The list consists the deaths occurred in the remake of Black Christmas.

Black Christmas (2006)

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Clair Crosby Head wrapped with plastic bag, eye impaled with pen Agnes Lenz
J. Bailey Neck impaled with candy cane shiv William Edward "Billy" Lenz
Megan Helms Head wrapped with plastic bag, back impaled 4 times with Christmas ornament, eyes ripped out Agnes Lenz
Rent-a-Santa Butchered William Edward "Billy" Lenz Off-screen
Frank Lenz Beaten (off-screen), head wrapped with plastic bag, head bludgeoned 4 times with hammer Beauregard Rice and Constance Lenz Flashback
Beauregard Rice Impaled through eye with Christmas ornament William Edward "Billy" Lenz
Constance Lenz Garrotted with Christmas lights, head bludgeoned 13 times with rolling pin
Dana Mathis Back of head impaled with garden claw, eyes ripped out (off-screen) Agnes Lenz
Eve Agnew Head ripped off, eyes ripped out Off-screen
Heather Lee-Fitzgerald Butchered in car William Edward "Billy" Lenz
Barbara MacHenry Backed into garage door, impaled through head by fallen icicle N/A
Melissa Kitt Back of head sliced open by thrown ice skate Agnes Lenz
Lauren Hannon Impaled with unicorn figurine, eyes ripped out (off-screen)
Kylerick "Kyle" Autry Head wrapped with plastic bag, eye impaled with unicorn figurine/twisted, eyes ripped out (off-screen)
Morgue Attendant Slashed with motorized surgical saw William Edward "Billy" Lenz Off-screen
Leigh Colvin Neck snapped Agnes Lenz
Agnes Lenz Face electrocuted with defibrillators Kelli Presley
William Edward "Billy" Lenz Half of face/hand burned by falling burning Christmas tree, thrown over stairway/impaled through back/disemboweled on Christmas tree


  • The film is a remake to the 1974 film of the same name.
  • This is a Christmas movie special.
  • Even though Barbara MacHenry's death was caused by a fallen icicle, Billy was indirectly responsible for her demise.
  • In a flashback of the film, it is shown that Billy was born with a rare liver disease that gave him yellow skin.
  • In a flashback of the film, Constance Lenz raped her son, Billy, due to her new man is impotent, making Agnes' his daughter.
  • In a flashback of the film, Billy disfigures Agnes by gouging out her eye and eaten it. After Billy's arrest, Agnes was given a glass eye.

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