    • Darren is scared of commitment and relationships.
    • Nicky fears extreme weight gain.
    • Doctor Jessica Ryan has a fear of becoming comatose like her schizophrenic mother.
      • The Boogeyman dresses her up to look like him and got her killed by Laura.
    • Henry's sister, Laura, also fears the Boogeyman but survives.
    • Mr. Porter, Mrs. Porter, Doctor Mitchell Allen, and Gloria are the only victims who's death isn't based on their fears.
      • Since the Boogeyman scares children, he kills the parents for being in the way and/or spreading his existence.
      • Gloria was just naturally killed.
      • Doctor Mitchell Allen was responsible for Henry's possession, his patients deaths, including his own.

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