The list consists the deaths occurred in Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet.

Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2008)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Bob Mattock Lower jaw hacked with hatchet Mary "Hatchet" Mattock
Linda Mattock Eye impaled with scissors, forehead hacked with hatchet
Night Nurse Head twisted
Five Orderlies Mangled Off-screen
Night Guard Head ripped off
Mary "Hatchet" Mattock Shot repeatedly with 2 handguns Two Police Officers
Father Beheaded with hatchet in car Mary "Hatchet" Mattock Off-screen, flashback, double kill
Tyler Impaled through back of neck/out of mouth/beheaded at jawline with scissors Alissa Giordano/Alyssa Mattock
Tim Beheaded with hatchet (off-screen), body thrown through window
Jessica Head impaled with scissors, eyes ripped out Found dead
Corey Face hacked with hatchet/knocked into fuse box Flashback
Katz Hacked up with hatchet Found dead
Huey Throat slit with hatchet
Chris Half of head cut off with pickaxe
Nichole Gutted out of back with pickaxe
Graveyard Gus Throat impaled with pickaxe
Gibbz Dragged into dark room, hacked apart with pickaxe (off-screen)
Jen Hand cut off with pickaxe, dragged into dark room, hacked apart with pickaxe (off-screen)
Eric Head bludgeoned/groin impaled with pickaxe/4 more times (off-screen)
Alissa Giordano/Alyssa Mattock Strangled Alex
Alex Hit in face twice with fire hose nozzle, arm impaled with glass shard, beheaded with hatchet Alissa Giordano and Mary "Hatchet" Mattock
Lanie Unknown Mary "Hatchet" Mattock Off-screen


  • Mary Mattock had been diagnosed with Menstrual Psychosis which resulted in murdering her parents and killing the staff while escaping Kings Park Psychiatric Center.
    • Her daughter, Alissa Giordano, started killing people either due to being influenced by her or because she is experiencing the same mental disorder as her.
  • The name, "Mary Hatchet", subsequently becomes a folklore figure with local youngsters celebrating the Mischief Night-esque "Blood Night" in her name.

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